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Black Clover 306 Chapter Spoilers, Manga Raw Scan Release Date

Has it been three minutes already? Did Yuno break his focus to save his teammate? We will find out the answer in Black Clover 306. The fight against Zenon has clearly been a very hard one but our two knights are persevering for now. Can they hold out till the end?

The results of the fifth Black Clover popularity poll are out and you might be slightly shocked by the results. This poll was conducted online and more importantly, people from all over the world voted here.

It ran from March 29 to May 21 of 2021 and the total amount of votes were more than 8 hundred thousand!

With about 62 thousand votes, Nacht has managed to come in third place. Quite impressive! Now the shocking part. A little shy of 68 thousand votes, Asta comes second in the poll!

Lastly, removing all competition, Noelle has achieved the top spot with more than 80 thousand votes!

This is the first time Noelle has achieved this spot. In the last four polls, Asta managed to hold position 1 while Yami consistently held position 2.

Black Clover 306

While she did manage to be the third rank a couple of times in the past, her latest actions have made her prominent for the fans!

We have arrived at the battle against the third and final pillar of the Dark Triad. Besting Zenon means the triad is over and this raid of Spade Kingdom has been a successful conquest.

BC 306 will be focusing on this battle against the last triad, Yuno and Langris must surpass their own limits.

Black Clover Episode 171 is also set to return soon with the fifth season of the anime.

Black Clover Chapter 306 Raw Scans

In the upcoming issue of Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, we will see Black Clover 306 raw scans being released. They will be lifted from the physical copies and leaked online on 15th September 2021.

We will find the English fan translations of the chapter within September 17 or 18, 2021. The process of scanlation takes some time but they consistently arrive. However, fan translations are illegal.

Fans should always read the legal version in order to support the series. Black Clover chapter 306 official English scans can be read for free if you visit the Mangaplus website, Viz website, or the Shonen Jump app.

Starting September 19, 2021, they will be free to read for 3 weeks.

One Piece 1026 will also be published next week because of the one-week break.

Black Clover Manga 306 Predictions

The Golden Dawn has always been titled as the best Magic Knights Squad. The writer has given two of its finest members a chance to prove themselves.

Zenon humiliated this squad prior to this arc, he killed half of them and captured their captain. Black Clover 306 will be a step towards revenge.

Why is everyone suppressed by Zenon?

Zenon is a supremely strong man who possesses amazing Spatial Magic. His Spatial Mana Domination allows him to create certain cubes around his opponent, thus negating their ability to use mana.

He creates a very strong cube around Yuno and Langris as well, trying to dominate them.

However, Yuno is no ordinary person. He is the one beloved by mana. He can’t be suppressed by Spatial Magic even though the current Zenon is much stronger, since he can use all of his devil power.

Meanwhile, the others who can use magic are the ones with Mana Zone.

Fortunately, Langris can use his magic in this cube but he is having a lot of trouble. Black Clover Chapter 306 spoilers will be where Zenon tries his very best to suppress his opponents.

What is going on with Langris?

We know Langris to be a gifted individual. His usage of Spatial Magic is the best in the Clover Kingdom and he managed to become the Vice-Captain of the Golden Dawn. He was always arrogant and cocky, possessing the power to back up his claims.

In front of Zenon, Langris tries to best to stop being suppressed. With great difficulty, he manages to create his own sphere. Langris knows that Zenon is far stronger than him and getting 3 minutes for Yuno is nearly impossible for him.

However, the Vice-Captain can’t give up here. Langris finally shows his true character and bears his feelings.

He was always self-centered and Yuno’s arrival simply showed him how a guy who reminds him of what he used to be. But Yuno is charismatic and he managed to help elevate others to a new level.

Langris admits that Yuno is the true Vice-Captain of the Golden Dawn. And as two executives of the finest Magic Knight Squad, they will both do their absolute best in Black Clover 306 raw scans.

What is Yuno going to do?

The 3 minutes are definitely not up. Yuno wanted that time to build up mana and end Zenon. But seeing Langris in trouble, he chose to use whatever mana he currently has.

Black Clover manga 306 will show Yuno using the Spirit of Eurus to attack Zenon.

We are pretty sure it will fail to take out the Devil host! So the chapter will show further combat in between the three. The fights so far have all had interruptions.

New allies have joined the infiltrators to fight the enemies. So we believe someone will join Yuno and Langris in the next chapter and help in buying those 3 minutes for Yuno.

Black Clover 306 Spoilers:

Once leaked online, many fans confirm the spoilers of Black Clover chapter 306 by sending out the rough translations. When we do find these confirmed spoilers, we will post them in this section for you to read.

We expect the spoilers to be here around September 17, 2021, the same day as My Hero Academia 326.

Until then, please be patient and keep an eye on our website. Read the variety of other articles we have and enjoy yourself.


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