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13 Mangas That Deserve An Anime Adaptation

There is nothing better when a manga gets an anime adaptation. The amazement of watching a story come to life on screen is unmatchable. What is even better is watching anime after having read an entire manga anthology. However, it is always saddening to find out that a popular manga does not have an anime adaptation. So, today we will take a look at all those stories that don’t have an anime adaptation of their own. Without any further ado, here is a list of the 13 Mangas That Deserve An Anime Adaptation.

1. High School Debut

To begin this list of the mangas that deserve an anime, we have the High School Debut series. The 2003 manga that ran for 15 volumes is still pretty relevant among the readers. The creator of this manga is Kazune Kawahara. The plot of High School Debut explores the themes of friendship and romance. Classmates Haruna and Yoh decide to help each other become better lovers. But in the process, new relationships start brewing.

13 Manga That Deserve An Anime

2. Homunculus

Well, Homunculus is yet another popular Japanese cult that many fans are waiting to see as an anime. The writer and illustrator of this manga is Hideo Yamamoto. The manga ran for eight years, from 2003-2011. Even though a feature film was made upon this story, fans are waiting for an anime. Let’s see which studio picks up the project.

13 Manga That Deserve An Anime

3. Goodnight Punpun

Popularly known as the Oyasumi Punpun, GP is a famous Japanese seinen manga that came out in the year 2007. This masterpiece has over 13 volumes and is written and illustrated by Inio Asano. The story revolves around a young Onodera Punpun who must handle a lot of chaos all around. Even though this is a generic family story, you will find many unique elements to enjoy. Let’s see when Goodnight Punpun gets an anime adaptation. Hence, this one deserves a spot on the list of Mangas That Deserve An Anime Adaptation.

4. I Am A Hero

The zombie genre has become quite popular in the last decade. One of the pioneers in introducing this concept to the world was the I Am A Hero manga. The manga began serialization back in 2009 and publishes over 22 volumes in eight years. In 2016, Toho Studios also released a live-action film. But the news of an anime has never seen the light of the day. Anyway, the plot of I Am A Hero traces Hideo Suzuki, who is in the middle of a zombie apocalypse as he must save himself from becoming a zombie himself.

13 Manga That Deserve An Anime

5. MPD Psycho

So, MPD Psycho stands for Multiple Personality Detective Psycho. The writer and illustrator of this popular shonen are Eiji Otsuka and Shou Tajima. The story of this 24-volume manga tracks Yosuke Kobayashi who is a genius detective. But this particular case will not be easy for him as his wife is the victim this time. MPD Detective is definitely a story that we deserve to see in an anime.

MPD Psycho

6. All You Need Is Kill

So, All You Need Is Kill is probably the most awaited anime of all time. Everywhere on the internet, people are desperately waiting for this one to get an anime reboot. So, this one is a two-volume light novel series that was later drawn into a manga. The writer and illustrator of this popular story happen to be Ryosuke Takeuchi and Takeshi Obata, respectively. The premise of AYNK follows Keiji Kiriya, who has no choice but to die every day as a soldier in an alien invasion. But a certain female soldier can save him from this vicious cycle.

13 Manga That Deserve An Anime

7. Ratman

Manga Ratman is a popular Japanese shōnen that is written and illustrated by Sekihiko Inui. The first volume came out in the year 2007. With over 12 volumes that ran for about six-plus years, Ratman is a strong contender that deserves an anime adaptation. The story of Ratman is young high schooler Shuto Katsuragi who wants to become a superhero. But his misfortunes transform him into the anti-hero Ratman. Thus, Ratman has the potential to be a hit anime, and it’s just a matter of time until a studio decides to pick up the project.

8. Kinnikuman

Many fans will troll us for adding Kinnikuman to this list. But, hear us out first. Even though this popular superhero has seen many anime adaptations, but nothing came out after 2011. It’s been a decade, and the story of Kinnikuman must be out there for the younger generations to see. The original writer and illustrators of this popular manga were Yoshinori Nakai and Takashi Shimada. Moreover, the plot of this series follows a wrestling superhero who is on a quest to become the Prince of the Planet Kinniku. Hence, despite having a few good adaptations before, Kinnikuman is still one of the Mangas That Deserve An Anime Adaptation.

13 Manga That Deserve An Anime

9. Vigilante: My Hero Academia Illegals

So, Vigilante is officially the spin-off manga series of the popular My Hero Academia franchise. The plot and the characters are all set in the world of MHA. The 12-volume series is illustrated by Betten Court and written by Hideyuki Furuhashi. Well, the story of Vigilante is about a group of rogue young people who don’t possess powerful quirks to become heroes. Therefore, they decide to live a life as underground thieves to commit petty crimes. Vigilante: My Hero Academia Illegals is one of our favorites on the list of mangas that deserve anime adaptation.

10. Daytime Shooting Star

A 13-volume popular shojo manga that came out in the year 2011 is Daytime Shooting Star. The writer and illustrator of the manga happen to be Mika Yamamori. DSS follows the story of a teacher and a struggling student Suzume. Daytime Shooting Star is a beautiful story that is based on the themes of friendship and bonds with a sprinkle of romance. We just cannot wait to see this story come to life in anime.

Daytime Shooting Star

11. Vagabond

Another popular manga that fans are waiting to see as an anime is Vagabon. Takehiko Inoue is a writer and illustrator of this Japanese cult. Moreover, this 37-volume follows the themes of history and martial arts. So, the plot of Vagabond is set in the Sengoku period, where Shinmen is a misunderstood warrior because of his lethal combat abilities. Thus, he leaves the town to become a knight of the kingdom.


12. Doubt

Popularly known as Rabbit Doubt, this one is the creation of Yoshiki Tonogai. This popular Japanese shōnen manga ran from 2007 to 2015, including spin-offs. The story of Doubt revolves around a mysterious video game that has no escape. Players must become rabbits in order to identify the wolf among them. Doubt is a pretty dark series that would make a hit anime show if ever done right. Hence, this one secures a place in the list of Mangas That Deserve An Anime Adaptation.

13 Manga That Deserve An Anime

13. Baki The Grappler

Son of Ogre is the third addition to the Baki The Grappler manga series. The writer and illustrator of the manga is Keisuke Itagaki. Well, the manga officially has five parts that combine into a total of 140 volumes. Hence, this means that there is enough source material to make an anime for dozens of seasons. However, the manga has seen an anime adaptation in the past, and there are still parts of the series that fans cannot wait to watch as an anime.

Baki The Grappler

So, this was our list of the 13 Manga That Deserve An Anime Adaptation. Do you agree with our list? Did we miss out on any of your favorite manga? Let us know in the comment section down below. For more nerd stuff on anime and manga, keep visiting this corner.


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