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Black Clover 308 Manga Raw Scan Release Date, Chapter Spoilers

Black Clover 308 official English Chapter has been delayed and will not be releasing this week. The official release date has been announced followed by when you can read the raw scans.

Zenon is desperate to win this fight, just like Yuno and Langris. The last standing member of the Dark Triad is sacrificing himself for what he believes in and that makes him quite an impressive villain.

Fans are excited for the upcoming Black Clover chapter since it will be a promising show of Spatial Magic, probably the strongest we will witness.

Let me tell you a little story. A couple of years back, I was browsing through an anime group on Facebook. And there, I came across this one post. It was Black Clover Episode 80.

Langris was fighting Finral and was about to attack him with even more force.

In the blink of an eye, Asta, Luck, and Magna had surrounded Langris, ready to incapacitate him. Despite it being a contest, they wouldn’t let Finral’s life be endangered.

That was the scene that made me watch this series. And it has been a great experience since then.

Black Clover 308

The ending of the Black Clover anime was sad news for us. We are really hoping that it comes back. Our hopes are currently with the upcoming Black Clover anime movie.

Unfortunately, little to no information about the movie has been released.

The Spade Kingdom Invasion arc is slowly nearing its ending phase. The Dark Triad is definitely on its last legs. However, defeating Zenon will be quite hard.

We are excited to see how much progress is made in Black Clover manga 308. The brothers will fight together for the first time!

Black Clover Episode 171 is also set to return soon and fans can’t wait for it to start airing online.

Black Clover Chapter 308 Raw Scan Release Date

We have a break next week. We are not sure why Tabata sensei is taking the break but we hope everything is all right.

Black Clover 308 Raw Scans will arrive on October 6, 2021. Multiple scanlation groups will start to translate these raws, that come in the latest shonen jump issue.

Fan translation is done by translating, typesetting, redrawing the raws. The process does take a couple of days. We can expect the English fan version to reach us within October 9, 2021.

The official translations for Black Clover manga 308 English Chapter will be available on the Viz website, Mangaplus website, and the Shonen Jump App which is available on both Android and IOS.

These are legal and free sources and they will release the chapter on October 10, 2021.

One Piece 1027 and My Hero Academia 328 will also be out soon and we recommend everyone to read them.

Black Clover Manga 308 Discussion:

Zenon looks different from his siblings. We are very interested to know his thought processes, ideology, and motives. He is neither as shallow as Dante, nor a moron like Vanica.

He seems intelligent and has a proper purpose. We hope to know Zenon Zogratis more in Black Clover 308.

What did Zenon do?

Beelzebub is the devil who bestows power on Zenon. In this chapter, we see the latter trading everything he has for a devil’s heart. Zenon gets a devil’s heart in exchange for his soul. However, he makes sure that the Spade Kingdom is left intact.

With the added power, Zenon is able to unlock a new form. He looks even deadlier and has grown far more stronger.

Yuno notes how Zenon has become similar to the Devil who attack the Clover Kingdom in the past. This basically says that with the heart, Zenon is more of a devil, than a devil host.

Black Clover Chapter 308 Spoilers

Black Clover 308 will show whether this change has any repercussions.

Maybe Zenon will be able to fight fine or maybe he will have some troubles or a timer or something. Either way, both parties are going to struggle in this fight.

What is up with Yuno?

Yuno’s arrow was not fatal for Zenon. It was slightly deflected on purpose. Yuno did it in order to avoid injuring Langris. Zenon is mad at this, since in his past, he faced something similar.

Zenon had to sacrifice his own friend to win while Yuno chose to protect his comrade.

However, Yuno’s benevolence caused Zenon to grow stronger and now, he is absolutely dominating both the Clover Knights. Yuno has been beaten up badly.

Black Clover Manga 308 will show whether Yuno can get up and fight soon. Because other than him, no one in the room can beat Zenon.

What will the brothers do?

Finral chanced upon this fight. As we predicted earlier, Yuno and Langris did receive help. As Langris managed to barely save Yuno from the attack, he in turn got saved by Finral.

The elder brother was on his way to Yami when he saw his little brother in a dangerous situation and hence, he took a small detour.

Finral applies his magic directly on Langris, who in turn, can free use magic due to Mana Zone. Together, the two brothers will attempt to defeat the menacing devil in front.

We are somewhat sure that the brothers will fail in Black Clover 308, but it will buy enough time for stronger knights to arrive and help them.

Black Clover Chapter 308 Spoilers:

The spoilers are finally here after a week’s break!

  • The title of Black Clover 308 Chapter is “Yuno Grinberryall”.
  • There are a total of 15 pages in the chapter.
  • At the start of the spoilers we see Langris and Finral use mana method to increase their speed.
  • Langris magic can even hollow out space, no matter how powerful a defense is, it can easily penetrate.
  • But the two brothers get taken down easily by Zenon.
  • Yuno is lying down on the ground.
  • He is thinking how he lost his comrades to Zenon in the past and nothing has changed even now.
  • Even after going through intense training, he still can’t defeat Zenon.
  • How will he fulfill his promise with Asta?
  • Suddenly a new power lights up in front of Yuno, what is this new light?
  • It’s a second grimoire. Yuno has ascended.
  • How will this fight end?

No break next week and Black Clover Chapter 309 will be released on October 17, 2021.

But you have to be patient. We will confirm the spoilers after the release of raws and then, you can enjoy them. Please continue to visit Recent Highlights for more anime and manga-related content.


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