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▷ Dragon Ball Super Chapter 79: Preview, Release Date, Speculation and Where to Read It

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 79: Preview, Release Date, Speculation and Where to Read It

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 79 reveals the mystery behind the Heeters after Granolah, Son Goku, and the Saiyan Prince found out about Saiyan Burdock. The Heeters are on the move and Maki wanted to hear from Oil. Maki receives terrible news and enters to report to their leader, Elect. She reveals that the Saiyans’ fight against Granolah ended after the arrival of the old Namekian. Elect realizes that Monato is the Namekian who ended his drama. In the latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super, Gas suggests killing the Namekians, Saiyans, and Granolahs.

He thinks these three are weak, and Elect agrees and tells Gas and Maki to come to the scene. Elect decides to stay behind to watch the Dragon reveal his wish. The gas gives him the radar and the spell that he will use to summon the Dragon. Elect tells Gas that he will make Gas’s wish come true. But Gas thinks he’s okay and Elect reminds him how he would reach his goals faster. Elect reveals that their plans are in the hands of Gas and Gas accepts.

Maki and Gas fly in the direction of the stage, and Elect is happy that his plans are going smoothly. On the Saiyan side, Granolah learns that Elect is the one who killed his mother when Burdock was in town. He is furious that Monato finds out and still allows him to work under the Heeters. Monato reveals that they must do this for his safety. Goku tells Granolah to relax and listen to Monatao’s story; Vegeta asks if Bardock won against the Heeters. Monatao says yes, and it helped them survive.

Previously in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78

The title of the chapter is “The desire for gas.” They notice the sky darkening, and Goku realizes it’s like when they summon Shenlong. Monato wonders if that’s not what he thinks. From this side, the Dragon Shenlong appears and tells Elect to tell him the wish since he has collected two Dragon Balls. The aliens wonder why it is dark. The darkness disappears and Goku wonders what happened.

Vegeta senses the huge power signature and asks Goku who he says is coming towards them. Vegeta realizes that he knows these powers and they are almost impressed by the pressure of this power. Come two guys up the hill. Maki and Oil greet them, and Goku realizes that it was these two idiots who tricked them. Goku tells the two that he knows this story and asks why they came. Maki replies that they are there to take out the trash since their plans are in place. Thanks Granolah for being a good player. Granolah scolds the Heeters for their act. Maki talks about a wish Elect made.

Features Gaz as the strongest warrior in the universe. Vegeta cannot believe that there is another stronger Warrior in the Universe, and Gas appears in front of them. Everyone is surprised to see Gas, and Goku realizes that the darkness they saw earlier explains everything. Monato realizes that these bastards are using the Dragon Balls. The gas attacks them and cuts the spaceship in half. Send a huge arrow to Granolah and wedge it with a piece of airship. Gas tells Granolah that he hates him and that he will kill them all. Goku wants to beat Gas, but is knocked to the ground.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 79 release date

Chapter 79 of Dragon Ball-Super will be released on December 20, 2021. Gas realizes that Goku is the son of this Saiyan. Gas wonders if Goku’s father is still alive and Vegeta reveals that few Saqiyans survived the purge. Maki wonders if Frieza eliminated them and Gas says that Granolah must die. Granolah was punished after trying to fight. Maki reveals that Gas’s desire made him stronger. Gas explains his role and punishes Granolah, who is no match. Goku and Vegeta join them, but are defeated. Let’s take a look at the official details of Dragon Ball-Super Chapter 79.

Read Dragon Ball Super Chapter 79 Online – Raw Details

You can read Dragon-Ball Super Chapter 79 online at VIZ Media’s official site. The latest updates to Dragon Ball Super are also available on Shonen Jump +, Shueisha’s online magazine, which publishes only one chapter each month. Spoilers for Dragon-Ball Super Chapter 79 will be released two days before the final chapter release. See you at the launch of Dragon-Ball-Super Chapter 79.


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