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▷ BTS’s V will be part of the official soundtrack of this new show

BTS’s V is currently enjoying incredible success with a number of recognitions and projects here and there. After astounding everyone with his appearance at James Cordens Crosswalk Concert, he would lend his voice to the new drama Our Beloved Summer.

BTS’s V hits the headlines almost every day, proving its incredible fame. The latest news is that he will be part of the OST’s new SBS series.

According to AllKpop, Our Beloved Drama is a remake of the Webtoon of the same name. It will tell the story of two former lovers who meet again after ten years in front of the camera.

Knowing that V is a good friend of Choi Woo-sik, who will star in the series, he doesn’t hesitate to sing any of the soundtracks. It’s not the first time the 25-year-old star has lent his voice to a friend’s project.

He previously did this for Wooga Squad member Park Seo-joon in the series Itaewon Class and sang Sweet Night. The said song was part of his solo songs, which included Scenery and Winter Bear, all of which were well received by the fans.

Now everyone is looking forward to his new song for Our Beloved Drama. Another track from V that is regaining popularity is Snow Flower with another Wooga Squad member, Peakboy.

He released this song for Christmas last year, and with the holidays approaching, it’s gaining popularity again. The gentle, jazzy Christmas song gives fans a feeling of warmth and comfort, perfect for the cold season.

Snow Flower was originally part of V’s Mixtape, but he already released it after his own album was delayed due to BTS ‘busy schedule. Meanwhile, the songwriter proved he deserved the title Stage Genius after showing off his great acting skills to step up his performance while interacting with random cars at the crosswalk for The Late Late Show with James Corden’s Crosswalk Concert segment .

With his skill and fame, of course, he drew everyone’s attention, even that of award-winning news anchor Cher Calvin of LA news channel KTLA. The journalist couldn’t help but rave when she saw BTS perform in the middle of the street while traffic was stopped.

Although this particular post has not yet aired, entertainment channels such as TMZ and JustJared have already posted some photos and videos. People who saw the event live also shared a peek on social media, such as Calvin posting a video of V’s fingerprints on her car.


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