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Amado’s Reality

amado anime boruto

Amado is an inorganic scientist. He is perfect in inorganic technology like Orochimaru is perfect in organic technology.

Amado, Kara’s brilliant scientist, has aroused fans’ curiosity, as they don’t know anything about him, such as what his goals are after Isshiki Otsutsuki’s death, or even what led him to join the Kara organization at some point. However, something, in particular, caught my attention in this character when he managed to leave Delta inactive with just a voice command. Beloved, it seems, and we can witness this in episode 183 of Boruto, has control over everything that happens to Kara members, both physiologically and mentally, being able to monitor and detect, thus, any unusual activity in them, which could be the engine suspicious behavior, such as betrayal, anger or the like. Which only reinforces the thesis that Amado has incalculable power, not as brute force, but as intelligence, endowed with a meticulous and calculating intellect. According to my theory, Amado’s dream is to manage control over the world, which allows him to direct, at will, the steps of all citizens and even ninjas. Although it is a megalomaniacal dream, the reason can be terribly noble: to end all conflicts of the shinobi system, which still persist, mainly in the periphery of the ninja world, which may have victimized one of its relatives – Delta -, manipulating everyone’s will, their bodies and their minds. By asking Konoha for refuge and officially being a citizen of the fire, Amado, from now on, can take the steps for his biggest investment, using Konoha’s scientific potential to crystallize his idea. Perhaps it starts with innocent bionic prostheses endorsed by Naruto or someone at the highest level, like arms and legs, who help those who no longer have them. However, as time goes by, Amado will not be satisfied and will try to insert new tools and remodel more bodies, offering some noble justification that conceals his desire for omnipotence. In time, Amado will be able to control all the citizens of Konoha and the five nations, he will be able to put Konoha and the other four nations at his feet, not through violence, but through his intelligence. It is something like Infinite Tsukuyomi, in a technological version. In this case, it is a question of controlling everyone’s will and desires, avoiding the worst and the consequences that result from them. Furthermore, as we have already been told, the Kara organization is funded by influential politicians from different nations who are against the Naruto regime as Hokage. Since Amado has taken Konoha’s citizenship, so he will fight with Konoha and other Nations politically. He will get everything in control by removing Naruto from his post by some political steps or he will cancel the influence of Hokage over the Fire Nation and will charge Feudal Lord in control by his politics and he will control the Fire and other Nations through his puppets control i.e, Feudal Lords just like Victor did. Amado will accomplish his plans by gaining Five Nations Control. He will turn their citizens into Scientific Ninja Technology.

Reason can be a new world order or to prepare an army against Outsutsukis.

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