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▷ Kengan Omega Chapter 136 – Release Date, Spoilers and Preview

Kengan Omega Chapter 136 - Release Date, Spoilers and Preview

Kengan Omega-Chapter 136 reveals the truth behind Lolong Donaire’s strength and his fights with Tokita Ohma. In the past, one of the army soldiers returned with the head of a dead man and revealed that he had obtained the objective. Later, Lolong had a practice fight with another boy. But the soldiers told them they didn’t have to fight. Kengan Omega reveals Lolong Vs. Ohma, as it is the last fight of the competitions. In the final chapter of Kengan-Omega, Lolong faces the greatest challenge of his life at the age of 24. During the battle, he tells the guy not to hold back.

The guy is revealed to be Kuroki Gensai, who told Lolong not to rush and to be transsexual until they meet again in a real fight. In the current fight, Lolong realizes that Ohma could be on the same level as Kuroki Gensai. The fight took a different turn after Tokika Ohma survived the knockout. Lolong seems to have something different to show Ohma. Jerry Tyson is impressed with both fighters. It is revealed that Lolong dominated the underground fighting and never knew defeat.

Commentators wonder if the legend is over as Ohma appears to have a tactic to defeat Lolong. Lolong realizes that Ohma does not allow him to do what he wants and that he is at the top of the list of opponents he has faced. He realizes that there is an interest abroad. Kurara thinks that Raian might fail to beat Lolong, and doesn’t expect Lolong to be more substantial in that way. Some of the women sitting next to him are surprised to hear that Lolong is stronger than Raian. Kurara adds that she’s not sure who will win, but that Lolong is exceptional.

Previously in Kengan Omega Chapter 135

Elena Robinson joins Kurara and they talk about how good Lolong is. She asks if Ohma has ever lost to Raian. But he’s curious if Ohma can beat Lolong. Kurara tells Eleana not to panic because Ohma won’t lose. She reveals that Ohma has a history of losses against Raian. But it’s different, and Elena is calculating Ohma’s winning streak. Kurara reveals that Ohma has 14 and 16 losses in the last month, but is improving. She is confident that Ohma will defeat Lolong in her form. Koga realizes that he knows what Ohma has done.

He thinks Ohma activated the breakthrough for a second and has returned to his form. But you know Advance is dangerous if not used correctly. Rihito, Okubo, and Kazuo cheer on Ohma and yell at him that he can do it. Back in the ring, Ohma and Lolong don’t back down and collide in the middle of the ring. None of them have ever tried to fight, but they play fist to fist. Ohma and Lolong collide very closely and exchange massive blows.

Lolong is distracted and receives a powerful punch to the face. When he looks at Ohma, he realizes that the latter uses Advance in a split second, then backs off. Ohma continues to use this strategy and it pays off when he shoves Lolong and mixes punches. Lolong takes powerful punches and kicks that land perfectly. He realizes that Ohma took him by surprise and that he should have repaired it. Lolong realizes he has no other options and tries a functional takedown. Ohma manages to get to his feet, but Lolong uses Ohma’s feint and uppercut.

Kengan Omega chapter 136 release date

Kengan Omega-Chapter 136 will be released on November 25, 2021. Lolong uses it to take down Ohma, and Hawk thinks it is Aiki Ninjutsu. The fighter on the stand realizes that this makes Lolong stronger as he is the best player of all trades and can adapt to any situation. He continues to punish Ohma, and it becomes a back and forth exchange. Let’s take a look at the official Kengan Omega-Chapter 136 updates and the latest news.

Read Kengan Omega-Chapter 136 Online – Raw Details

You will be able to read Kengan-Omega-Chapter 136 online at various websites. As we mentioned above about the official manga sites, we cannot access them yet, but spoilers and the latest manga updates will continue to be released on a weekly basis. Kengan Omega-Chapter 136 spoilers will be released next week. Meet at the exit of Kengan-Omega-Chapter 136.


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