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▷ Tokyo Revengers Chapter 239 release date, spoilers: who is Mitsuya?

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Takemichi is in the process of forming his new gang, and with new members joining, he’s looking for someone to take the advisor’s place. Sure, he knows who can fill that role perfectly, but is he ready to accept the offer in Tokyo Revengers Chapter 239?

Takemichi has his eye on Mitsuya as an adviser to his new gang, knowing he can be valuable. But now that Mitsuya chooses to live a peaceful life and fulfill Draken’s wish, is there anything that would make him want to join Takemichi’s group in Tokyo Revengers Chapter 239?

The protagonist may have just started his new gang, but he is already facing big problems. Mitsuya is the only one who can fill the post left by Draken.

He is one of the founding members of the Tokyo Manji Gang and his experience will be a great asset to Takemichi and his new group. In recent highlights, it has been noted that he is similar to Draken in many ways.

He is very level-headed and determined. He always makes the best decision when necessary.

If he agrees to join Takemichi’s new gang, he will surely have a major impact on them. He is also the one who designed the Tokyo Manji Gang’s uniforms.

So since no one likes Chifuya’s tone of voice when showing the logo and shirt he designed for Takemichi’s group, Mitsuya could extend his hand here. After all, he does actually design clothes, and that is Draken’s dying wish for him to continue.

When he turns down Takemichi’s offer, he is scheduled to enter a competition the following week. Takemichi and his group show their support for Mitsuya by watching his competition. Will that be enough to convince him to join his new gang in Tokyo Revengers Chapter 239?

It could be another year before Takemichi completes the member of his gang and faces Mikey. Mikey is now the leader of the largest gang in Japan and thus the No. 1 gangster in Tokyo.

After the War of the Three Gods, the members of the Terano South group also joined him. This only makes Mikey more powerful. With few criminals left to bravely face Mikey, fans will have to wait and see how Takemichi gathers the necessary squad.

Meanwhile, in Tokyo Revengers Chapter 238, Takemichi has made it his mission to gather new members of his gang, via omnitos. The previous chapter introduced Mitsuya but showed his terrible condition.

He was not in good shape and his sister revealed that he was very ill. Nevertheless, at Draken’s request, he continued to pursue his career as a fashion designer.

He then entered a styling contest, and the chapter ended with Takemichi watching the awards ceremony. We’ll see how it goes when Tokyo Revengers Chapter 239 comes out on Wednesday, January 26th.