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Black Clover 309 Manga Spoilers, Chapter Raw Scan Release Date

Yuno breaks free. No chains around our deuteragonist anymore. This is a person loved by mana itself, no wonder he will grow infinitely strong. Fans are very excited to see what Yuno will do in Black Clover 309. How strong has he gotten? What are his current abilities? We are excited to find out.

We noticed that while the series has failed to be noted in Oricon rankings, Black Clover is third in Shoseki ranking. Hopefully, it will continue to post consistent numbers.

We are keeping our hopes high for the upcoming Black Clover movie because it can create a good boost in sales.

Asta has powered up a huge amount in these arcs. His capability is outshining most others. So, the writer finally decided to focus on Yuno, the person who lost a lot.

Yuno experienced the death of half of his allies at the hands of Zenon.

He obviously trained without rest and dedicated everything he had towards revenge. We were never aware of it because we had our focus on Asta and the new addition, Nacht.

Black Clover 309

This time we get to see what Yuno has done. He is the rightful heir of the Spade Kingdom and he will shine brighter than others.

Black Clover Manga 309 will be focusing on Yuno versus Zenon, possibly for the last time. Zenon has used his trump card, which is the Devil’s heart.

Yuno has unleashed his newest form, which probably combines the power between Licht and Tetia. Their battle is bound to be very exciting.

The Black Clover Season 5 is supposed to return soon and we can’t wait for the anime to resume with episode 171.

Black Clover 309 Raw Scan Release Date

Black Clover is the best work of Yuki Tabata. It came to fill the gaping hole left by Naruto and Bleach and did great for a couple of years. Currently, it is published in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine.

The upcoming issue of Jump will feature the raw scans of Black Clover Chapter 309. The date of release is October 13, 2021. These raws will be extracted and leaked online.

Scanlation teams will translate the chapter and illegally distribute it on the internet. These fan scans will be out latest by October 15, 2021. They come out since most fans of the series can’t read Japanese.

On October 16, 2021, the official Black Clover 309 English Chapter will be published. They will be put on the Viz, Mangaplus websites, and the Shonen Jump app. We recommend reading here as they are legal and free-to-read sources.

My Hero Academia Chapter 330 and One Piece 1029 will also be out this week on the Viz website for fans to read.

Black Clover Chapter 309 Predictions:

We never gave much importance to the death of the Golden Dawn members. It was an absolute massacre and fans hardly batted an eye. That was because the story flowed very quickly and we got no time to dwell on it.

Now that we see their graves, it suddenly hit us. It was a day of absolute horror for Yuno. He will try to get revenge in Black Clover 309 English Chapter.

Why did Langris and Finral fail?

Langris and Finral combined their powers against Zenon. But they still came up short. In technique, they did find a breakthrough. Finral used a mana method and boosted their speed.

Langris used him amazing space magic to obliterate Zenon’s defense from inside his mana zone.

However, even this good plan fell flat. It was all because of the Devil’s heart. Even with his spatial magic that erases everything, the Devil’s heart could not be damaged. And the brothers had only one shot.

Once it failed, it was easy for Zenon to overpower them.

Black Clover 309 spoilers will show if Yuno can manage to damage the Devil’s heart. It is probably the key to defeating Zenon as a whole.

Why was Yuno crying?

Yuno has been blessed since birth. He was always smart and capable. He got a power that is nothing short of incredible.

Yuno is a person who never took things for granted.

He trained and got stronger. He led people and made them better. And yet, he kept losing.

Yuno lost his family, his kingdom. Then he found some solace in the Clover Kingdom but had his captain snatched away and his squad murdered. It largely affected the boy and he trained to be even stronger.

He could not bear the pain he had and wanted to avoid it forever.

It now, it is being repeated once more. Even though he tried with everything he had, he failed. With no backup, he has no chance against Zenon and was about to lose Finral and Langris.

That is why he cried. Black Clover Chapter 309 will show the fruits of Yuno’s labor.

What will Yuno do?

It was the Grimoire that saved Yuno. It finally addressed its master. Yuno realized that he can be much more than he is. The combined power of him and his grimoire is far more than what he has unleashed.

So he can’t afford to cry and lose at this place.

Black Clover 309 spoilers will show Yuno’s renewed strength. He will attempt to take down his opponent. After all, he has two homes to protect and a vow with Asta to live up to.

Yuno Grinberyall will fight even harder and defeat Zenon.

Black Clover Manga 309 Spoilers:

Spoilers of Black Clover 309 will be released within October 14, 2021. We ask you to wait patiently. We are trying our best to find the spoilers. As soon as we confirm the spoilers, we will post them in this section for you to enjoy.

The raws are necessary for spoilers. So you do have to wait a bit.

Until then, you might want to check out some of our articles like Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 162 and visit the Black Clover subreddit for more news regarding the upcoming Black Clover chapter.


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