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Kingdom Chapter 694 Raw Scans, Manga Spoiler Release Date

Kingdom Chapter 694 will probably focus on how the battlefields are being affected by this news and what General Ousen will choose to do next.

Kanki has truly proved that he has no match when it comes to guerilla warfare. His strategy is something that most people would not even think of. Even someone as capable as General Kochou had no idea about it.

What General Kanki did, is nothing short of a miracle. He realized his chances of winning in a straight-up battle is really low and hence, employed a devastating tactic.

This sort of thought did not come from experience in battle. It came from a deep understanding of his own troops and his opponent’s troops.

Many fans are curious about Kanki’s newest troops. They feel that their appearance is too sudden. But when Kanki was promoted, he got 30000 new troops.

Obviously, he added more elite tribes to his name. Given the chance, any general would strengthen their units. This is why the new units totally make sense.

Kingdom Chapter 694

In Kingdom 694 English Chapter, we might get to see some reactions from all the other battlefields. Ou Hon can rest easy, what he did has not been in vain. Qin has won.

We will probably see what moves General Ou Sen makes. Maybe it is time to push deeper into Zhao territories.

Kingdom Season 4 will also be announced soon and we can’t wait for the anime to return.

Kingdom Chapter 694 Release Date:

There is no break next week. As scheduled, the raw scans of Kingdom 694 raw scans to be out within October 2, 2021. Scanlators will retrieve the raws from the pages of Weekly Young Jump.

The raws are in Japanese. The scanlation team has been struggling to keep up with the scanlation and is recruiting members.

We expect the English fan translations of Kingdom Chapter 694 to arrive around October 9, 2021.

Kingdom manga has no official translation. Only the Japanese volumes are available. If you are able to read that, we encourage you to buy the volumes.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 225 and Blue Lock Chapter 149 will be published around the same day and are something we totally recommend.

Kingdom Manga 694 Predictions

Confusion and miscommunication have spread in the Zhao army. It is completely out of order, now that it has lost its head. Despite the efforts of the generals, the army can’t stabilize.

We believe Kanki has truly won this war and there is no comeback possible for Zhao. Kingdom 694 spoilers might show what the Zhao authority is thinking about the current situation.

Why did General Kanki win the battle?

Kanki is someone who is able to predict how people react. He is someone special as he completely separates himself from the actions of a normal man. General Kochou, despite being highly capable, is a normal man.

His warfare is straightforward and smart.

But Kanki has nothing straightforward about him. Everything he does is twisted in some way or the other. That is why he won. That is why his small amount of troops could overtake such a huge army. In some ways, Kanki is what a true gambler looks like!

Kingdom Chapter 694 raw scans can show us what Kanki does next. And whether he will do something about Raido. After all, these two respect each other.

Maybe Kanki will search for his subordinate, or say something about it. We are interested in what he thinks.

How did General Kochou die?

General Kochou remained calm till the end. His eyes show someone who has accepted that he has been completely outsmarted. He is ready to die. But instead of falling to his enemies, he tries to take his own life.

The Shuma clan wants to prevent this and try to attack Kochou.

However, even as he is defeated, the General’s strength has not depleted. Kochou cuts down the troops in his path and after a thorough struggle, he finally breathes his last. The Shuma Clan suffered quite a few losses!

But the reward is great. They got to parade Kochou’s head around the battlefield. They solidified their victory by spreading the news on all battlefields. And then came the phase of misdirection!

Kingdom Manga 694 spoilers will show what Kanki plans to do next.

What is going on in the Kochou Army?

General Kochou commanded a massive army. And this battle has been a bizarre one. Normally, the troops are cut down and then the General is ended.

But here, the General is ended while the troops remain. And hence, the amount of chaos that takes place is immense.

First of all, a lot of false information is spread by Kanki’s army posing as Zhao warriors. Apparently, Ousen and Yotanwa brought 100000 men each! Then, the Kanki soldiers posed as Ousen’s men and told the Zhao troops to surrender.

This led to a wave of surrender. Many Zhao troops gradually threw down arms, while Kanki troops who had fled, kept returning to their ranks!

Generals Kohaku and Choukei returned to help the troops but Kokuou gathered the deserters and made them fight against these two.

Hence, the mass surrender was successful. About 10000 soldiers lay tied down, defeated, and at Kanki’s mercy. We believe something rash might happen in Kingdom chapter 694.

What if Kanki decides to kill all of them? We are very curious about the decision he will make.

Read Kingdom 694 Spoilers

As of now, there are no spoilers of Kingdom manga chapter 694 available. We request you to patiently wait for them.

We are trying out best to gather the spoilers and upload them for you, right in this section. However, they won’t be here until October 5, 2021.

We only share the confirmed spoilers and they come out after the release of the raw scans. Please be patient until that time and feel free to check our article on Eleceed Anime while you wait.