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Code Geass. Which 12 Characters knew about the Zero Requiem from its minutest details?

It is granted to the Order of the Black Knights by the Federation to accommodate the Japanese refugees exiled following Britannia‘s second attempt to establish the Special Administrative Zone of Japan. It was later established in the Code Geass series that the temporary capital of the United States of Japan and United Federation of Nations.
As we come towards the end of the Anime Series, it is seen that during multiple instances, other characters know about the Master Plan aka “The Zero Requiem”, foundations of which were laid all along the Second Season after their tactical retreat to Horai Island.

Now, time to see, who all had the complete knowledge Code Geass of this Reality (that too in depth):

C.C. | Code Geass Wiki | Fandom

  • CC (Well to be honest, she knows everything, that damn witch. Apart from being immortal and the one true progenitor of the Code Geass researchers who were originally responsible for the gradual lineage-passage of the true powers of the forbidden knowledge, she’s a foodie and a pizza junkie).
diethard-ried-code-geass-4 | Nanatsu, Anime
  • Diethard Reid (The media guy, who fell in love with “Zero” on his first public appearance on the Narumaki Bridge while attempting to rescue Warrant Officer Suzaku Kururugi).
Suzaku Kururugi | Code Geass Wiki | Fandom
  • Suzaku Kururugi (It’s his time to shine. Awarded the title of “Knight of the Round: Knight of Zero” by His Highness Lelouch Vi Britannia, he along with his Knightmare frame the “Albion” wreak damage yet stay true to his duty in service of the Crown, yet he still bears the burden of the Code Geass that Lelouch “bestowed upon him”).
Sayoko Shinozaki | Code Geass Wiki | Fandom
  • Sayoko Shinozaki (Who doesn’t love a girl working for Lelouch and dresses up as a maid but is secretly a Ninja; all I know is that she’s one dangerous character. She accidentally kisses Shirley while acting as Lelouch’s body-double).
Nina Einstein | Code Geass Wiki | Fandom
  • Nina Einstein (The mastermind behind the massive destruction of warhead fueled by that lovely pink Sakuradite called F.L.E.I.J.A. We have the only character, who went into the kind of a murderous rampage, when she saw “Zero” and an occasionally Klutz as well).
Rolo Lamperouge | Code Geass Wiki | Fandom
  • Rolo Lamperouge (A brother whom you thought to be your cute, kind and innocent sibling just for reasons of fate happens to be a Master Assassin with the Code Geass power to temporarily freeze the subjective experience of time for all others within his field of peripheral vision).
Index of /wp-content/uploads/2015/10
  • Emperor Charles Zi Britannia (The epitome of the Worst Best father you could have ever imagined. The final emotional hurdle before you get to be on your path of World Domination; not really but never mind).
Anya Alstreim from Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2
  • Anya Alstreim (Dubbed the title of “Knight of the Round : Knight of Six” in the Code Geass series. She is the young Pilot Operator to the massive and monstrous Knightmare Frame called the “Mordred”, who somehow in that series’ universe happens to be Lelouch’s late mother “Lady Marianne” in some sort of memory loss infused deep sleep).
jeremiah gottwald (code geass) | Danbooru
  • Jeremiah Gottwald (The Loyal Servant, who turns traitor towards his own legitimate homeland to serve the last remaining Bastion of his “love”, Lady Marianne and hence to serve under Lelouch Lamperouge. Codenamed “Orange Boy”).
Code Geass Lloyd Asplund in both the scientist form and dressie ...
  • Lloyd Asplund (The goof-ball mastermind scientist, who designed the famous Knightmare Frames Lancelot, Albion and the variant cannon V.A.R.I.S. He is the most casual freak in the entire series and gets to call other characters of higher importance with “strange” names and uses familiarity; yup that’s “This” guy. What irritates me is as to how on earth did he get the title of “Earl” and then “Lordship”, only the God knows, am I right?)
Cecile CROOMY | Anime-Planet
  • Cecile Croomy (Another Klutz after Nina and Shirley she follows both and yes it’s the lovely Operations’ Analyst and Weapons Specialist from the Special Corps’ Tech Labs. Although then mention of the Special Corps is negligible throughout the Code Geass series. Fun Fact to note is that her screen time is more than most of the characters in the series).

Well these are all the Character’s, who in my opinion knew about the “Zero Requiem” master plan since they joined forces with “Lelouch”. Other character’s were left out because they came to know of the “Zero Requiem” after Lelouch was allegedly slain by the “Masked Hero”.

Did you find the Pun I did during the Character’s list? If Yes, give yourself a big pat on the back. If not, then no problems better luck next time.

As always stay safe!

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