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Boruto Chapter 62 Raw Scan, Manga Spoiler Release Date

Code has fled from the village and Code is chasing behind him, only the upcoming Boruto Chapter 62 will tell us what happens next.

Just when Kawaki makes his move, Code gets ready to make him. It is like a game of cat and mouse, and the consequences of getting caught can be so dire! What is Kawaki planning to do? And what exactly is Boruto going to do?

Fans are very excited about Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 62 since we can find out about this strange behavior. And the looming danger of Code just makes it more exciting.

We will be honest, we did not like the Boruto anime. Ever since it started, it kept disappointing us thoroughly with all that filler nonsense.

The movie was absolutely amazing but the anime was so annoying. But, things have changed!

We came back to the anime after about a year and boy, we were so surprised. Ever since January, the anime has been mostly manga canon and we are loving it.

Boruto Chapter 62

The manga is genuinely good and deserves a proper adaptation. You should definitely check it out. Skip the fillers though.

This chapter does not expand on the trump card of the siblings. We are very interested to know about this hidden ability of Eida and her brother.

Why are they hiding it? Is it a double-edged sword? Problem is, we won’t find out about it for a while at least.

It seems like the quiet phase is nearly over. Boruto 62 might just be the chapter where Code and Kawaki finally come face to face. We are very excited to see their interaction.

Will Kawaki manage to escape if he does get caught? And will Sasuke be effective here, with his ability to judge the active and inactive claw marks? We will find out.

Boruto 62 Raw Scans Release Date

Raw scans of the series, or the Japanese version, will come in the September Issue of Monthly V Jump. Boruto Chapter 62 raws will be released somewhere around the 15th of September, 2021.

Fan translations for Boruto are uncommon. We do not expect them to arrive even if the spoilers from the raws are leaked online. Probably because the official version is quite fast.

Boruto Chapter 62 will be released officially in English on 20 September 2021, the same day as Dragon Ball Super Chapter 72. You must visit Viz, the Mangaplus website, and the Shonen Jump app to read them. All 3 sources are legal and free to read.

So please, do not read anywhere else but here, if you won’t buy the volume.

The Beginning After The End Chapter 121 will also be published the same day and is free to read for everyone.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generation Manga 62 Predictions

Amado made a generous offer to Kawaki. It helps out the deuteragonist and apparently, the final antagonist, to get a huge power boost. It will cost him basically nothing and he will be able to benefit from all the hell he had to endure in his childhood.

Boruto 62 spoilers might show that Kawaki has finally agreed to go through with the procedure.

Why are Boruto and Kawaki frustrated?

Having a tail, or someone watching you constantly, is obviously frustrating. You constantly feel the eyes on your back and it’s a huge violation of privacy. But Boruto and Kawaki have to be monitored consistently because both of them are Konoha’s assets right now. They must be protected.

However, Boruto knows about Konoha’s barriers. There is a sensory net that can easily pick up on any intruders. So he believes that the surveillance is a bit unnecessary. Kawaki is a different story though.

Kawaki behaves like he is fine with it but he too wants to sneak out. We eventually see him give into his urges and use a clone to sneak off. Somehow, it manages to fool the watcher!

Boruto Chapter 62 raw will tell us what his intentions are and how exactly he gave the slip to his tail.

What are Shikamaru and Amado discussing?

This was one of the more intellectual scenes of the chapter and we loved it. It opened with Amado joining Shikamaru for a smoke. The latter, who is smoking already, forbids Amado from smoking since it is prohibited in that area. A rare power flex! It was quite witty to see that.

Shikamaru is still skeptical of Amado and asks if he planned all of this. Amado says that all of this is unplanned and he is just going with the flow.

The two intellectuals discuss Kawaki and how his actions are motivated by his love for Naruto. Kawaki does not have parents and Naruto took on that role gladly.

As Sasuke goes around examining the claw marks from different areas, Shikamaru wishes that Code is depressed from the death of Isshiki and he won’t act at all.

Boruto Manga 62 spoilers will probably show if these two geniuses make a plan to subdue Code.

What is Kawaki doing?

If it is a one versus one with Code, Naruto will lose. He has already been weakened from Kurama’s death. Kawaki is highly boosted from this. He looks at Naruto like a father and will do everything in his power to protect this man.

His action are fueled by a desire to protect the man who took him in.

Kawaki has slipped his tail and is headed somewhere. It is a characteristic of all Ohtsutsuki to be able to erase their chakra signatures. And Kawaki did just that – the idea came when he realized from Inojin that sensory ninjas can’t detect him if he can erase his signature.

Boruto 62 will tell us how he got this knowledge and where he is headed. Boruto will probably try to do the same but we don’t believe he will manage to do that.

Problem is, Eida sees everything. And as Kawaki heads outside the village, Code is ready to meet him.

The only one in Konoha who knows where Kawaki stands is Boruto since he is an Ohtsutsuki too. What will happen next? Will the fatal meet occur? What is going on? We will find out in the next chapter.

Boruto Chapter 62 Spoilers:

The Boruto 62 spoilers are finally here and over sixty percent of the chapter is pure fight scenes between Kawaki and Code.

  • The title of Chapter 62 is “A Chance Encounter”.
  • Code is featured on the cover.
  • The first part of the manga is almost Naruto and Boruto.
  • Naruto gets to know about Kawaki running away.
  • Boruto explains that Kawaki was somehow able to erase his chakra and thus left the village.
  • Naruto questions Boruto as if they two were colluding or not.
  • Then both enter Kawaki’s room where his Kage bunshin disappears.
  • The observer appears at the window.
  • Shikamaru gets to hear the news of Kawaki’s dissapearance.
  • Boruto is on the move and with Sasuke’s headband he tries to run away using the rooftops.
  • Then comes the most important part of the manga where Kawaki is confronted by Code.
  • Kawaki gets stopped by Code.
  • Both start rumbling but the difference in power is pretty huge.
  • Code starts toying with Kawaki.
  • Kawaki transforms his hand but Code easily kicks him again.
  • Both stop fighting after Kawaki says that he has been looking for Code.
  • Kawaki says that he was the one who killed Isshiki and thus Code must not go after anyone else.
  • If Code is to kill anyone, Kawaki is the one he should go for and leave Konoha alone.
  • But will Code go for it and spare Naruto and the Konoha village?

These are early spoilers, so stay tuned and keep visiting Recent Highlights for all the latest Boruto manga news and more spoilers. Don’t forget to read the official English Chapter.


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