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▷ Boruto Episode 226 spoilers, recap, release date and time

Boruto is based on the manga series of the same name and is an ongoing anime series with over 200 episodes already broadcast. It is a direct continuation of the Naruto series and sets in after the events of the 4th Great Ninja War and the defeat of Kaguya.

The main focus of the series is on the eponymous figure of Boruto. While initially immature, he matures through a series of events and understands his father’s personality. He decides to become an even better shinobi and carry on his father’s legacy. Let’s talk about the Boruto episode 226 spoilers, release date and time.

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Boruto episode 225 summary

In the Boruto episode 225 recap, before the fight between Cho Cho and Sarada begins, Kawaki and Shinki have intense eye contact. Kawaki gets annoyed by him and asks him to meet outside. He gets mad at Shinki for constantly teasing him.

3rd match

Kawaki tries to fight Shinki after her star down. But his attempts fail because Shinki is too strong for him. When he tries to attack him, Shinki uses his iron sand to stop Kawaki. Meanwhile, the fight officially begins in the stadium.

With the use of Kunai, both approach each other and attack. Cho Cho uses her partial expansion jutsu against Sarada while the other candidate tries to counter it with her Sharingan. While avoiding her Taijutsu attacks, Sarada begins her attack with the Blitzball Jutsu, which she spreads all over the place.

Prepared to fight

Sarada apologizes to Cho Cho for hurting her. Cho Cho doesn’t like this gesture because she doesn’t want her opponent to feel sorry for her. Cho Cho then attacks Sarada and tests her seriousness. She remembers Sasuke’s conversation with her in which he asks her if she is ready to take Boruto’s life if he becomes a threat to everyone.

Cho Cho attacks Sarada with a human boulder jutsu, but Sarada fends off with a fireball jutsu. Naruto watches the fight from the stands and compares it to his previous fights with Sasuke. Sasuke is already present in the arena to watch this fight.

Sarada’s victory

Cho Cho uses her butterfly wing attack to approach Sarada while using Chidori. Both collide and there is a huge explosion. Sarada wins the fight while Cho Cho is escorted back. Cho Cho is crying because she couldn’t live up to the others’ expectations.

Sasuke congratulates Sarada. Meanwhile, Boruto and Mitsuki see Amado being brought into a facility by kidnappers. They want him to work for them, but Amado refuses. He tells them he owes Konoha and won’t betray them. Mitsuki and Boruto save Amado from the kidnappers.

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Boruto Episode 226 spoilers

For Boruto episode 226 spoilers, the episode title is Samurai vs. Science. It will likely lead us into the next battle of the Chunin Trial. We will also learn more about the identity of the kidnappers and why they kidnapped Amado.

Science versus samurai

Amado seems to have connections with a lot of people. He was approached by some shady men who want to win him over to their country. However, he immediately refuses because he has other obligations.

This is also an indication that Amado is a man of honor. He has promised to serve Konoha if they provide shelter for him and he will do it. Now that this situation has been resolved, Boruto and Mitsuki will again take part in the competition and the Chunin exams.

Watch Boruto Episode 226 Online

You can check out Boruto episode 226 online Crunchyroll and see funimation. To stream all of Boruto’s episodes, make sure to subscribe to these platforms.

Boruto episode 226 release date and time

Here is Boruto episode 226 release date and time.

  • Japan – 5:30 PM, November 28th
  • USA / Canada – 5:00 AM, November 28th
  • India – 2:30 PM, November 28th
  • UK – 10:00 AM, November 28th
  • CES (Europe) – 11:00 AM, November 28th

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