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Mayor of Kingstown Episode 4 Release Date, Spoilers, Where to Watch?

In this article you will find out all you need about Mayor of Kingstown Episode 4 Release Date, Spoilers, Where to Watch. McLusky family power brokers cross the border between the law and the criminal underworld in ‘Mayor of Kingstown.’ As Mike McLusky tries to persuade his colleagues in the police force not to take help from gangs, he is aware of the dangers of doing so. Things go awry, and the tough McLusky brother is in for a bumpy ride ahead. This week’s episode has a lot going for it, since the balance of power has shifted in the wrong direction. If you’re looking forward to it as much as we are, you’re in luck! All you need to know about “Mayor of Kingstown” episode 4 is here.

Mayor of Kingstown Episode 4 Release Date

Episode 4 of ‘Mayor of Kingstown’ will air on Paramount+ on November 28, 2021, at 3 a.m. ET. On November 14, 2021, Netflix released the first two episodes of the series at the same time. Every Sunday, a new episode of the brutal crime-drama series will be released.

Where To Stream Mayor of Kingstown Episode 4 Online?

Paramount+ subscribers will be able to watch the fourth and final episode of “Mayor of Kingstown” in its entirety. The streaming service has all new episodes, as well as previously published episodes.

Mayor of Kingstown Episode 4 Spoilers

In Episode 4, Mike is likely to be grappling with the repercussions of the previous episode’s actions. A favor from the Kingstown underworld has finally come due, and in the following episode, Mike’s criminal buddies are set to make some unpleasant demands as recompense. A person will have to shoulder the blame for Kenny’s death as well. Since Kingstown revolves around its prisons, this could lead to even more unrest within and outside the prison system.

It would be fascinating to see if Iris, Milo’s accomplice who was brought to Kingstown to attempt and manipulate Mike, can handle the battle-tested and cynical Mike in the next episode, when she makes her first move. It is possible that the younger McLusky sibling would distance himself from his older brother’s risky behaviors as he prepares to become a father.


The brutal death of a little kid sets the stage for the vengeful actions of the local police department in episode 3, dubbed “Simply Murder.” Because of Mike’s expertise in tracking down Kenny (a drug addict), they plan on killing him without giving him a chance to defend himself. Even the local gangs are eager to assist in the search for Kenny, but Mike is aware that accepting a favor from them could backfire.

Kenny eventually approaches Mike for aid, and Mike advises him to give himself in and request custody protection. He is quickly transferred to a general population area of the prison where gang members are waiting to kill him as the guards look the other way. The episode ends with Mike looking at Kenny’s unmarked grave, where the criminal is summarily buried. Mike is enraged by the events of the episode.

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