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Boruto Chapter 61 Raw Scans, Manga Spoilers Release Date

When tensions are running sky high, we get such a heartwarming chapter! Kawaki’s acceptance into the Uzumaki family was truly beautiful and truly something that Naruto would do and teach. We hope Boruto Chapter 61 shows that this family will be safe from whatever danger lies ahead.

Remember Naruto’s childhood? How many times did we flashback to that swing scene? Naruto sat alone and saw others with their parents. And now we have Kawaki.

An orphan for a long time, Kawaki has never known family and thus, Naruto has accepted this boy, who has nowhere else to go!

It is impressive how the rest of the family is excited too. Hinata is supportive as always. Boruto is already treating him as a brother. Even Himawari is excited to welcome him in.

Kawaki never imagined that such good fortune will grace him!

The happiness of the scene makes the future even tougher. What exactly happened? What went wrong so that Boruto and Kawaki ended up in that position? The thought keeps us firmly attached to this series.

Boruto Chapter 61

If you are a fan of the manga, you should check out the Boruto anime. We are not really a fan of fillers so we recommend searching online and skipping the fillers.

However, 2021 has given us mostly canon episodes. You should go and check them out because they are actually good and you’re bound to enjoy the progression.

Know well that this is the calm before the storm. A preparatory phase is required before the battle breaks out in all directions. Boruto 61 might just show us some actions.

Code is getting bolder and the hunt is on. Meanwhile, our heroes need to power up.

Boruto Chapter 61 Raw Scans Release Date

Boruto is a monthly manga released in Shueisha’s V Jump magazine.

The raw scans of Boruto 61 raw scans will be present in the upcoming issue of this magazine. We believe the release date is somewhere around the 11th of August, 2021.

Boruto manga 61 official English Chapter will be out on 18th August 2021. Please search for the viz, mangaplus websites, or the Shonen Jump app, to access this chapter.

It will be free to read on all these legal sources.

Since the release of this series is quite regular, the fan scans are very rare. Plus they are illegal anyways, show you should avoid them.

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 153 will also be releasing soon and will be available to read for everyone.

Boruto Manga 61 Discussion:

What do you feel about the author’s change? It has been a couple of months since Kishimoto took over the series and honestly, it doesn’t really feel different to us.

The art has been ever so consistent; we’re sure that Boruto Chapter 61 spoilers will bring us more of Mikio Ikemoto’s clean, dynamic artwork.

What is Code doing?

All 5 Nations are currently experiencing a phase of peace and prosperity. They have good relations and are looking out for one another. The hunt for Code is being conducted by all of them. And yet, Code has eluded everyone. All that is found, are the claw marks of Code.

These are for teleportation. Wherever Code lays down these claws, he can teleport to and fro completely without worry. In fact, that is how he gets to the Ten-Tails.

The man himself is currently in hiding, slowly biding his time.

Code’s act is actually very clever. He is keeping the villages busy over his trails while he himself teleports carefully and conducts his business.

Boruto manga 61 raw might show more leads about Code’s location, but they will probably run dry.

What is Amado talking about?

Boruto 61 spoilers might tell us more about Amado. First of all, he says that he won’t do wrong by Konoha. He probably has a plan that will benefit him as well as Konoha.

And the machine he is, maybe it contains another of Eida’s comrades, someone he can program to fight against Code. Or maybe it has something to do with the Ohtsutsuki cell modification.

We already know that Amado plans to make Kawaki stronger by using the power he has. And he probably knows that Kawaki wants to be stronger out of desperation and helplessness.

What is this ability of the siblings?

The biggest reveal of this chapter is the ability of the siblings. Daemon has the ability to reflect attacks. Eida has the senrigan and her charming ability. But despite this, they probably have one more ability.

An ace up their sleeve. Boruto Chapter 61 might not reveal what it is exactly but we might see a glimpse of it in action.

There is a chance that this ability is exclusive to Daemon and it is something he cannot control, like Eida’s ability to make others infatuated with her.

What will Kawaki do?

Boruto manga 61 will probably be the stage where both our protagonist and deuteragonist get a power-up. First of all, Boruto is using his meds and he recently noticed something weird with his chakra and karma.

Something is about to happen to him.

Meanwhile, Kawaki is highly dedicated to serving Naruto. He plans to protect the peace of Konoha and requires power. We believe that he is seriously considering taking Amado’s offer.

It would be a huge benefit to him.

And now that he has been helped and loved by the Uzumakis, he realizes that he puts them all in danger and must do his best to protect this happiness.

Read Boruto 61 Manga Spoilers:

The Boruto chapter 61 spoilers are finally here and they are big. Make sure you read the official chapter when it gets published on the Shonen Jump website.

  • The title of chapter 61 is “Madness/ Insanity”.
  • The Boruto chapter starts with Shikamaru and Amado on one of the roof tops.
  • Amado is amazed by Kawaki’s love for Naruto.
  • Kawaki seems to have fathers complex towards Naruto according to Amado and he even went as far to call it madness.
  • Shikamaru points that Code’s faith towards Ohtsutsuki is similar.
  • While strolling, Inojin and Shikadai explain the Konoha sensory system to Boruto and Kawaki.
  • It’s impossible for anyone to infiltrate Konoha if their Chakra is not already registered with the village.
  • Thus an outsider can only enter if they have erased their chakra.
  • Kawaki is shown lost in his thoughts after hearing them.
  • The village of Konoha is in a panic and Sasuke is shown doing surveillance around the village.
  • Then we see Kawaki arrive at home and uses some excuses to leave the house.
  • Kawaki uses a shadow clone of his and escape the surveillance team while erasing his chakra.
  • No one was alerted of it, only Boruto and Eida noticed it.
  • Code asks Eida how Kawaki was able to do it.
  • Eida replies that since Kawaki is an Ohtsustsuki, he is able to use their powers.
  • Kawaki is putting some distance between him and Konoha.
  • Code decides to pursue him and ask Kawaki some questions.
  • No break before next Boruto Chapter.

So this is what we have now and will update more. So stay tuned and do leave a comment down below.

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