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Boruto Chapter 64 Raw Scan, Manga Spoiler Release Date

The latest chapter had a lot of back and forth between our intriguing main characters and it was quite a lot of fun. And to cap it off, Boruto chapter 64 will bring us the fight between Boruto and Code that we wanted.

It is rare to get nearly a whole chapter focused on what was basically trash talk.

Did you know that many Naruto fans are claiming that Boruto anime is a contender for the Anime of the year award? It is true that the Boruto anime has changed a lot.

It has stopped making fillers and has started to rake in real content since January. So it has like 9 months of good content.

We have a feeling that Sasuke will interfere in this fight. It is just a hunch based on how Sasuke was judging the markings of Code. However, even if he does arrive, will he be able to fight Code? His experience should be invaluable in the battle.

Boruto Chapter 64

We are also curious whether Kawaki was able to take up Amado’s offer. Kawaki has a lot of untapped power which he should manage to use without any repercussions. Will he use them in this fight? And will they be enough to hold off Code?

We are excited to see Boruto in Boruto Chap 64. This is the usage of Karma properly and we want to know how much of it Boruto can utilize.

Depending on this, we can understand what can happen to go ahead. Does he need help? Can he save kawaka? We have to see.

Boruto Chapter 64 Release Date:

The release of the raw scans of Boruto 64 is estimated to be around November 15, 2021. They will be published in the November issue of Shueisha’s V Jump magazine.

Boruto 64 English translations will be released on November 19, 2021. We insist that all Boruto fans read it from the official portals, i.e, Viz or Mangaplus site or Shonen Jump app. These are legal and free sources.

There is no fan translation of the manga. We do not exactly know why but it is probably because the official version is made quickly and quite well. Anyways, this is a good thing as the piracy is less.

The 15th volume of the series has been published this month. Did you get a copy of it? We checked and apparently, it has put up decent numbers greater than 100 thousand Boruto 64, maintaining its steady fanbase.

Record Of Ragnarok Chapter 56 and Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78 will also be out around the same time.

Boruto Manga 64 Discussion:

Do you remember that Naruto gave Ohtsutsuki cell suppression pills to Boruto? And that Boruto was taking them? Shouldn’t those pills affect the current situation?

Boruto Chapter 64 spoilers will show us if they do because, in his current state, our hero must draw out all the Ohtsutsuki experience he can.

Why is Code interested in Boruto?

Code is a fanatic of the Ohtsutsuki. So, despite hating both Boruto and Kawaki, he is forced to respect their abilities. Both of these kids have karma and they are suitable vessels.

Code failed to be the latter and hence, he reveres the two kids.

However, Code has decided to feed Boruto to the Tree in order to create the chakra fruit. Hence, he won’t kill. But that does not stop him from thrashing him around a bit.

Boruto 64 raw scans will probably show Code slightly enraged since he did not like Boruto’s attitude towards him. He and Eida are partners and the kids calling him a lackey and not giving him enough respect might just hurt his ego.

What is Konoha doing?

Konoha is late. They realize that their two high-priority targets are missing and yet, the system is slow. They are still searching within the outskirts of the village itself.

Boruto already gave them the clue, all they had to do is follow his chakra and that would land them onto the kids.

Naruto is quite late in revealing this fact but good thing is, now that they are on track, they can find the location in Boruto Chapter 64 or 65.

What is Boruto going to do?

At this point, our protagonist has no choice. Standing before a psychopathic fanatic, he is forced to fight. His ninja skills prove useless against Code. He isn’t nearly strong enough.

Boruto 64 Spoilers

But that is when he unleashes karma. Boruto manga 64 raw scans will show him fighting truly using the power of Karma. After all, it has experience stores as well and that should help him to a great extent.

Read Boruto 64 Spoilers:

As you know, this is a monthly manga. We finally have the confirmed early spoilers for everyone to read online.

The title of Boruto Ch 64 is “Control“. The color pose shows Shikamaru standing in a cool pose, wearing black and dark orange.

Boruto has turned to the Momoshiki but unlike before, he has some control over his body. Code is impressed to see Boruto have such control over Momoshiki powers.

Ada is still keeping an eye on the fight from afar and provides intel to Code from time to time. Ada informs Code that Boruto is on Amado’s drugs.

Like the last chapter, Daemon is still asleep and doesn’t wake up the whole Boruto Chapter 64.

Even though Boruto is in Momoshiki state, he has control over himself and this is maybe because of Amado’s drugs.

We then see Boruto create four clones of himself and attack Code using Taijutsu. The clones of Boruto don’t have the karma mark on their palm, everything is normal with them.

The fight between Code and Boruto rages on. Kawaki notices that Boruto is moving differently and Ada warns Code that if he doesn’t get serious, he might get killed before regaining his true powers.

Meanwhile, in Konoha village, Naruto creates two clones of himself to manifest chakra. Since Kurama is dead, Naruto can only rely on Senin mode now.

Nishi apologizes for not being able to detect Kawaki leaving the village. Sasuke has not returned from his hunt for Code. Shikamaru gets read to enter the fight with Naruto.

Hinata volunteers to go but Naruto asks her to stay behind to protect Himawari.

Then we return back to the fight. Code explains his plan to feed Boruto to the ten tails and how he will be a premium sacrifice.

At the village, Shikamaru is worried that Naruto is not strong as before but Naruto assures him that he can maintain the sennin mode longer than before since he is older and wiser now.

Boruto suddenly drops down on the ground, clenching his chest and unable to move.

Ada and Code are just observing it from a distance. Boruto groans and finally collapses, holding his chest. No break next week!

The Boruto anime these few weeks haven’t been good since the anime original episodes are being aired and that’s why fans want the Boruto English Chapter to be released soon.

We are trying our best to get the spoilers and the raw scans to you. So please be patient visit Recent Highlights in a few days for all the latest updates.