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▷ My Hero Academia Season 6 Update: New Poster Hints at Intense Fight Between Izuku and Shigaraki

Fans can now take a look at My Hero Academia Season 6 after the franchise released the first look at the new season. The snapshot seems to indicate an intense battle between the professional heroes and the League of Villains.

The franchise quickly extended the anime after the end of season five. Now that the arrival of My Hero Academia Season 6 has been confirmed, the great conflict will continue in the previous season’s finale.

The new season will continue the war arc of the Paranormal Liberation Front from the manga by Kohei Horikoshi. In addition to the intense war between the heroes and the villains, there will also be a fight between Izuku and Shigaraki.

Compared to their previous battles, this one will be a must as they will unleash new powers, as Comicbook reports. Everything points to a clash between the two, and that’s what the official poster suggests.

After both the heroes and the villains experienced major character evolutions in the final season, they will use these new powers against each other in My Hero Academia Season 6. Izuku now knows that he has even more quirks and skills that are hidden in One for All.

He copes with the use of OFA better and better as the hero world prepares everyone for the great danger that lies ahead. The villain-focused story arc reveals what Shigaraki and the Villain League are up to, and proves that they are all terrifying enemies.

As a reminder, in the post-credit scenes of the season five finale, Izuku and other Pro Heroes members gathered to attack the Paranormal Liberation Front. It looks like this will be the prelude to a major war that is imminent, as reported by SlashFilm.

The Paranormal War of Liberation shows how the League of Villains allies with the Meta Liberation Army. The group of super-powered people has turned into a band of bandits called the Paranormal Liberation Front.

Led by Shigaraki himself, the villain displays incredible power that keeps getting stronger as he does his best to take on Izuku’s OFA trait. In an upcoming battle between the two of them in My Hero Academia Season 6, will Izuku finally bring down Shigaraki, or will he successfully maintain the hero’s ability?

The next story arc will be the Tartarus Escapees arc, but it remains to be seen whether the new season will adapt this part of the storyline. This storyline is already included in the manga, so fans will have to wait and see if it will make it onto the small screen.

It is not yet known when My Hero Academia Season 6 will be released.


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