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Boku no My Hero Academia 331 Raw Scan, Manga Spoiler Release Date

The strongest of America clashes with the greatest of Japanese villains. Hero Star and Stripes do not have an easy time with her opponent. Fans are very excited to see the conclusion of this epic battle in My Hero Academia 331 English Chapter.

Right now, we are completely unsure about the results.

It is either a loss or a win; but who? We can’t have Stars and Stripes losing within a couple of chapters of her entrance. That would be shameful.

Meanwhile, if Shigaraki loses, that would undermine him as the final villain because he was in hiding for so long and he has so much to work with.

We are also hearing news of My Hero Academia Season 6 getting announced soon and it is surely good news for all the anime fans.

This chapter is clear proof that Horikoshi sensei and the animators work closely. The former is heavily invested in the anime-making process and contributes to the story and the details.

We can say this because of the backstory of the American hero.

Star and Stripe were saved by All Might when she was a kid. In the movie Two Heroes, this has already been shown. We invite you all to go and have a look at that particular scene.

My Hero Academia 331

This means that Horikoshi told them to include such a scene and now, he has used it in his manga, thus connecting everything!

Mha chapter 331 will be bringing a lot of action and we hope that neither this amazing new hero, nor the new villain gets an ending. Both are very interesting characters and we would love to see them more and more.

So let us hope that the Hero does not lose her quirk and the villain does not get captured in the upcoming My Hero Academia Chapter.

My Hero Academia 331 Raw Scans

Unfortunately, there is a break this week.

I know it’s sad but the manga is getting better and better with every new chapter and fans can’t wait to read what happens next.

My Hero Academia Chapter 331 raw scan will be released on October 26, 2021. These are the Japanese version and they will be present in the upcoming Jump magazine.

The raw scans require translation. So, many scanlators will work on the raws. The English version made by fans will be released on October 23, 2021. You can google for them.

We recommend you to read the official English translations of Boku no Hero Academia 331. Coming out on October 31, 2021, these are absolutely free to read at Viz media, Mangaplus websites.

Alternatively, you can visit the Shonen Jump app. All of these 3 are legal sources.

One Piece 1029 spoilers and Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 163 will also be published on the Viz website this week.

My Hero Academia 331 Discussion:

The latest Jump GIGA cover features a cool shot of Bakugo. The latest volume is doing decently, and its sales are just shy of half a million units. We hope it will continue to sell well.

Bnha chapter 331 might give us some news on the upcoming MHA movie since it has been confirmed for a while now.

Why does Star and Stripes need a fleet?

Unlike anything we have seen until now, Hero Star and Stripe fight using a fleet. Her attacks are coordinated with her fighter jets and apparently, these men are ready to lay down their lives while following her.

She has multiple battle formations and has probably run endless simulations with them.

My Hero Academia 331 spoilers will probably show a lot of this fleet getting destroyed by Shigaraki. They use this amazing laser combination attack and managed to deal significant damage to the villain.

So Shigaraki will probably target them in the next chapter.

How does Star and Stripe fight?

Star and Stripe’s quirk is New Order and it allows her to set impossible rules on others. She uses one rule on herself and thus, gains superhuman physical characteristics.

As for the second rule, she uses it freely on her opponents and this makes her versatile. Boku no Hero Academia chapter 331 will show more uses of this quirk.

First, she removed air within 100 m to weaken Shigaraki and then manages to make the Laser holdable. Her strength might not be on par with All Might’s but she is still extremely formidable.

This ability has conditions though. She has to touch her opponent and say their name to set a rule on them.

Why is Shigaraki unaffected?

Star and Stripe set a rule on Shigaraki but it did not work. That is because all the conditions were not met. She did touch him but the entity she is fighting is not Shigaraki entire.

Only the body belongs to him. The mind inside it is an amalgamation of All for One and Shigaraki, but making it a new entity separate from both the villains.

The new entity is fueled by All for One’s perilous plans and Shigaraki’s pure hatred for everything. And it is extremely angry.

In My Hero Academia 331, it will attack the hero with all its might, using its wide arsenal of abilities. We are excited about the outcome.

Hero Academia Chapter 331 spoilers

That said, Shigaraki is still at 97 or 98 percent. We are curious about the state he will be in when he reaches 100 percent. It will be the perfect form they wanted.

Initially, Tomura was being prepared to be All for One. But no! Now that Shigaraki has managed to keep his hatred in the mix, the new 100 percent should be something completely different.

Boku no My Hero Academia Chapter 331 Spoilers:

The mha 331 spoilers will be here soon. We believe the date for the leaks is around October 22, 2021. However, it will take some time to get the confirmed spoilers.

The raw scans are finally out and the English translations will be out soon. Visit again in a few hours to check if the spoilers have been released.

We are doing our best to get them as soon as possible and upload them here for you to enjoy. So stay tuned with Recent Highlights as we bring the bnha spoilers and raw scans to you.


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