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Is Toughie Dead or Alive?

In this article you will find out all you need about Hellbound Season 1 Ending Recap. Heaven and hell exist in our minds, according to John Milton. ‘Hellbound,’ a Korean post-apocalyptic horror series created by Kyu-Seok Choi and Sang-ho Yeon, is truly revelatory if we take its Greek root meaning of apocalypse as a “revelation.”.. The unsettling picture of a post-pandemic society in which mankind learn their own death dates from a divine edict is disturbing to the bone.

Only a mind-bending confluence of contradictions can be found in the chaos of the series. While the series’ prophetic tone may resonate with some viewers, others are left wondering what all the fuss is about. It is time to answer inquiries about the season’s end once you have gotten over your initial shock. SPOILER ALERT.

Hellbound Season 1 Recap

Coffee shop near Hapseon station on November 10, 2022, is the location. Jung Jinsu, the founder of the New Truth movement, delivers a video sermon to a group of friends. There is a young woman who is afraid that angels will appear and take everyone to hell after seeing Jinsu, while the males are only too happy to make fun of her. Ghoulish dark figures appear in the cafe and chase a nervous-looking man seated in the back of the group. Then they return to their land and set him ablaze in the streets (through a revolving door).

Detectives Kyunghun and Eunpyo investigate the New Truth sect after the death. Thanks to Jung Jinsu and his students, the crime scene is a safe place. These “demonstrations” of God have occurred in other parts of the world. Heejung, Kyunghun’s daughter, is a devotee of Jinsu, to the chagrin of her father. Chairman Jung, Jung Jinsu, is a charismatic leader whose admirers call him “Chairman Jung.” After questioning, he admits that certain members of his gang are known as Arrowhead. He appears to be a man of openness.

Min Hyejin of the Sodo legal firm has waged war against the New Truth, which Kyunghun discovers at night. On the same night, a novelist was assaulted by a group of teenagers from Arrowhead. The next day, Min Hyejin and the novelist appear at the police station. The perpetrators of the vandalism that occurred the night before have been arrested by police. However, the delinquents remain unfazed because they are being punished at the best juvenile prison. After returning to her workplace, Min Hyejin encounters Park Jungja, a single mother who has been dealt a “decree” (in the New Truth terminology, a “card”).

Eunyul and Hayul, Park Jungja’s children, are flown to Canada on a secret aircraft by Min Hyejin. Meanwhile, Jinsu and Heejung search for the killer of Heejung’s mother (who was charged but later released from jail) to extract human revenge. His body burns in an incinerator while Jinsu guides Heejung, who is overcome by emotions. At Park Jungja’s house the next morning, a group of high-profile people watch the demonstration. The fulfillment of the prophecy is also being aired by the media, while the police remain powerless.

While Park Jungja’s gruesome death marks the beginning of a new era for the netizens, Arrowhead continues to climb. While the Arrowhead goons target Min Hyejin, chaos erupts in the streets. Jinsu spares Kyunghun and orders him to meet him at a secret location in order to find Heejung. Jinsu admits that he is doomed to die, as he was told so as a child. Kyunghun goes home to a broken Kyunghun after Jinsu’s protest.

The cult’s new leader, Pastor Kim Jeongchil, assumes the reins. In order to kill Min Hyejin, he contacts Arrowhead. However, she is still alive and will play a key role in the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. The cult’s steady rise is seen in a time leap, with more than half of the world’s population now following it. Youngjae and Junwon are two video producers in 2027 who work on a propaganda film for the New Truth. But the customers aren’t satisfied, and they’d like some of the confession recordings to be re-edited.

Afraid of what Junwon would say, Bae Youngjae keeps his mouth shut when he speaks his opinion. Junwon’s wife called Youngjae and asked him to run an errand to a fishing pier, so Youngjae obliged. Then he meets Junwon, whose protest is only around the corner.

Hellbound Season 1 Ending: Is Toughie Dead or Alive? What Will This Mean for the Human Race?

It’s too much to handle at this point, so Youngjae can’t make it to the hospital to see Toughie’s birth. Toughie’s edict is witnessed by his wife, Sohyun, as she enters the toddler’s room to make a video and deliver it to Youngjae. After three days, the specter appears and predicts that Toughie will die. Upon learning of his child’s impending demise, Youngjae sets out to visit Hyeongjun, the professor from the video, whom he recognizes among the Sodo residents.

The professor accompanies Youngjae to Hyejin while the death of another individual is making headlines. As Youngjae considers making the child’s demonstration public, the latter tries to persuade him that God’s judgment is unfair and should be shown to the entire world. New Truth does not hold to the Abrahamic concept of original sin, as she correctly deduced. Hyejin tells Youngjae about Jung Jinsu’s demonstration. When the world order shifts, she blames herself for it. She wants to shock the collective conscience back into reality.

Youngjae considers broadcasting Toughie’s death after hearing about the tragic death of Hyeongjun’s daughter (she had barely 10 seconds to live). On the other hand, the Arrowhead goons capture and burn alive the professor. Remains of his body and another are hung in front of the university where he was a student. Min Hyejin, on the other hand, flees. Professor’s death trended in the media on Monday, while Arrowhead publicly claimed responsibility for the crimes. When Sohyun asks for an explanation, New Truth refuses to divulge the information.

Jeongchil claimed that the baby’s demonstration would bring an end to all order, but thus far, the apocalypse has taken place. To prove its teaching, the New Truth uses death as a political tool, and while it wants to show off some demonstrations, it has to suppress others. Publicity on the other hand could help restore normalcy because it would expose the arbitrariness of the judgments. It would prove that there is no purpose to life, yet there may be a purpose someplace.

With Lee Dongwook in communication with the New Truth while Arrowhead’s broadcaster gets his edict, Min Hyejin leads Youngjae and the rest of the family to her trusted friend Lee Dongwook. With the bizarre decree, everyone seems to be after a piece of the infant. Dongwook is killed by the Arrowhead broadcaster in an act of deliberate anarchy because he wants people to remain in a state of confusion. Just like Dongwook’s, his death comes five minutes after Toughie’s, therefore we know his time of death. It’s amazing how God works.

Amidst all the commotion, Sohyun walks into a colony with her infant in her arms and tries to show the world God’s unjust methods. A protective barrier is put up around the newborn when demonic angels show up to avenge the loss. They’re on the verge of death from heat exhaustion. The baby, however, has somehow survived the ordeal. Because of the defiance of the decrees, humanity is relieved.

However, it appears that the infant who has eluded death may actually be Dongwook’s Messiah. When the Arrowhead goon comes up to finish God’s business (yep, by killing the infant), he will have his turn. In order to save the infant, Min Hyejin attacks the guy and saves him from the agents of death, who set him on fire. His name, “Toughie,” aptly describes him. People in the area are in awe as Hyejin carries the baby to safety.

What Is God’s Message? Who Are The Supernatural Creatures?

So here we are, finally, interpreting (and misinterpreting) the message of God. Toughie’s survival provides a glimmer of hope to the underprivileged and the damned. Additionally, law and order are restored to some extent due to New Truth and Arrowhead’s tainted existence. However, Park Jungja’s resurrection from the ashes only adds to our confusion.

In a world where we can freely enter and exit consciousness, what is the significance of our existence? ‘Hellbound’ depicts a post-pandemic future where death is no longer a private matter but a public one. It’s not clear what God’s message is for us. What do these three death-bearers have to say? Is it safe to presume that they are following the directions of a merciless god? There is no harm in asking, might they possibly be aliens?

In the beginning of the series, Jung Jinsu appears to be a prophet who preaches the path of justice, but his decree defies logic. We are all sinners in an age where it is difficult to imagine a civilization where humans can live without stealing the Earth’s resources and twisting the truth. Maybe Nietzschean logic holds that God is dead when a self-aware human subject is born. If God does exist, he may be using his power to punish those who have strayed from the path of righteousness.

It’s possible that the problem isn’t with God, but rather with mankind and their ferocious pursuit for truth. Netflix’s grim horror is solidly grounded in the human condition, despite the inclusion of the supernatural to the plot. Only the supernatural creatures can give death a tangible form.

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