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▷ Sistas Season 3 Episode 18: release date, spoilers and where to watch?

Sistas Season 3 Episode 18: Release Date, Spoilers and Where to Watch?

Sistas season 3 episode 18 could see Fatima take a big fall that she didn’t see coming. On top of that, this sequel comes from his own mistake, which he made for fun. Also, many misunderstandings have arisen in the series. Some only gradually grew to end with another big mistake, while others saw a conclusion. Fatima, to be clear, had a conclusion ahead of her. But the prank he played on Hayden recently is to blame for the consequences he will have to face.

Aside from the Fatima affair, we had another one with the Andi-Gary relationship. Gary was the happiest and most fun when they did everything in secret. They are now officially together and things have started to go downhill for both of them. This prompted Gary to seek therapy to understand why his relationship with Andi no longer excites him. The therapist has found a solution, but Andi is not very happy with what Gary is doing. Here’s what happened between them recently before moving on to Sistas season 3 episode 18.

Sistas Episode 17 Season 3 Recap

In the previous episode of Sistas season 3, we witnessed Gary’s new therapy session with Angela. Something he was secretly doing from Andi. It was a question of why he was no longer excited about Andi now. Angela has gotten too close to make him understand that she is excited by the taboo. But still, Gary thinks Angela might be wrong. He asks her about the couples she has helped who have stayed together. The reveal isn’t very good, and soon Andi gets too shocked.

Clearly, Andi wasn’t happy that Angela was hanging out at her house. He continued to give her clear signals to leave. Andi warned Gary not to invite her again before storming off. The meeting certainly went to his head. It only gave him one reason to meet Robin. Also, for now, her way of being compared to the last time she met him has changed. In the midst of all this, Fatima was having fun at work making fun of Hayden in a phone prank in which he mentioned playing with Zac and what she expected from Hayden on a date. The same goes for Danni, who continues her affair with Preston.

Upon returning home, Zac surprised Fatima. She was clearly disappointed to join Karen. This encouraged Zac to visit Karen and tell her the truth. Thus he confessed that he loved her very much, but that he could not be with her. She questioned her relationship with Fatima, but that’s all Zac had to say. Although she avoids many things and is ready for Gary, Andi finds a way to invite Robin to her room for a nice dinner. In the end, they kissed and Robin decided to stay. In addition to that, Zac receives the vocal note from Fatima where she says that she is playing with him to close the episode.

Sistas Season 3 Episode 18 release date and spoilers

Episode 18 of season 3 of Sistas will be released on November 24, 2021. It is titled “From A Woman”. The official episode synopsis suggests that we could see Danni considering Preston’s place. But he has doubts about it and that is not what he wanted. It may seem like a little difference between them. We’ll also be eager to see Andi and Robin’s relationship flourish and whether Gary, who is loyally trying to be there for her, finds out.

Finally, we wait for Zac to take the initiative and confront Fatima for everything she said about him. The prank on Hayden probably didn’t go too well for their own relationship, which is already in freefall. Zac recently broke up with Karen and was asked about his relationship with Fatima. With Fatima speaking behind her back, we can expect some great drama.

Sistas Season 3 Episode 18 Release Date and Broadcast Details

Sistas season 3 episode 18 airs on Bet at 9:00 pm ET in the US You can also watch Sistas season 3 episode 18 on Bet +. When abroad, the only other way to watch Sistas season 3 episode 18 is through the video-on-demand services of Amazon Prime Video, VUDU, iTunes, Microsoft, Google Play Movies & TV, and YouTube TV. . With that, there are only four more episodes left before Sistas wraps up its third season. So expect a new episode every Wednesday after the eighteenth for Sistas season 3.


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