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Four Possibilities!! Will Sasuke will get his Rinnegan back.

Four Possibilities!! Will Sasuke will get his Rinnegan back.

∆∆∆ Hy guys! In this theory, I will give you four possibilities that tell us that Sasuke will get his Rinnegan back.

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∆First Possibility!!

😜About the first possibility, I say that Sasuke’s Rinnegan has not been stabbed by Boroshiki!!

Boroshiki stabbed Sasuke’s normal eye because at that time Sasuke Chakra was almost near to zero. As we saw in Uchiha Shin Arc that when Sasuke battled with Uchiha Shin. He activated No tomoe Rinnegan and then 6 tomoes. Afterward, he said that his Visual powers have come back.

∆ Conclusion::😍😍😍

This point is leading us to the fact that when Sasuke is out of Chakra his Rinnegan is deactivated. When BoruShiki stabbed Sasuke.

He was out of Chakra which means that Sasuke’s Rinnegan is saved and his simple eye is stabbed which can be healed by Naruto’s Sage of Six paths power or by Medical Ninjutsu!!!!🥰🥰

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∆∆ Second Possibility!!🤔🤔🤔🤔

If Sasuke is not fully out of Chakra and his Rinnegan is Stabbed by Borushiki then the powerful do-Jutsu(Rinnegan) can be healed by a Medical Ninjutsu specialist.

There are two Medical Specialist in the Hidden leaf(Sakura&Tsunade)

As we know Tsunade’s Medical Ninjutsu is the best in the entire show like he treated all the Half-dead persons with her amazing skills. She has the ability to heal Rinnegan.

And the next one is Sakura. She is a good Medical specialist too and in the Boruto series, she has surpassed Tsunade in the matter of strength. But about Medical Ninjutsu I am not sure. Because she had not dealt with a serious Medical disorder till now. In Boruto/Naruto series till yet but her Medical skills are very good!!!😁😁

∆ Conclusion of Possibility No:2 😎😎😎

I conclude!! My point on a claim that the Medical Specialities of Tsunade & Sakura are good enough to heal Rinnegan.

So they will heal Rinnegan if it is stabbed!!!😑😑

∆∆∆Third Possibility:🤔🤔🤔

 In the third Possibility.

I will be told you about the fact if Medical specialists like Tsunade&Sakura will not be able to heal Rinnegan.

Then there are two technologists

Who is having the ability to heal Powerful dojutsu like Rinnegan?

#Technologist No:1

The first technologist is the master of Organic technology(Legendary Sannin Orochimaru).

As we all know, He needs no introduction. He performed a lot of experiments on Organic technology. No one can match him in Organic technology. As the Master of Sasuke, I think Orochimaru will help Sasuke to heal his Rinnegan with his outstanding technology.

Technologist No:2

The second technologist is the master of Inorganic Technology (Amado). He needs an introduction!!

He is a member of the Kara Organization. He synthesized all the members of Kara and gave them extraordinary powers. Amado also made the clone of Jiraiya. Who was powerful enough to defeat Jigen!!

Amado along with Kashin Koji betrayed Kara Organization and made an Alliance with a hidden leaf. He made an agreement with a leaf that if Leaf village will protect him from Ishiki Outsutsuki then he will provide the information to them(leaf). Which he fulfilled by giving all the information to the leaf village. Now coming toward the point Amado is an extraordinary Scientist of Inorganic technology and also has made allies with hidden leaf. I think Amado will help Leaf village to store Rinnegan because as he betrayed Kara’s organization. There are still too powerful members of Kara organization are alive and he has a threat to them. So he will restore Sasuke’s Rinnegan in order to protect himself from Kara members.

∆ Conclusion of Possibility No:3

I would like  to say

That either Orochimaru (master of Organic technology)  will heal Sasuke’s Rinnegan or Amado(master of Inorganic technology) will restore Sasuke’s Rinnegan or they can combine their technologies.

∆∆∆∆ Possibility No:4

In the 4th possibility, I will tell you a fact that Sasuke also has a reserve Sharingan of Uchiha Shin from which he can perform Izanagi to protect him from Kunai of BoruShiki.

Sasuke also can activate his Rinnegan through his other eye(Eternal Mangekyo).

Result of Theory

Result of Theory

I will conclude my theory on a Result that in either way Sasuke will get his Rinnegan restored or healed because a powerful enemy Code is still there in the show.

who is considered to be 2nd powerful Kara member!


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