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Assembly! Release Date & Plot

The previous chapter of Black Clover was one of the most heartwarming outings to read. Yami was the star of the outing. As he was stuck inside the ruins, he thought of all the good times he had spent with the Black Bulls. From meeting them to becoming the squad leader, he recalled all the times that he felt he had a family. Finally, when he saw his team come for him, Yami was filled with tears of joy. Black Clover Chapter 314 is going to deal with the perpetrator behind all this-Moris. Here’s all you need to know about the upcoming outing.

In the forthcoming chapter, Yami is going to come face to face with Moris. The fight is especially important because both these characters start with a similar arc. Both of them were judged for their powers. But in the end, only one of them retained the goodness. Moreover, the chapter will also touch upon the Black Bulls’ fight with the monsters.

Black Clover Chapter 314
Viz Media

Black Clover Chapter 314: Plot Details!

The upcoming chapter of Black Clover is titled “Assembly.” The official plot details of the chapter point towards an incredible action sequence in the new outing. The chapter will begin with the opening of the second gate. With Yami completing his redemption arc, there is only action left in the space. So, as Moris still has William and Yami, the two knights will leave his chains and escape.

Next up, they will be stopped by yet another monster. The plot details of the chapter suggest that Mereo is going to take up the monster on his own. After he takes down the demon, the chapter will cut back to Moris. It will turn out that Lucifero can finally speak, and he can also puppeteer 2nd level demons. The chapter is expected to end with the arrest of Moris.

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Black Clover Chapter 314
Viz Media

A Quick Recap!

The 313th chapter of Black Clover began with the flashback sequence that told the story of Yami. It explained that when Yami received his Grimoire, he never got respect from his peers. Everyone considered his demeanor to be dark magic. However, everything changed for him when he met Nacht Faust on the shore one day. In contrast to other people, he was interested in learning more about Yami’s magic. A year passed by, and Yami met some of the most homely people of his life.

It was Morgen who first mentioned that Yami would make a brilliant squad captain. After Morgen’s death, he did make it to that position. Cut back to the present, Yami recalled all the good times that he had spent with the Black Bulls. Moreover, by the end of the chapter, all of his squad members cheered for him. Yami asked him if they loved him that much. To this, the team answered that they did.

Black Clover Chapter 314
Viz Media

Black Clover Chapter 314: Release Date

Viz has already updated the schedule for the release of the upcoming chapter. Yami has finally found a place where he belongs. This will give him the strength to face any evil in life. So, Black Clover Chapter 314 is scheduled to release this Sunday on November 21, 2021. The chapter will be available only on the official website of Viz Media. Stay tuned with The Anime Daily to get more updates.