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Mikey Kills South? Release Date & Plot

The Tokyo Revengers manga truly veered the story last week. Since Draken’s death, rages have not settled in the Tokyo streets. However, it was only Mikey who remained calm from the beginning to the end. It was only when Kakucho challenged him that Mikey let out all his rage and darkness. In Tokyo Revengers Chapter 232, Mikey will sideline Senju and face South Terano on his own. Here is all you need to know about the chapter.

The next outing of Tokyo Revengers is going to deal with one of the most interesting battles of the manga. Mikey has never been as vengeful as he is now. All his vengeance is going to pour out on South Terano. Takemichi had a vision that South was lying dead on the ground. Could that mean that Mikey is going to kill him? The next outing is going to answer all the doubts for the readers.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 232

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 232: Plot Details!

The upcoming chapter of Tokyo Revengers will finally deal with Mikey’s rage. As he approaches South, the chances of a massive fight are high. In a vision, Takemichi saw the dead body of South Terano. However, he could not believe that Senju could actually pull off something as lethal as killing someone. But now that he has seen Mikey’s dam break, he knows who is going to be grim for South. So, in the next chapter, Mikey is going to avenge the death of his friend.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 232 will begin with this fight and end with the final winner. However, not all of Mikey’s visions have come true in the past. His illusions, including the death of Senju, turned out to be untrue. Thus, there is still a high possibility that Mikey does not get the upper hand in this battle. The chapter will also touch upon other parts of the War of the Three Deities.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 232

Previous Chapter Recap!

Last week’s chapter of Tokyo Revengers began with two ‘blood-chilling fights. On the one hand, Senju Kawargi stood up against South. On the flipside, Mikey fought Kakucho. However, Kakucho was heavily disappointed in Mikey for not defending his attacks. He felt as if he was fighting a dummy. Mikey then recalls the death of Draken and felt a sudden rush of darkness fill him up. The chapter then cuts back to South and Senju. It was evident that Senju was dominating the match. But South managed to push her away, making her bleed.

Afterward, he went for Takemichi. As he approached him, Takemichi got a vision in which he saw South lying dead on the street. For a split moment, he could not understand if the vision was actually true. By the end of the chapter, Mikey had already taken down Kakucho, and now he was coming for South.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 232

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 232: Release Date

The heat is rising in the war after Mikey decides to get his rage out on South. Is this another call for battle? What does Mikey have on his mind? Tokyo Revengers Chapter 232 will be released this week on November 24, 2021. The chapter will only be available on the official platforms of Kodansha. Stay tuned with The Anime Daily to get more updates.