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Black Clover 311 Raw Scan, Manga Spoilers: Is Zenon Dead?

We have reached the climax of Yuno versus Zenon. It seems will Black Clover 311 will pull the curtains of this fight. Fans are quite excited to see the final words of Zenon.

Unlike Vanica and Dante, he is not driven by madness and has a clearer purpose to fight for. He is a good villain.

Asta and Yuno’s rivalry is one of the driving forces of this manga. Tabata sensei is dedicating ample time to both of them and making them shine separately for now.

So when they meet each other again, they can compare their progress and look ahead further towards their goal!

As you know, Black Clover Volume 30 is currently on sale, alongside volumes of My Hero Academia, Jujutsu Kaisen, and the up and comer, Mashle. In two weeks, it has nearly 150000 volumes sold.

We believe the volume will cap out around 170000 units. It is not that good a score.

It is not that impressive. The Black Clover series has lost its former craze and does not get a lot of mentions nowadays. It desperately needs to release something on TV just to get its relevance back.

Black Clover 311

Otherwise, the series might not have a bright future.

Black Clover Chapter 311 will focus on what Yuno will do. It will probably confirm to us the end of Zenon and whether he is dead or alive.

Once that is done, we will move on to the next phase of the Raid on Spade Kingdom arc and see where the narrative is headed.

Black Clover Episode 171 will also return soon with the fifth season of the anime.

Black Clover 311 Raw Scans

There is no break this week!

First, we get the raw scans. Black Clover Chapter 311 raw scans will be out On October 27, 2021, they will be made available in the latest Weekly Shonen Jump issue.

Since most fans do not know Japanese, the leaked raws will be converted to English. We can expect the translations of this chapter on October 30, 2021.

Lastly, the official Black Clover 311 English Chapter will be published on 31st October 2021, they will be made available on the Shonen Jump app, Viz website, and Mangaplus website.

We recommend using any of these three legal and free sources.

One Piece 1030 and My Hero Academia 331 will also be published on the Shonen Jump website.

Black Clover Manga 311 Discussion:

We are probably going to see Asta again in Black Clover 311. While Yuno has been fighting with his life on the line, Asta too had his priorities set.

He has to rescue the two captains as quickly as possible so that the Tree of Qliphoth magic can be ended.

What was Zenon doing?

Just because Yuno achieved his new magic does not mean he can dominate Zenon. The villain has gotten insanely strong with his new Devil’s Heart.

He combined both his magic to create a Demon Sword Dainsleif and it has amazing power.

Zenon managed to shatter the star magic in the whole area with this.

His main motivation behind this is the prosperity of the Kingdom. He means well but his methods are not acceptable. Moreover, the end result proposed is very scary.

So we might see a discussion between Yuno and Zenon about what is fair. It might be the subject of Black Clover Chapter 311.

Zogratis Siblings’s aim

Behind all of these shenanigans, there is the eldest sibling of the Zogratis family. Dante is not the eldest, the Dark Triad is not the end.

This mysterious fourth sibling will probably be the one we will face in Black Clover 311 English Chapter or in the next couple of chapters. The younger siblings are just enforcers of his will.

We know little to nothing about this other sibling. He is in a wheelchair and he has a close bond with Zenon. We do not know his face but we do know that he gave Zenon more power and a purpose.

But he is probably some misguided soul or just a bad person. Maybe he will be the final villain of the arc, we will see.

As for the will. They are aiming to recreate humanity. The weak are easily used and their life is not optimal. It becomes impossible to protect them at all times.

Thus, they must be destroyed temporarily and then regenerated with undying bodies! This will be achieved with the power of Devils!

Thus humanity will be recreated into a species that does not fear death and knows proper peace!

Why did Zenon lose?

Zenon was a bit too confident in the indestructibility of the Devil Heart. And that led to his apparent defeat. He saw that Yuno’s star magic failed to destroy it and was diverted for a little bit.

This opportunity was used to deal a decisive blow.

Yuno used his saved up mana to use Saint Spirit of Zephyr. It is one of the furthest levels of Saint Stage he attained by constantly fighting death.

The resonance between Yuno and Bell is nearly 100 percent and that allowed him to use this amazing power.

Black Clover 311 raw scans will probably show if Zenon has been defeated completely. And since he is very dedicated to his eldest brother and his ideals, he might say something interesting!

Black Clover Chapter 311 Spoilers:

The spoilers of Black Clover 311 are finally out and the title of the chapter is “Come Back Alive!”.

From the spoilers, it has been confirmed that all of the dark triad members have been defeated including Zenon but the tree of Qlipoth is still not stopping.

Asta is amazed that Yuno was able to defeat Zenon. Dorothy Vs Morris was going on but she easily gets overpowered.

To everyone’s surprise, Morris also has a contract with Lucifero and calls himself his messenger.

The second gate will soon open and then Lucifero will appear. All of the Black Bulls are determined to take Yami back before it happens.

We will do our best to retrieve the spoilers as early as possible and put them right in this section for you to enjoy. Stay tuned with Recent Highlights for all the latest updates.