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Itadori Yuji Given Death Penalty For His Worst Crime

The death penalty has been a perennial problem for Itadori right from the fateful he ate the Sukuna finger. Be it the Principal Gakuganji or Hiromi Higurama, Itadori never had a friendly relationship with anyone deciding his future. From entering the pachinko shop to causing a mass murder in Shibuya, even things that he didn’t commit were severely punished. Thanks to Yuta Okkotsu and Gojo sensei that Jujutsu High couldn’t get him executed yet.

However, I doubt if he will be this lucky again in his fight against Hiromi Higurama. He already lost his ability to use cursed energy, and he was found guilty in the Deadly Sentencing domain twice. The recently released Chapter 165 ended with the Judgeman giving him a death sentence. Can he survive yet another death penalty?

What is Deadly Sentencing?

Hiromi Higurama’s Deadly Sentencening is undoubtedly one of the most complicated domain expansions we have seen so far. As you know, a Domain Expansion manifests the caster’s innate domain. For example, Jogo’s Coffin of the Mountain and Mahito’s Self-Embodiment of Perfection goes perfectly with their powers. Similarly, special defense lawyer, Hiromi Higuru, transports the accused to a courtroom-like area where a Judgeman judges the victim based on evidence. 

Deadly Sentencing

The victim is given three options: Confession, Denial, or Silence. Once they make their choice, judgment takes place depending on the truthfulness of their statement. The technique is not a sure-death one, so nothing will happen to the culprit if found innocent. However, if he is found guilty, he will lose his ability to use his cursed technique. In case he doesn’t have a cursed technique, he won’t be able to use cursed energy any longer.

Itadori’s First Trial

Hiromi Higurama’s way of defeating his opponent is quite cruel. First, he breaks them mentally and then rips off their abilities only to kill them like some small fry. In his first trial, Itadori Yuji was accused of entering the “Maji Vegas” pachinko shop despite being underaged. He tried to deny it, but Hiromi had enough evidence to prove him guilty.

Itadori Yuji

Itadori was caught exchanging winning into cash in one of the CCTV cameras. So, his claim of entering the pachinko shop just to use the restroom was proven to be a lie. His only way out was to say that he had never heard of ‘Maji Vegas’ since many shops have a common counter in Japan. Itadori being reckless as ever never thought this through and got himself into this mess. As a punishment, Itadori was ripped off from his ability to use cursed energy.

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Why Was Itadori Yuji Given Death Penalty?

Even without cursed energy, Itadori Yuji fought toe to toe with Hiromi Higurama. His unrivaled physical strength and endurance could withstand Hiromi’s heavy blows. I am pretty sure anyone else without cursed energy would have died just in a single hit. 

Itadori figured out the weakness of this domain and demanded a retrial. This time, he was accused of committing mass murder in the Shibuya district. Itadori was already pretty concerned about what he did that day, and accusing him of the mass murder was just sprinkling salt to his injury. Itadori bluntly accepted all the charges against him and was given the death penalty immediately.

How Will Itadori Survive From Death Penalty?

Jujutsu Kaisen series is full of uncertainty, and there’s no way of telling what will happen next. Itadori survived near-death situations so many times that I have high hopes that he will pull off such a miracle yet again. But how? Brute force won’t work inside the Deadly Sentencing domain, so Itadori’s only hope of survival is to convince the Judgeman that Sukuna took over him.

Sukuna and Itadori

If that doesn’t work, Itadori will have to switch to Sukuna again. It’s obviously the last thing he wants to do, but Sukuna won’t let him die that easily either. Once that happens, Sukuna can just unleash his Malevolent Shrine Domain Expansion, thereby nullifying Hiromi’s domain within seconds. That way, he can prove his innocence in the Shibuya incident too. If you are waiting for Megumi to save him, it will be soo far-fetched. Megumi just walked into an ambush by Remi and Reggie, and they will keep him occupied for a while.

Itadori’s Previous Death Penalty

Itadori Yuji was given the death penalty the moment he ate the Sukuna finger. Even worse, the Jujutsu higher-ups wanted to kill him after he consumed all the Sukuna fingers. Thanks to Gojo sensei’s intervention, no one could think of laying a finger on him. Now that Gojo is sealed, they will go after him without any hesitation.

Itadori Yuji’s first death penalty

After Itadori’s rampage in Shibuya, they send Yuta Okkotsu to take care of his execution. However, Yuta turns out to be someone safeguarding Itadori on Gojo’s orders. He fakes Itadori’s death only and saves him from getting killed in the hands of Naoya Zenin. Well, sooner or later, the Jujutsu High will figure out that he is alive. Before that, he must think of a way to deal with Hiroma Higurama.

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