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Kingdom Chapter 689 Raw Scan, Manga Spoilers Release Date

We get to see the old Shin!!! The Shin who fought with a sword is about to return and we all are so excited. Faced with an exceedingly fast opponent he is forced to go back to his old movements. Kingdom Chapter 689 will portray the full combat as Shin battles Gakuhaku all the while Qin fights against time.

Once again, we have been diverted off General Kan Ki. Fans have been waiting so long just to experience all of this and once again, it has been delayed. This makes us wonder, what was there, to begin with?

All this is being carefully handled by writer Hara, so that we get the best possible experience.

We believe that once this fight of Shin comes to a conclusion, we will move on to Kan Ki and there will be big surprises for us.

The Zhao army, which has literally no idea about the movements or the intentions of Kan Ki will have to move lots to match up with whatever he has to offer them.

Meanwhile, we are very excited about the movements of General Ou Sen. While he has been mentioned recently, we have not seen him for a long time. It will be interesting to see how he reacts to all of this chaos in the Kan Ki army.

Kingdom Chapter 689

Although we are pretty sure that has a proper idea of what Kan Ki is planning.

The Battle of Eikyou is about to reach a new stage. We will reach around the final moments in Kingdom 689 and after that, there is so much more to see. Hopefully, we will get to see this battle in full bloom.

It would be a shame if Hara sensei skips over what is coming. Let us wait and watch.

Update: The scans have not been released yet because of the delay. So you will have to wait a little.

Kingdom Manga 689 Raw Scans

Unfortunately for us, Kingdom manga is on a break next week. This is not a break from the writer. It is a magazine break, which means most other titles releasing around this time get delayed 7 days.

We are going to see the release of Kingdom Chapter 689 raw scans on 16th August 2021. These will be available in the latest issue of Weekly Young Jump magazine, under Shueisha.

What comes next are the fan translations. While these are illegal, the fans are forced to read them. The English version of Kingdom 689 fansubs will be available around 21st, August 2021.

Even now, Kingdom continues on without an official English release. It’s a shame, given how widely popular the manga is. Maybe someday they’ll come out and we can buy them.

Boruto Chapter 61 will also be published soon and is a must-read for everyone.

Kingdom 689 Discussion & Predictions:

A strange martial art as put Shin at a disadvantage. If Kyou Kai were here, would she manage to win? We know her supreme speed and precise swordplay. Maybe she would manage to take down this opponent.

Anyways, Kingdom Chapter 689 spoilers give us back old Shin. And this time, he is much stronger and experienced with a glaive. How deadly do you think he will be with a sword?

Why can’t Shin hit Gakuhaku?

Shin is very fast but even then, he is ending up chasing an afterimage of his opponent. Gakuhaku uses some weird movement where his speed is coupled with afterimages. And this is what was throwing off Shin.

Sheer speed would have failed in front of Shin’s eyes. But this afterimage technique is new.

Thus, Shin decides to ditch the extra weight. If he can’t hit his opponent, even his super-strong weapon is useless. Kingdom 689 will show Shin at his best. Gradually, he is recalling it.

The muscle memory, the instincts, the skills he developed after years of training. Shin is slowly getting back that feeling and once he has adjusted, his will become far stronger!

Why did Shin call Bihei?

While Bihei and his squad were busy fighting the enemy, he gets called by the General. Shin says that it is not very important, and yet, Bihei is the only man for the job! Shin hands over his glaive to the man.

Bihei is someone who has seen how Shin has grown right from childhood.

Bihei understands Shin extremely well. Hence, he would never underestimate the value this glaive holds for Shin. General Ou Ki has captured the hearts of all and this is not the day when his signature glaive is disrespected.

Hence, it is Bihei who is called by Shin. Bihei gets the honor of protecting the glaive.

All of this just goes on to show the amount of faith Shin has in his fellow subordinate. He has stronger men in his army but he chose Bihei because of his strength in character and trustworthiness. Kingdom Manga 689 will show that Shin is fighting without any worries.

Kingdom Chapter 689 Spoilers:

You have to wait a little bit for the spoilers. Owing to the 1-week delay, the spoilers of Kingdom Manga 689 are yet to arrive.

Once we confirm them next week, we will immediately put them here in this section. We only ask you to wait patiently, all the while keeping an eye on our website Recent Highlights.


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