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Kingdom Season 4 Release Date, Cast, And Trailer Announcement

Season 3 has come to an end and today we discuss if there will be a Kingdom Season 4 soon in the future. Season 3 has won our hearts and after the disappointing first two seasons, the latest one was a breath of fresh air.

Despite all the censored portions, it was still a fantastic season and we hope the next season will maintain this quality.

Kingdom anime is based on Yasuhisa Hara’s manga of the same name. It is the journey of General Li Xin and Emperor Ying Zheng in the unification of China during the Warring States period.

The manga is published under the banner of Shueisha in the Weekly Young Jump magazine. Currently, it has 3 seasons.

When it comes to old school warfare, with swords and glaives and shields, Kingdom has no competition. Its portrayal of war is nearly perfect and it shows a huge number of tactical calls which are historically accurate.

Kingdom is actually adapted from the words of the Shiji, a Chinese historical manual.

Kingdom Season 4

The current season has been absolutely phenomenal. It portrayed the Coalition Invasion Arc, the best arc of Kingdom manga and one of the best story arcs of anime and manga in general.

Nearly all of it is done to perfection and the way it boils our blood is scary!

Kingdom Anime Season 4 is subject to great anticipation because it will bring us more of the adventures of Xin.

We will see how Emperor Zheng continues to annex more territories in his quest to unite China since, at this moment, he had to regress and relinquish a lot of land that he had captured.

Kingdom Season 4 Anime Announcement:

Kingdom Season 4 release date is yet to be announced. The third season is still going on and there is a possibility that the announcement of the new season will come at the end of the ongoing one.

If that is the case, then October 18, 2021, will be the date of the announcement.

However, if that does not happen, we should not feel sad. Depending on various factors, Kingdom Anime Season 4 could still arrive. So let us judge the possibility of arrival right now.

First, the popularity. First of all, Kingdom manga is wildly popular and is considered to be one of the best seinen in existence.

In myanimelist, it ranks 10 in rating and 65 in popularity. And when it comes to ranking, Season 3 has a better position than the prior two. That means people appreciate the change they saw.

Next comes sales. Season 3 has performed pretty well considering all the ratings and reviews. It is in the top 2500 anime on Myanimelist, which is neither promising nor discouraging.

When the season ends, we will get the info of how well it performed. Let us hope that it does well because the revenue is important for a new season.

Kingdom Anime Season 4 will not have a shortage of content to adapt. There is more than enough source material and Xin can easily prowl through the battlefield and prove his might.

After the Coalition arc, there are 7 mini-arcs and 3 major arcs which span over more than 650 chapters. That is basically enough content for 3 more seasons.

So, this means that there is a high chance of the arrival of Kingdom Anime Season 4. If season 3 generates a decent amount of revenue, then the new season will be green-lit.

Kingdom Season 4 Release Date:

Depending on the announcement, we can expect the release of Season 4.

If the announcement regarding S4 is made in October 2021, we can expect Kingdom Season 4 anime to release around July 2022.

If the announcement comes in early 2022, then we can expect the season to be around the Fall 2022 season or maybe the Spring 2023 season. Either way, it’s all about being patient and hoping for the best.

Tokyo Revengers Season 2 and Demon School Iruma Kun Season 3 are also set to be announced around the same time.

Obviously, Shueisha will continue to produce the series, and we are hoping that NHK will keep standing by their show. We really wish that Studios Signpost and Pierrot Plus continue to make the series.

They have done a beautiful job this season and we have faith in them. Funimation will probably continue to be the Licensors.

Kingdom Anime Season 4 will adapt the next few arcs of the series. It might start with Kyou Kai’s revenge arc and end with the State of Ai arc.

That will be quite great because Kyou Kai is beloved by all of us and it would be so great to see her return to the Hi Shin Unit. And then there is the issue of Ryo Fui that will be solved at the State of Ai arc.

Kingdom S4 Cast:

We have no idea of the cast of Kingdom Anime Season 4 and until it comes, we will just have to guess.

However, we do expect some actors to reprise their roles since they have done a great job so far:

  • Morita Masakazu might continue to voice Li Xin in the new season.
  • We expect Fukuyama Jun to be present for the voice of Ying Zheng.
  • Kugimiya Rie will have an important role as Diao next season.
  • Hikasa Youko will hopefully continue to voice Qiang Lei, or Kyou Kai!

We will update this article with the official release date when announced. So stay tuned and keep visiting Recent Highlights for the latest anime news.


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