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Black Clover Chapter 310 Raw Scans, Manga Spoiler Release Date

We cannot forget that Yuno is the deuteragonist. In this chapter, he shows amazing power. He does the absolute impossible by summoning two grimoires! Black Clover 310 manga chapter will be focusing on the final battle between Yuno and Zenon and we will probably get to see who comes out on top.

For the longest time, Asta has occupied our attention. His meteoric rise to power is seconded by none other than Yuno. Just like how Asta in his Union mode, managed to take out two devils.

Yuno has gained his own form of power and now, he is challenging the final pillar of the Dark Triad.

We are quite curious about the state of the two captains. We have gone months without getting any news about them.

Since the Tree of Qliphoth magic is still going, we know that both Yami and William are alive. But are they in any condition to recover? They are getting their mana sucked out vigorously. Will they survive after this?

The answer is not very far away. We believe, Yuno and Zenon will finish their battle in Black Clover chapter 310. After that, we can get a good look at what is going on below.

Black Clover Chapter 310

Nacht is probably on his way already. We will see if the two captains can be rescued from this menace.

Black Clover Episode 171 might also return soon, we will keep you updated if we hear anything regarding season 5.

Black Clover Manga 310 Raw Scan Release Date

As you know, the Black Clover manga series is scheduled to release chapters every week.

This week, on October 20, 2021, we will be receiving the raw scans of Black Clover chapter 310 in the newest issue of Jump magazine.

The raws will be leaked online and scanlation teams will work to make various versions of it in various languages. We don’t recommend reading the scans from illegal sources.

Chapter 310 English fans scans will be out by October 23, 2021.

The legal and official way to read the series is to read the official English scans.

Black Clover 310 English chapter will be released officially on October 24, 2021, on mangaplus website, shonen jump app, and the viz website.

They are all free-to-read sources and One Piece 1029 and My Hero Academia 331 can also be found there.

Black Clover Chapter 310 Predictions:

We are slowly moving towards the end of this arc. If the Dark Triad falls, there is not much else left to do. But will it all end here?

Will the arc end as soon as Zenon is defeated and the Tree of Qliphoth is stopped? Probably not.

We believe Black Clover 310 will end the fight and then the anomalies will start.

We expect quite an elaborate devil invasion scene from this arc. Lucifero is bound to appear sometime during this arc. Maybe there won’t be a fight now, but a confrontation is sure to arrive.

How does Yuno have 2 grimoires?

Yuno Grinberyall, the son of the royal family of the spade kingdom. The family had their secret magic passed down from generation to generation.

Yuno’s first grimoire signifies his natural talent, his four-leaf clover of Wind Magic. After all, he is the vessel of Licht and Tetia’s son.

However, he is also the son of Loyce and Ciel, the king and queen possessing Sun and Moon magic. Hence, Yuno has the power of Star Magic through his bloodline.

It is his birthright! Hence, he has gained the new grimoire, allowing him to use his star magic. Black Clover 310 spoilers will show him fully utilizing his arsenal.

Yuno: Golden Dawn’s Vice Captain

We saw a couple of chapters ago, Langris admitted his inferiority to Yuno. The latter is someone who is a natural leader. He carries his men alongside him and makes them stronger.

Yuno has made the Golden Dawn better. Black Clover chapter 310 raw scans will show him officially becoming Vice-Captain.

Langris, the previous vice-captain was insanely strong but his power never cared about the others. He was a solo fighter and hence, his teammates did not benefit from him.

This made him inferior to the charismatic Yuno.

Now that Yuno has achieved his new magic, his strength is far greater than before and he easily outclasses Langris.

So it is about time that he takes on the mantle of Vice Captain and starts leading the Dawn. After all, he mourned his teammates’ death a lot and trained immensely to better himself and now the results will be shown in the upcoming Black Clover 310 spoilers.

Can Yuno win this?

Apparently, this is a fight of ideals. Both Yuno and Zenon believe themselves to be right. Both of them have had their own circumstances. Yuno is comparatively less experienced and is fueled by revenge.

Zenon has lost a lot and he is driven by his own purpose.

Both the fighters have their unique conviction. And hence, neither of them will back down an inch. They attack vigorously. Zenon fully uses his Bone magic in conjunction with his Spatial magic.

Yuno has his Star Magic recorded specifically to counter Zenon. And he asks Bell to store some of his Wind Magic as well.

We will find out in Black Clover Manga 310, whose magic is successful. Both fighters are using two types of magic and it will be their technique, that decides the victor.

Read Black Clover 310 Spoilers:

The spoilers of Black Clover chapter 310 are finally here!

  • The title of chapetr 310 is “The Constancy of Right And Left”.
  • Spoilers show Yuno using a new spell called “Star Magic- Quartile Flagellum”.
  • Flagellum means whip in latin language.
  • Yuno uses his Quartile Flagellum spell on Zenon.
  • Then we see Zenon having flashbacks of his Elder brother.
  • Zenon is losing ground but he is still has some strength left.
  • He surpasses his limits and combines his spatial and bone magic.
  • Yuno is also shown using a new spell.
  • He then uses a saint spell.
  • It looks like the fight is over but Zenon is not dead yet.
  • The last panel shows Yuno going for the kill with his final attack.
  • No break next week!

When the complete spoilers are out, will post them in this section for you. Until then, please wait patiently and feel free to read our articles on One Piece Episode 966 and Hero Academia Season 6.


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