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There is a piece of exciting news for all the fans of Fortnite and Naruto alike. Last week, the game makers had announced a collaboration with one of the most popular anime series of all time. In a week’s time, the updates were run live. From new skins to a new map, the new update is a delight for the players. So, if you have not downloaded the latest update yet, then a quick revision would work wonders for you. Thus, here is all you need to know about the Naruto X Fortnite collaboration.

Naruto X Fortnite: What To Expect?

The fans of Fortnite and Naruto were surprised alike when the collaboration between the two was announced. On a short notice that came in last week, Fortnite announced its collaboration with Naruto. Soon, the teaser of the first look was launched. On the day of the launch, the creator dropped a brand-new trailer for the new update.

So, the latest update in Fortnite includes added skins for Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, and Kakashi. All these characters have a respective catalog of armor and suits. Moreover, the players will be able to play within a new Konoha map, including landmarks from the Hidden Leaf Village. In a short explainer, the tasks of the game include the following:

  • Landing in a UFO Crash Site
  • Finding Paper Bomb Kunai and attack other players with them
  • Building of an individual structure
  • Locating and destroying traps
  • Settle the Ultimate Wildfire using the Hunter’s Cloak

On the other hand, the update also includes Kakashi being an NPC that assigns other players tasks. Naruto-themed cosmetics have also been introduced in the new update.

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More Such Collabs?

In the past, Fortnite has initiated collaborations with many popular banners. This includes Star Wars and other Marvel collaborations. As of the last update, there has been no news of a new collab with an anime. Moreover, it is too early to launch another update while one is still underway. The Naruto update is likely to stay for a month or two. Afterward, fans can expect to see another collab post a considerable break. Keep reading further to learn more about the release of this update.

Naruto X Fortnite: When Will It Release?

It was revealed in the official trailer of the launch that the latest update in the game would be available for gamers from Tuesday, November 16, 2021. This means that that the updates have been festered in most devices. If your version still does not have a Naruto X Fortnite update, the updates must be underway. The skins are also available now. Players can purchase the skins in a bundle or individually as well. In case of further updates, we will be sure to mention them in this section. Thus, stay tuned with The Anime Daily for more updates.


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