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13 Strongest Super Saiyans In Dragon Ball Universe

This is our list of the 13 Strongest Super Saiyans in Dragon Ball. The Super Saiyan form is the defining factor of a strong warrior in the universe of Dragon Ball. There are many levels to this form that can put a warrior in a top or bottom spot. For instance, the Super Saiyan Blue is a rare level-up that only Vegeta and Goku can perform. Likewise, Super Saiyan Rose is exclusive to Goku Black. Similarly, many such forms can decide the strength of a fighter.

So, today we will look at all those warriors who have astonished us with their level-ups in Dragon Ball. Some are going to be the obvious names, while some are surprising entries. Hence, here is a list of the 13 Strongest Super Saiyans in Dragon Ball in no particular order.

1. Gogeta

For the first contender, let us travel back to Dragon Ball GT. It what’s the first time when Goku and Vegeta agreed upon fusing in a common form. This fusion was called Gogeta. The combined powers of Goku and Vegeta turn out to be a Super Saiyan 4 form which is one of the most powerful forms in the entire universe. Even though Dragon Ball GT was not an impactful show, it gave us some historical forms to debate.

13 Strongest Super Saiyans

2. Goku Black

Of course, there will be villains in the series. Goku Black was pretty much like Goku with bad intentions. His only mission was to destroy Goku and become the strongest man alive. To an extent, he did succeed in injuring Goku and Vegeta. Well, he was ultimately defeated, but his Super Saiyan Rose form was something fans had never seen in the series. Thus, we place Goku Black on the second spot on this list of the Strongest Super Saiyans in Dragon Ball.

13 Strongest Super Saiyans

3. Broly

Since the release of Dragon Ball Super Broly, this character has seen a turn of events. From being perceived as a supervillain to becoming an anti-hero, Broly has gathered many fans. But most of them are only because of his range of powers. Well, Broly was a strong enemy, and he has the potential to become a Super Saiyan 3, which is quite rare in Dragon Ball.


4. Goten

Another one of a half-blood Saiyan is Goten. Much like Trunks, Goten also became a powerful fighter since his childhood. Much of the credit goes to his elder brother Gohan, his father Goku, and his friend Trunks. In the company of strong warriors, Goten was exposed to the advanced style of fighting. Hence, he became a powerful Super Saiyan at a relatively young age. Thus, we place Goten on the fourth spot on this list of the Strongest Super Saiyans in Dragon Ball.


5. Kefla

Two of the most powerful fighters of Universe 6 are Kale and Caulifla. And their fusion brought to life Kefla. We all know how strong these two Universe 6 residents were individual. But their fusion turned out to be something else. In the Tournament of Power, no one was able to take down this fusion Super Saiyan. Thus, we can safely call Kefla one of the strongest Super Saiyan on Dragon Ball.

13 Strongest Super Saiyans

6. Goku

There is an old saying that goes like- slow and steady wins the race. These six words pretty much define the Dragon Ball protagonist Goku. Over the years, Goku has been fighting some of the most powerful villains and even heroes. Through the combined experience and consistent training, he has become the strongest living warrior in the entire universe. There is no justification required to prove why Goku is amongst the Strongest Super Saiyans in Dragon Ball.

13 Strongest Super Saiyans

7. Trunks

Ever since his childhood, we have seen Trunks acquire forms that adults struggle at. Trunks is a hybrid Saiyan, meaning that his mother is a human and his father is a Saiyan. Even after being a half-blood, he is too strong for his age. A lot of credit for this goes to Vegeta, who trained Trunks from a budding time. Later, we also see that Trunks becomes one of the best warriors of Earth in the future timeline.


8. Bardock

Historically, Bardock is the definition of Super Saiyan. He was the first of his race ever to acquire the Super Saiyan form. However, in his initial time before the destruction of Planet Vegeta, he could not transform. It was only later in the Dragon Ball: Episode of Bardock that we see the warrior level up to become an ultimate Saiyan. Bardock then went to the past to fight the Vegetas. Thus, we can consider Bardock to be one of the strongest Super Saiyans in Dragon Ball because he only acquired the form once and left generations to follow the path.


9. Vegeta

We know you were waiting to see Vegeta’s name on this list. So here it goes. There is no explaining as to why Vegeta is the strongest Super Saiyan in Dragon Ball. Throughout the entire show, it is Vegeta who has acquired the most number of Super Saiyan forms. Be it the Super Saiyan Blue form or the Super Saiyan Rage form, Vegeta has them all. Fans only wonder what next the warrior has in store.

13 Strongest Super Saiyans

10. Future Trunks

It was evident from his childhood that runs was going to be a powerful hero. But no one thought that he would be this powerful to become the lone soldier of Earth. We call Future Trunks one of the most strong Saiyans because he was the only one besides Goku and Vegeta to acquire the Ultra Super Saiyan form. In fact, he one of our favorite entries on the list.

13 Strongest Super Saiyans

11. Cunber

If you have ever seen this character in Super Dragon Ball Heroes, you would know that Cunber wears protective gear to control his powers. It is said that no Warrior has ever been able to take down this beastly fighter. Let’s see how are superheroes will tackle this threat in the upcoming episodes of Super Dragon Ball Heroes. Therefore, Cunber gets the eleventh spot on this list of the 13 Strongest Super Saiyans in Dragon Ball.

13 Strongest Super Saiyans

12. Gotenks

As the name suggests, Gotenks was a fusion form of Gohan and Trunks. It was the first Super Saiyan 3 form that we have seen in the show besides Goku’s. The fusion turned out to be insanely powerful against even the strongest adult Saiyans. However, the Gotenks fusion lacks the basic tactics that many adult warriors can easily perform. This is because of the lack of training in both Goten and Trunks. It will be interesting to see their fusion when both of them are smart enough.


13. Gohan

Another member of the champions’ family that makes it to the list is Gohan. It was evident since the beginning of the series that Gohan was not a warrior like his father. He was more inclined towards being a family man. However, when the time came when there was no warrior left to save Earth from Perfect Cell, it was Gohan who took charge. Then, we saw Gohan turn into Super Saiyan 2 form for the first time. Hence, he is certainly a strong fighter, even though he is not as ambitious as his ancestors.


With Gohan, we reached the conclusion of our list of the Strongest Super Saiyans in Dragon Ball. Which character do you think we missed out on this list? Do share your thoughts in the comment box below. For more such listicles on Dragon Ball, keep coming back to The Anime Daily. Also, check out our list of the Weakest Super Saiyans In Dragon Ball, here.


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