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Goodbye Sanji! Release Date & Plot

Once again, the makers of One Piece have bad news for the readers. It is that time of the month when author Eiichiro Oda goes on the usual breaks. As the manga goes on a weekly hiatus, fans continue to predict the fate of Luffy’s triumphs. The story is currently dealing with multiple plotlines in a row. This includes the Sanji’s fight against the Queen. However, Sanji wants to end this by ending himself. What is brewing in One Piece Chapter 1032? Here is all you need to know about the next outing.

In the upcoming chapter of One Piece, fans may not see the usual action-packed course. This outing might take a trace of a serious curve in the story. This is because they might lose one of the most important characters of the story. Sanji has been a prime character since the very beginning of the series. So, why does he want to kill himself? Keep reading further to find out.

One Piece Chapter 1032

One Piece Chapter 1032: Plot Details!

The forthcoming chapter of One Piece will mainly focus on Sanji’s arc. By the end of the last chapter, he was almost ready to sacrifice himself for the sake of the war. But the war was not the main concern for his sacrifice. He wanted to kill himself because he was feeling that he was losing his humanity in the process of fighting the war. Thus, in the upcoming outing, fans can expect to see some tear-jerker moments.

Zoro will also be in a state of turmoil as he will be given the duty to kill his own friend. However, it is not clear if this will be the final time for Sanji. One Piece Chapter 1032 will also touch upon Luffy’s ongoing fight with Kaido. The fight has not commenced just yet. Thus, the readers can expect to get a glimpse of the two warriors in the upcoming outing.

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One Piece Chapter 1032

Previous Chapter Recap!

In the previous chapter of One Piece, Kid continued to struggle against Big Mom. The battle became even more difficult for him when Big Mom grew in size after using one year of her lifespan. On the other hand, Yamato came in to help out Drake, who was fighting Apoo. As this fight unrolled, the CP0 officers searched for Nico Robin. The chapter also focused on the battle between Sanji and Queen.

However, Sanji was disappointed within himself for becoming a heartless killer. As a result of this, he asked his teammates to kill him because he had lost all control over his rage. Zoro and Den Den Mushi came over to offer help. At first, the two of them did not agree on killing their friend. However, Zoro understood the situation and complied with Sanji. The chapter ended with Sanji unleashing all his powers and striking down the Queen using the Hell Memories.

One Piece Chapter 1032
Viz Media

One Piece Chapter 1032: Release Date

The coming weekend is going to be big for One Piece. Even in the manga counterpart, the story is keeping fans to the edge of their seats. Between Sanji and the Queen, who is going to win between the two? One Piece Chapter 1032 is scheduled to release next Sunday on November 21, 2021. The chapter will be available legally on the official website of Viz Media. Stay tuned with The Anime Daily to get more updates.


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