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Ohma Uses Niko Style! Release Date

Kengan Omega manga is currently in the midst of one of the most intense battles. Since the last six chapters, the fight between Ohma and Rolon has been going on. To this point, one cannot say who is going to win the final match. In the last chapter, fans see the past life of Rolon Donaire. It was revealed that he was admired for his powers even by enemies of his troops. In Kengan Omega Chapter 135, it will be Ohma’s time to shine in the chapter. Here is all you need to know about the outing.

In the upcoming chapter of Kengan Omega, Ohma will finally get back his winning streak. While Rolon was dictating his past story, Ohma decided to activate the Niko style. Thus, the final round of the match is going to be more balanced this time. Both Rolon and Ohma are now on the same plane. It will be worth watching how the events unfold so forth.

Kengan Omega Chapter 135

Kengan Omega Chapter 135: Plot Details!

In the upcoming chapter of Kengan Omega, fans can expect to see the best of Ohma. As Koga had mentioned in the last outing, Ohma had not used the Niko fighting style in a long while. However, he was in a grave losing position. Thus, he had no other choice but to activate this fighting style. It cannot be said if Rolon will get overpowered by these attacks. In the earlier round, he was able to neutralize the Kure attack as well.

Thus, Ohma is not sure what Rolon is capable of. Besides, he has also lost a lot of strength in defending the beast’s attacks. In Kengan Omega Chapter 135, Ohma will be the one in the attacking position. The Niko Adamantine Kata Ironbreaker moves will surely help Ohma. But in order to win, he will have to give the best fight of his life. It will be interesting to see how things go for the two fighters.

Kengan Omega Chapter 135

Previous Chapter Recap!

The 134th chapter of Kengan Omega began with a flashback sequence. Rolon recalled the days when he was still a fresh recruit in the army. During one of the training sessions, he was attacked by a gang of Worm soldiers. Francis, one of Worms, mentioned that Rolon was a tough fighter. Thus, he offered to join them. But Rolon was reluctant to submit. Cut back to the present, Gizenga began to dictate Rolon’s journey to the fighting streets.

On the other hand, Ohma struggled to find his balance while dodging all of Rolon’s attacks. But when Rolon used his rotation punch, Ohma disappeared into thin air. When he landed back on the ground, Rolon understood that his opponent was using the Niko style. By the end of the chapter, both the champions were on an equal plain once again.

Kengan Omega Chapter 135

Kengan Omega Chapter 135: Release Date

The victor has still not been announced. Thus, the fans will have to see what lies more in this match of might and wit. Kengan Omega Chapter 135 is scheduled to release this Thursday on November 18, 2021. The chapter will be available on the official website of Kodansha. Moreover, fans can also access the page on Amazon Kindle. Stay tuned with The Anime Daily for more updates.

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