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▷ Boruto Naruto Next Generations Chapter 65: Release Date and Preview

Boruto Naruto Next Generations Chapter 65: Release Date and Preview

Boruto Naruto Next-Generations Chapter 65 reveals the mystery behind Code vs Boruto. Kawaki agrees to leave with Code, but Boruto refuses to accept this, and Momoshiki wakes up in him. Momoshiko reveals that he found the ten tails that Isshiki had hidden and gave them to Kawaki, and the freedom is over. In the final chapter of Boruto Naruto-Next-Generations, Kawaki is furious after seeing Momoshiki and wonders why he has to reappear. Code is impressed that Boruto is a ship, but Momoshiki has emerged to another degree, and that’s rare for a ship. Boruto told Kawaki to back off, and it was dangerous.

Momoshiki charges, and Code wonders if Boruto can control Momoshiki. But Boruto frees the Shadow Doppel Gangers. The Shadow Clones begin to punish Code, and he does not know what the real body is. Code notices that Borotu has grown stronger. Code takes the fight into the air, but two Clones grab him by the legs and push him back to the ground. He shoots claw marks when he lands on the ground, and Boruto realizes that he is dealing with a boring ability. Kawaki realizes that they are both on another level. He wonders how Boruto managed to control Momoshiki.

Code sends a message to Eida and asks her to tell him something. Eida reveals that Amado’s drugs must work well for Boruto. But she is not sure what is going on in Boruto’s body. Eida adds that Boruto can channel Momoshiki’s powers for the moment without his mind being possessed. Code wonders what kind of drugs Boruto has taken. Eida believes that Boruto will defeat Code before he gains his true strength. In Konoha, the sensory unit managed to locate the Boruto chakra. Lord Seventh asks them to locate Kawaki’s chakra as well.

Previously in Boruto Naruto Next Generations Chapter 64

The shinobi guarding Boruto and Kawaki apologizes for losing sight of them. Naruto tells the boy not to worry because they will find a solution. He thinks Boruto is where Kawaki is; Shikamaru reveals that the two are with the enemy, and Code may have stalked Kawaki. He wonders if Code killed Kawaki, since they can’t get Kawaki’s Chakra, but only Boruto’s. Shikamaru tells Naruto that he will go with him because he lost Kurama and would kill himself if he let Naruto go alone.

Naruto complains and Shikamaru tells him that no one is stopping him, but that they will support him to save the children. Shikamaru also reveals that Sasuke did not return from the search for the Code. But Sai is on duty in Beloved. Hinata arrives and asks for news of Boruto. She told Naruto that she would go, but Naruto refused and told her to take care of Himawari. Shikamaru tells Hinata not to insist and to listen to Naruto. Hima asks her father if everything is okay and that he has to go back to Boruto and Kawaki. Naruto agrees and tells him not to forget that his father is a Hokage.

On the battlefield, Boruto tries to absorb the claw marks, but they don’t disappear. He realizes that the claw marks may not be made of Chakra. Kawaki reveals that iron mixes with Code’s blood and that Karma cannot absorb them. Kawaki asks Boruto about Momoshiki since Boruto first appeared in this form. Boruto has no idea and believes that drugs have helped him. Code realizes that he is going to waste time fighting Boruto and appears behind Kawaki and says goodbye to Boruto. But Kawaki fights, and Boruto uses a missed Rasengan.

Boruto Naruto Next Generations Chapter 65 Release Date

Boruto Naruto Next Generations-Chapter 65 will be released on December 20, 2021. Kawaki breaks free and Code jumps off the Rasengan. Code believes that Kawaki has agreed to go with him. But Kawaki tells him that he misheard. The trio trade blows and Code realizes that a missing Rasengan almost won. As the fight continues, Boruto feels a pain in his chest and rolls to the ground. Let’s see the official details of Boruto Naruto Next-Generations Chapter 65.

Read Boruto Naruto Next Generations-Chapter 65 Online – Raw Details

You will be able to read Boruto Naruto Next Generations Chapter 65 online at the Shonen Jump + official website. Boruto Naruto Next Generations chapters are also serialized in VIZ Media and Shueisha online magazine and publish one copy per month. Boruto Naruto Next Generations Chapter 65 spoilers will be released one day before the final chapter release. Let’s meet when Boruto Naruto-Next Generations Chapter 65 is released.


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