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Kingdom Chapter 691 Raw Scans, Manga Spoiler Release Date

Finally, some word on Kan Ki. Seems like we will be getting to see in Kingdom Chapter 691 what this Great General has been planning since the beginning.

Fans are very excited about the upcoming Kingdom manga chapter because it seems that this fight is far from over. General Kan Ki still lives and fights.

The Kingdom anime is very near to its end. Season 3 has been the best one so far and we are hoping that there will be a Kingdom Season 4.

We will address this in a couple of days of course. If you haven’t tried it yet, you should definitely go watch it. Don’t let the previous seasons discourage you.

It seems like Kyou Kai and Kyou Rei have managed to escape their past. They seem so much healthier right now and we hope that this continues on. Although Kyou Rei teasing Shin about being weak was very adorable to see.

Kingdom Chapter 691

Will we see some romance between Shin and Kyou kai?

It seems like we will move on to the next narrative phase, which is currently acting as the overarching storyline. Kingdom 691 will probably shift the focus to somewhere else and show other important battles currently going on.

We are particularly interested in seeing what Mou Ten is doing.

Kingdom Manga 691 Raw Scan Release Date

The Kingdom 691 raw scans will be released on September 6, 2021. These are the Japanese scans that will be present in Shueisha’s Weekly Young Jump magazine.

The fan translations of the series are suffering at this moment. After years on the job, many translators are quitting and hence, the current translators are struggling to keep up.

The kingdom manga is an especially hard series to properly release English scans of. We expect the fan scans of Kingdom chapter 691 to reach us by September 12, 2021.

The official English scans are not present. The series, regrettably, does not offer English translations. That is why fans are forced to resort to these fan versions.

Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint Chapter 72 and Black Clover Chapter 305 will also release this week.

Kingdom 691Predictions

Normally, Shin and his troops do not defile the bodies of the enemy general. But this time it has been different. The Hi Shin Unit is proudly displaying the severed head of Gakuhaku.

We believe this is because Shin doesn’t really respect Gakuhaku, unlike his previous opponents.

In the past, he faced many respectable foes, compared to someone like Rin Pa! We hope that Kingdom 691 scans will present a respectable opponent whom Shin must defeat.

How did Shin defeat Gakuhaku?

Let us be honest, Gakuhaku was a very tough opponent. But in the end, he fell short. His main problem is that he does not command respect. Always too talkative, the air around him was light.

Shin struggled a lot to defeat this man but he did not have to grow as a person.

All Shin did was use his brain and cut off Gakuhaku’s weapons, that is, his superior speed. And that was it. Gakuhaku wasn’t even strong enough to withstand a single blow of General Ouki’s glaive.

However, Shin might have to take a deeper look. Kingdom Chapter 691 raw might introduce an opponent who is much tougher!

Has Eikyuu fallen to Qin?

It still hasn’t been set in stone but it looks like the Battle of Eikyuu has been won by the Qin army. They have beaten the Zhao forces and now, they just have to hold back against the scattered opponents trying to take back what they lost.

That said, the Hi Shin Unit deserves this break. They have fought very hard and they need to blow off some steam before combat. However, from the looks of it, they might not get a chance.

Both Gakuhaku’s remaining left-wing and the Kochou sent 5000 men will be after them. And following that, General Kochou will make a stronger attack in Kingdom Manga 691.

If Shin and his army plan to hold on to what they have accomplished, they must fight harder. Shin might want to take a deeper look at himself.

Has he gotten weaker? Was Kyou Rei correct? After all, Shin did fail to surpass Gakuhaku in the sword fight!

What will happen now?

We believe Kingdom Chapter 691 spoilers will give us some sort of a surprise. You see, the Hi Shin Unit wants to progress and attack the Kochou Headquarters. That is a very challenging task.

Meanwhile, General Kochou won’t sit idle. He is an experienced man and will probably have his own strategy for a comeback.

This brings us to General Kan Ki. We believe he is waiting for a chance to strike. In the upcoming chapter, he might see the opening and strike Kochou when he is distracted.

We just hope the Hi Shin Unit isn’t used as bait, since Kan Ki is not above doing that! The next few chapters might be very tense ones.

Kingdom Chapter 691 Spoilers:

Right now, there are no spoilers of Kingdom 691 available. But we do expect some spoilers to arrive within September 8, 2021. We will definitely put them in this section for you to read.

Initially, the Japanese scans are quickly converted to Korean low-quality scans. Those are leaked. Then, based on these scans, textual spoilers will come out. Those are the ones we will publish in this section.

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