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▷ Housekeeping Season 2 Episode 9 Release Date, Time, and Spoilers

In the latest episode of Housekeeping Season 2, the Hayworths celebrate Thanksgiving at Connor’s, where their mother also shows up. However, she is stressed out about bad news and the children decide to cheer her up. Meanwhile, Denise nervously invites her sister JoJo to dinner, which is an opportunity for the two of them to do their dirty laundry. The rest of the events in Episode 8 are included in the summary. Now let’s take a look at what episode 9 of the series’ second season has to offer!

Housekeeping Season 2 Episode 9 Release Date

Housekeeping ‘Season 2 Episode 9 will air December 1, 2021 at 9:30 p.m. ET on ABC. It’s worth noting that the series is on a two-week hiatus. Usually, new episodes with a running time between 20 and 21 minutes are published weekly on Wednesdays.

Where can you watch Housekeeping Season 2 Episode 9 online?

You can watch ‘Housekeeping’ Season 2 Episode 9 by turning on ABC at the date and time stated above. In case you miss the TV broadcast, you can stream the episode on the ABC official website and app. You can turn them on too Hulu see. You can also watch the episodes of the second season on Fubo TV, YouTube TV, Xfinity and DirecTV stream live. Also, new episodes are available on video-on-demand platforms such as Google play, Amazon Prime Video, iTunes, Microsoft Store, Spectrum and Vudu available.

Housekeeping Season 2 Episode 9 Spoilers

After a Thanksgiving-themed episode, Housekeeping Season 2 is ready to add some Christmas cheer to the ninth episode, titled Secret Santa, $ 25 Limit. Before that happens, Tom will finally get his first advance payment from Sofia Salazar’s book. But the enormous sum will make him and Marina wonder what to do with their new found treasure. Sarah comes to a new school and receives a gift from the parents of the students.

Housekeeping Season 2 Episode 8 Replay

The eighth episode of season 2 is titled Two Thousand Pounds of Sand, $ 240 and features the usual Hayworth Thanksgiving festival, which is predictably chaotic. Tom and Sarah make their way with their families to Connor, where their mother Muriel is also visiting. As soon as they enter the house, however, they are repulsed by the sight of the Caribbean extravaganza that Connor has arranged. Tom immediately objects that this is Thanksgiving and not some tropical vacation that they are on.

Moments later, Muriel storms in, crying over her latest failure in her acting career. She is sad that she is no longer needed. To clarify the situation, Tom, Sarah and Connor prepare a hearty meal. However, the mother bursts into tears when she realizes that her children may no longer need her either. Meanwhile, Denise tries to reconcile with her sister JoJo, who she thinks is a bitchy social media influencer.

JoJo always received special treatment from her parents, which still bothers Denise. There is a heated argument between the two, but they speak out. JoJo admits that she has always been jealous of everything Denise has, including a wife, children, and a roof to sleep under. As a result, Denise reluctantly lets her stay with her until Christmas. In the end, Sarah, Connor and Tom accidentally set fire to the kitchen, which their mother is very happy about, as she likes to tidy up behind them.

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