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Beginning Of The War! Release Date

Solo Leveling is setting the stage for an epic war to come. As the wrath of monsters increased over Earth, the globe’s leaders began to worry about humanity. After analyzing the powers of all the existing hunters, it was concluded that humans had no chance of winning this was. The only beacon of hope remaining was Jin-Woo. As a result, Anteras was also ready to melt his ego and join Jin-Woo for the final war. Solo Leveling Chapter 175 will commence the ultimate war against the Rulers.

The upcoming chapter of Solo Leveling will deal with the preparations of the war against the Rulers. Anteras and Jin-Woo will gather a team of some of the best hunters. As the army sets up for the war, Jin-Woo will make sure that his family is far from any danger. Anteras will make sure that his mother and sister are sent to a secluded safe house. Fans can also expect to see the preparations from the side of the Rulers.

Solo Leveling Chapter 175

Solo Leveling Chapter 175: Plot Details!

The upcoming chapter of Solo Leveling already has the stage set for the Final War. Jin-Woo finally got his identity amongst the Monarchs. By the end of the chapter, Antares finally declared the fellow hunter a Shadow Monarch. Now, he will first ensure the safety of the Jin-Woo family. This will include sending to a safe house far away from the war. Later on, the two of them will gear up against the army of Rulers.

Solo Leveling Chapter 175 will showcase an incredible beginning to a long-standing war. The Dragon Monarch and the Shadow Monarch will gather the remaining hunters and set them up for the last fight. All E-Class, C-Class, and D-Class hunters will follow Jin against the Rulers. The chapter might also feature a heartrending conversation between Jin-Woo and his family.

Solo Leveling Chapter 175

Previous Chapter Recap!

In Chapter 174 of Solo Leveling, the leaders of the world discussed the future of the world as all the hunters have thrown themselves into battle. They analyzed that from E-Class to S-Class hunters, all were proving to be incompetent to protect humanity. E-Class Hunters were slightly above humans and could only fight one or two monsters. While S-class warriors had the potential to take down thousands, their number was still insufficient. Only Jin-Woo was a hunter who was able to give hope to humanity.

Antares confessed that he never considered the hunter to be a pure monarch. However, in a time like this, he was willing to atone. As a result, he asked for forgiveness from Jin-Woo and also offered protection to his family. He also relied on him to fight beside him against the Rulers. Thus, by the end of the chapter, Antares asked Jin-Woo to buckle up for the final war.

Solo Leveling Chapter 175

Solo Leveling Chapter 175: Release Date

The latest chapter of Solo Leveling has the potential to change the direction of all events. How will the Shadow Monarch’s sacrifice change the course of the story? Solo Leveling Chapter 175 is scheduled to release this Wednesday on November 24, 2021. Readers will be able to access the chapter only on the official websites of Kakaopage and TappyToon. So, for more updates on the same, keep coming back to The Anime Daily.


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