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Off To The Moon! Release Date & Plot

Senku is all set to face the Why Man. In Dr. Stone Chapter 219, he will finally board the rocket and launch towards the moon. In the story so far, Senku has managed to connect the world with a successful internet connection. This way, he was able to get virtual help from some of the most brilliant minds on the planet. The rocket was completed even before he was expecting it. Now, only the process of the selection of the team remains. Who is going to join Senku on the moon mission? Here is all you need to know about the outing.

In the forthcoming chapter, the space selection committee will finalize the names of the candidates who are eligible to board the rocket. Due to strict physical and practical caps, some of the potential aspirants may not be able to join their leader on the quest. However, the ones staying back also have a lot to do when Senku is off to the moon.

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Dr. Stone Chapter 219: Plot Details!

The makers of Dr. Stone are known for releasing the most short-form plot details. So, the plotlines for the upcoming chapter of Dr. Stone suggest that the Lunar Space mission is in the last stages of preparations. As it was mentioned, the committee for training astronauts has already been prepared. Now, the team only has to select the final candidates that will be a part of the mission. In one of the guidelines, it was mentioned that a candidate must be 4’5 ft. in height.

Any aspirant taller than this is not eligible to fit in the medusa. This case has already eliminated Tsukasa from the mission. As Ryusui has volunteered for the mission in the last outing, there is a high possibility that he will end up becoming one of the astronauts. Senku is also one of the contestants. The last teammate is going to Kohaku, as suggested by the plot details.

Dr. Stone Chapter 219

A Quick Recap!

The 218th chapter began with the task of building the return medusa. It was Chrome who had pitched the idea that they needed a return rocket. Thus, Senku joined in and mentioned that they were going to prepare internet connections using the Tochu Tea. He explained that the fiber found inside the tea would be useful in creating a worldwide network. The work finished soon enough, and the world was lit up with the internet. Afterward, the work on the medusa began.

However, they were still struggling with sharing files with engineers around the world. So, Senku introduced the idea of e-paper to his team. As scientists from around the world gathered with their ideas, the rocket was building faster than they had anticipated. By the end of the chapter, Senku announced that it was finally the time that they met the Why-Man. In the end, Ryusui volunteered to be on the mission.

Dr. Stone Chapter 219

Dr. Stone Chapter 219: Release Date

The latest chapter of Dr. Stone will commence the climax arc of the manga. As the team approached Why Man, will all the hard work pay off? Dr. Stone Chapter 219 is scheduled to release this Sunday on November 21, 2021. The chapter will only be available legally on the official website of Viz Media. Fans can also find the chapter in Weekly Shonen Jump. Stay tuned with The Anime Daily to get more updates.