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▷ Eleceed chapter 169 spoilers, release date, read Manhwa online

Eleceed chapter 169 spoilers, release date, read Manhwa online

Ever since he became Kayden’s apprentice, Jiwoo has always been in danger in one way or another. Amyeong makes an appearance in Eleceed Chapter 169 in an attempt to save Jiwoo. By persecuting students, the global academy has gone too far and not in a good way. After failing to persuade the four students to enlist, the world academy sent assassins to protect them.

Jiwoo is the first person on his list of goals. Jiwoo’s killer, like the instructor of the international academy, seems to be a familiar face. We all expected a conflict to arise at some point in the next English chapter of Eleceed 169, as the previous chapters have been quiet.

As a result, Amyeong prevented the killer from taking Jiwoo’s life. You can identify Amyeong as Dark from chapter 125 of the manga if you still don’t know who he is. Read on to learn more about Eleceed Chapter 169 Spoilers, release date, read manga online.

Eleceed chapter 169 spoilers and discussion

As the raw scans have yet to be released, spoilers are not included here. The English chapter is still a few days away, so we’ll take a look at the fan guesses and forum guesses. Let us know what you think of Amyeong’s role in protecting Jiwoo from the assassin by commenting below.

In chapter 125 of the manga, it was initially revealed that Amyeong was Dark. He was furious to learn that Kayden’s disciple Jiwoo was such a delicate child. That’s why we’re sure Dark has learned a lesson from Kayden’s stern warnings about the dangers of chasing Jiwoo. Amyeong is the one who saved Jiwoo from the murderer in the previous chapter. This is what makes me curious.

This time, Amyeong appeared as a hero, not a villain. Information about this hit could come from his sources as a murderer. In the latest chapter, Amyeong aka Dark came to save Jiwoo, and we can’t wait to see what will happen in the next Eleceed chapter 169.

Eleceed chapter 169 release date

Eleceed Chapter 169 Release date set for Sunday December 1, 2021 in stores as listed. The raw scans of Chapter 169 will hit the internet 2-3 days before the spoilers wear off, but it’s best to wait for the final release.

Where to read chapter 169 of Eleceed?

Fans have been eagerly awaiting Eleceed Chapter 169, we really recommend using official sources so that you can read Eleceed Chapters on the following manga platforms to support creators:

More about Eleceed

Eleceed is Son Jae Ho and ZHENA’s webtoon about fantasy and action. Find it on Naver (in Korean) or WEBTOON (in Korean) (in English). Webtoons gives it a star rating of 9.9 / 10.0 and releases a new episode every Tuesday. Jiwoo and Kayden are the central characters in this action-fantasy manhwa. High school student Jiwoo has the quick reflexes of a cat under his control (Chapter 7) and out of the goodness of his soul he sets out to make the world a safer and better place by saving children and pets one by one.

But Kayden, an undercover spy with enigmatic abilities, is on the run and thus disguises himself as a big, old, fluffy stray cat to avoid being discovered (Chapter 4). His injuries are temporary after a confrontation with a strange skill user; together, with each other’s powers and intelligence, they can conquer evil. Eleceed features excellent dialogue and well-executed action scenes, and its light tone makes it a popular choice among Manhwa readers. It’s an unmissable opportunity to see Jiwoo and Kayden fight evil and save people and pets.

Jiwoo Seo

In this story, Jiwoo Seo is the main character, and although he received a scholarship from the Shinhwa Association to attend the Awakened Academy, he is an independent Awakened. Jiwoo Seo is Kayden’s only student, and although his main power is his increased speed, he is also the second person in the world to possess the power of electrokinesis. In combat, his abilities are useful.