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13 Best Women Empowerment Anime That You Should Watch In 2021!

Everyone can agree that there is a saturation of male-lead shows in the anime world. From isekai to harem, all feature male protagonists. However, within these, there is a small number of anime that strongly depict the themes of Women Empowerment. Today’s list will deal with precisely that. We have handpicked some of the best shows that give us strong female characters. Thus, without any further ado, here is a list of the 13 Best Women Empowerment Anime in no particular.

Fairy Tail

The first name on this list of the Best Women Empowering Anime is Fairy Tail. The female-led anime focuses on Lucy, who dreams of becoming the best witch in her community. However, she lacks the physical strength to do so. The only thing that she is equipped with is her moral determination. Lucy knows that she cannot finish the job of a sorcerer alone. Thus, she befriends Gray, Natsu, and Erza to help her form the Fairy Tail team and help the helpless with their magic.

13 Best Women Empowerment Anime

Little Witch Academia

Another female protagonist who is pretty similar to Lucy from Fairy Tail is Akko. Much like the former, Akko also wants to become the greatest apprentice in the world. But every magical being has a different set of abilities. For Akko, she is a low-grade witch. However, she does not let her strength come in the way of her dreams. The story of Akko from Little Witch Academia will show you the determination of strong female characters.

Little witch academia


A period drama that deals with empowered women in the age of heroes is the 2000 show Inuyasha. The story focuses on Kagome Higurashi, who is a mere 15-year-old child. One night, the girl transports to the era of kings and kingdoms/ Kagome learns that she possesses an esteemed jewel in her body. All the goons of the kingdom are after her now. The only straw of hope is the legendary warrior Inuyasha who can shelter her. Thus, the two women set out to safeguard the jewel as well as themselves. Inuyasha is one of the Best Women Empowering Anime that you should miss at no cost.



The classic 2000s show Claymore deals with the trope of Demon Hunting. The titular warrior Claymore must train half-demons in order to side them for the humans. But as time passes, she realizes that teaching these creatures is not a regular chore. Claymore also feels that her potential as a warrior is being wasted as a trainer. Thus, she joins the annual warrior championship to enter the battlefield once again. The story of Claymore is empowering within itself. Do binge this one along with your female friends at least once.



A common name in The Anime Daily lists is the 2012 thriller Psycho-Pass. The reason why this anime joins the list is its empowering female protagonist Akane Tsunemori. After the government of Japan makes it compulsory for every citizen to go through a criminal history test, Akane decides to rebel against the idea. This is because the AI points out innocent citizens as potential criminals. Thus, Akane sets out on a secret mission to learn about the intentions of the Japanese government.

13 Best Women Empowerment Anime

Fruits Basket

A rather light-hearted watch that also depicts the themes of Women Empowerment is Fruits Basket. Action and battle are not the only traits that define a strong woman. The ability to handle chaotic situations with grace is also a sign of empowerment. The story of Fruits Basket revolves around Tohru Honda, who is adopted by an eccentric family upon which a grave curse lurks. Every night, the members of her family turn into animals. Hence, the grace and serenity with which she handles her new life are definitely inspiring to many women.

Fruits Basket

Elfen Lied

The next name on this list of the Best Women Empowerment Anime is the 2004 thriller Elfen Lied. The story revolves around a dystopian world where humans let hybrid androids live with them. However, these hybrids are not given the same treatment and resources as humans. The story focuses on one such hybrid, Lucy, who is planning an invasion of humans. The fight put in by Lucy will make you recommend this show to many people.

Elfen Lied

Spirited Away

While Spirited Away is an anime film from a different league altogether, it still offers a solid female protagonist in the form of Chihiro Ogino. The way in which the ten-year-old struggles to break the curse of her parents will bring tears to your eyes. Chihiro gets trapped with an evil witch who forces her to work in the mines. Despite her fickle strength, Chihiro never gives up. Since Spirited Away is one of the most-watched movies in Japan, chances are you have already seen it. But in case you’ve not, then this is the time for you.

13 Best Women Empowerment Anime

Ergo Proxy

Another strong female protagonist that will stay with you for a long-time is the lead of Ergo Proxy Re-l Mayer. After finding out that a virus is bringing evil consciousness in Android robots, humans decide to send in a spy to investigate the matter. This spy is none other than officer Mayer. The determination and fighting skills of this character will surely make you root for her. Thus, Ergo Proxy joins the list of the Best Women Empowerment Anime.

Ergo Proxy

Highschool Of The Dead

Yet another action fantasy fiction is the 2010 show Highschool Of The Dead. While the plot offers many different characters, the only one that will stay will you is the no-nonsense student Saeko Busujima. The story is a classic zombie-apocalypse plot where a deadly virus is turning humans into walking corpses. A batch of high school students decides to tackle this problem by forming an antidote. However, it is a long process. The entire conflict of zombies makes up for the plot of Highschool of the Dead.

13 Best Women Empowerment Anime


The Trese anime series is from a different league altogether. The recent Netflix original revolves around the titular character Alexandra Trese who is an independent investigative officer. In Manila, many innocents are disappearing, and Trese is closely following the case. As she digs deeper, she finds out about the bigger mission that is brewing beneath the surface of Manila. Thus, we place Trese on the top spot of this list of the Best Women Empowerment Anime.


Soul Eater

The next name on this list of the 13 Best Women Empowerment Anime is Soul Eater. The reason why we add this show to the list is because of the badass character of Maka Albarn. The story of Soul Eater is set in the Death Weapon Meister Academy, where human children are trained to work with Death Gods. For generations, children have been working with these gods to kills their race. However, this batch does not abide by the same concept. Thus, they decide to break the long chain of the system.

13 Best Women Empowerment Anime

Violet Evergarden

The last name on this list of the 13 Best Women Empowerment is the 2018 mini anime series Violet Evergarden. The story focuses on the titular character who is on a journey to find herself. After coming back from a war, she sees no purpose in life. Thus, Violet tries to find a new purpose in life. The fighting spirit of a female war soldier will definitely stay with you for a long time.

Violet evergarden

With this, we can conclude our list of the Best Women Empowerment Anime of all time. Which female character is your personal favorite? Which one of these shows do you plan on watching next? Please share your thoughts with us in the comment box below. Lastly, for more such nerd stuff on anime, keep visiting this corner.


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