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Boruto Chapter 65 Spoilers, Release Date, Read Manga Online

Boruto Chapter 65 reveals the Code vs. Boruto conundrum. It was Boruto who refused to accept that Kawaki was leaving and Momoshiki awoke within him. After Momoshiko uncovered Isshiki’s Ten-Tails and fed them to Kawaki, Isshiki’s freedom was finished. Kawaki is enraged to see Momoshiki again in Boruto Naruto-Next Generations’ latest chapter, and questions why he keeps showing up. For the first time in the history of vessels, Momoshiki has risen above Boruto’s capabilities, which Code regards as exceptional. Boruto warned Kawaki that the situation was extremely perilous and he had to step back.

Code wonders if Boruto can manage Momoshiki, and Momoshiki is charging. And then there are Shadow Doppelgangers unleashed by Boruto. Shadow Clones begin torturing Code and he has no idea whether one is the genuine one. In Code, Borotu’s strength has been observed. Two Clones grasp Code’s legs and bring him to the ground during the fight. Boruto notices that he has an irritating ability when he lands on the ground and draws Claw Marks. It’s clear to Kawaki that the two are on a completely different plane. He wonders how Boruto was able to keep Momoshiki under his grasp.

Code wants Eida to tell him something, so he sends her a message. Boruto appears to be responding well to Amado’s medication, according to Eida. She has no idea what’s going on within Boruto’s body, however. That’s why Eida says Boruto may use Momoshiki’s powers for the time being, without having his mind taken over. ‘What kind of drugs did Boruto take?’ Code ponders. Boruto, according to Eida, will overcome Code before he reaches his full potential. The sensing unit located Boruto’s chakra in Konoha. Lord Seventh instructed them to find Kawaki’s Chakra as well, thus they did. Scroll down to read more about Boruto Chapter 65 Preview, Release Date and Where to Read Manga Online.

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Boruto Chapter 64 Recap

Before in Boruto Chapter 64: He apologizes profusely to Boruto and Kawaki on behalf of the Shinobi he’s assigned to keep an eye on them. A solution would be found, Naruto assured the man. Shikamaru discloses that the two are with the enemy, and Code may have tracked Kawaki. He believes that Boruto is where Kawaki is. His only hope now is to find Boruto’s Chakra, which makes him worry if Code has slain Kawaki. In light of his recent loss of Kurama, Shikamaru assured Naruto that if he left him to continue on his own, he would take his own life.

Shikamaru reassures Naruto that no one will stop him from saving the children, despite Naruto’s complaints. As Shikamaru also informs, Sasuke hasn’t returned from his search for the Code of Conduct. Then again, Sai is on Amado’s watch. When Hinata arrives, she inquires about Boruto’s whereabouts. She promised Naruto she would go, but he refused, telling her to take care of Himawari instead. Instead of arguing with Naruto, Shikamaru advised Hinata to simply listen. He must return with Boruto and Kawaki after Hima asks her father whether it’s alright. Naruto nods in agreement and reminds her that her father is a Hokage, which she takes to heart.

Boruto tries to absorb the Claws Marks on the battlefield, but they don’t go away. He comes to terms with the possibility that the Claw Marks are not formed of Chakra. Karma is unable to take the iron since it is mingled with Code’s blood, which Kawaki discloses. The first time Boruto took on the shape of Momoshiki, Kawaki inquired about him. Boruto has no idea what he’s doing wrong and thinks medicines are the answer. Code comes behind Kawaki and bids farewell to Boruto after realizing that he will be wasting his time in a fight with him. Boruto’s Rasengan misses Kawaki, yet Kawaki continues to battle.

Boruto Chapter 65 Release Date

The release date of Boruto Chapter 65 will be on 20 Decembre, 2021, according to the official website of the manga. The manga series will be released on the MangaPlus website at 11 a.m. EST on the next Tuesday. On the 20th of every month the latest chapters of the Boruto manga series will be published and will continue with the same chapter on Boruto 65 .

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Boruto Chapter 65 Read Manga Online

The following official platforms allow fans to read Boruto Chapter 65 manga online and the latest 3 chapters are provided free of subscription charges.

Read More About Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations: Naruto Uzumaki’s dream of becoming a Hokage, the representatives of Secret Leaf Village, which he fought to defend during his adolescence, was eventually realized. Naruto and his friends now live in a peaceful world, attempting to keep an international truce based on good will and diplomacy.

The aging hero, however, pays a personal price for this stasis. Working to maintain the neutral world separates Naruto and the shinobi he grew up with from their families, and even the legendary warriors of Naruto’s era, including his own son Boruto, must fight with their bitter children as mediocre parents.


Boruto Uzumaki, unlike his father, lives in a parallel universe. The distinction between the two is a separate issue. Boruto is paving the way to the future, battling to make a name for himself as evil forces threaten the peace that his father helped to establish, all while contending with a culture that is smug about its status as the Hokage’s son.



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