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One Piece 1029 Manga Spoilers, Chapter Raw Scan Release Date

With the arrival of Rob Lucci, the Wano arc has been kicked up a notch. Now, our sights are also focused on what will happen after the Raid on Onigashima. One Piece 1029 might give us more details on the CP-0 and the new state of the battlefield. Things will get dicey after this battle!

The One Piece anime is doing exceedingly well. Episode 1000 has already been voiced! Right now, we are 995 episodes in. Each and every episode is having movie tier animation.

We hope that everyone is watching the series legally. It takes a lot of effort to do this well in a weekly series.

November is nearing. What rank do you think One Piece will be in? We hope it can make it to Top 5. Positions 1 and 2 will probably be taken by Jujutsu Kaisen and Tokyo Revengers.

Demon Slayer will be in Top 5 as well. We hope One Piece makes it into positions 4 or 5.

In the last week, One Piece sold a little more than 70 thousand copies and came in 10th for that week.

From what we know, there is some time until Volume 101 is released. 2021 will see 3 volumes of the series, which collectively, has nearly 5.5 million sales. It is decent but we were hoping for more.

One Piece 1029

We still don’t know when the One Piece live action comes out. Fans have high hopes for this series as it is the last method by which there can be a significant boost in sales.

If it manages to be good, it can make the series much more well known. But, if it is bad, it will cost the series a lot.

One Piece Manga 1029 spoilers will probably continue on with the Calamity fights. Luffy’s right and left hands, Zoro and Sanji, are having significant trouble against the best of Kaido, King and Queen.

We believe that these two fights will occupy at least 3 more chapters. Can Zoro and Sanji overcome their opponents?

One Piece Chapter 1029 Raw Scans

The last remaining member of the Big 3, One Piece still goes strong. We know that Oda sensei plans to narrate this story for a couple more years.

Hopefully, Shueisha will continue to support its highest-earning series until Oda sensei satisfactorily closes the curtains.

There’s a one-week break so the raw scans and the English chapter will be delayed.

One Piece 1029 raw version will be published on October 20, 2021, in the newest Jump release. This week is a scheduled break from the writer, owing to his increasing age. In the next 3 weeks, we will get 3 chapters consecutively.

Since the raws are in Japanese, international fans can’t read them. Hence, we get fan translations of various languages.

The official English scans of One Piece Manga 1029 will be released on October 24, 2021. This is the legal version and we encourage you to read them from the viz website, mangaplus website, and the shonen jump app. All sources are legal plus free.

My Hero Academia 330 and Black Clover 309 will also be published this week and is free to read on the Viz website.

One Piece Manga 1029 Predictions

The arc at this moment has quite a lot of similarities with the Enies Lobby arc. We have the Stawhats challenging a stronger force and the Cipher Pol being after Nico Robin.

We have Lucci who wants Robin at any cost! Maybe One Piece 1029 spoilers will reveal more details about these Government agents.

What is Cipher Pol discussing?

Cipher Pol has interesting points. They are all converging on Wano. Normally, they believe that Kaido has no chance of losing this battle. And if Kaido stays intact, CP-0 will probably ignore Wano.

But, in case kaido loses, the CP-0 will attempt to annex the nation of Wano with the world government!

One Piece Chapter 1029 scans will also show the latest state of the battlefield. Currently, it stands at 12000 beast pirates against 8000 alliance members. It is a significant shift from the initial numbers of 30000 vs 5400.

However, Lucci has another motive. Despite the outcome of the battle, they must capture Nico Robin.

We are unsure why they are focusing on this again but apparently, Robin is the key to piracy. Hence, she must be captured once more.

What are Momo and Yamato doing?

At this point, everyone has their own tasks to handle. Momo is in dragon form and his job is to learn to produce flame clouds strong enough to hold the island, and we see him struggle with that.

He has just learned how to travel as a dragon; being strong enough to hold the island seems a bit out of his league.

Meanwhile, Yamato is scaling Onigashima, and then she runs towards the armory. Kaido had intended this to be an island for being the base of Beast Pirates during warfare. Hence, it has a lot of bombs and ammunition.

Yamato is going to defuse all those since those bombs will hurt the enemy and ally both!

One Piece 1029 manga spoilers will probably show Momo managing to produce flame clouds which will be weak and Yamato will probably find the armory and start her disposal.

We are curious about how she will dispose of the weapons because she can’t just throw them off the island.

Can Sanji beat Queen?

First of all, Queen versus Sanji is absolutely hilarious. Queen is easily the best Calamity. He has a boisterous personality and the guy can party like a beast! But what’s more hilarious is his attacks.

First, he had a fairly matched skirmish with Sanji and then he got serious.

We saw Queen’s beast form, except, it was hilarious. The Brachio Snakeus is easily one of the weirdest, craziest stuff by Oda. And it turned out to be quite a strong attack that crushed Sanji’s bones.

Even more hilarious was when the Brachio Launchers attacked Queen due to his own fault.

After this hilarious yet brutal fight, Sanji was left crushed and bent out of shape, literally. However, Sanji recovered. For a while now, he was saying that he was feeling weird and did not want to use the Raid Suit.

But at the end, we saw him tanking Queen’s slash without a problem.

One Piece chapter 1029 scans will show us what this was all about. Is Sanji awakening his latent powers? Will he become a machine like his brothers? Sanji is obviously disgusted by the idea but it is clear that he is awakening some sort of power.

However, that is not the issue here. We have spent a lot of chapters, seeing Sanji fight his family. He does not want to be like them, that is the whole point.

Sanji is his own man and he is human above everything. And yet, Oda sensei focusing on giving him these abilities seems counterproductive.

So why exactly is this happening? Surely there is a twist ahead. We will find out in One Piece 1029 how this fight proceeds.

Zoro and Sanji fights!

We found this random post on Facebook which quite intrigued us. It takes a look at how Oda sensei has set up Zoro and Sanji versus King and Queen.

Zoro is more durable than Sanji while Queen is more durable than King.

Sanji is faster than Zoro while King is fast than Queen.

Zoro hits harder than Sanji but has to keep up with his opponent’s speed and versatility.

Sanji and King use flames. Zoro and Queen use weapons.

Sanji hits weaker than Zoro and hence, he has to grow stronger to actually damage Queen further.

So basically, King is similar to Sanji in attributes and Zoro is similar to Queen. So these two are fighting parallels! It is an interesting battle choice from the creator!

Read One Piece 1029 Spoilers:

The break is finally over the One Piece raw scans have finally been released and translated for fans to read.

The early confirmed spoilers are finally out for fans to read.

One Piece Manga 1029 Spoilers

The title of the chapter is “Tower”. The early parts of the spoilers show Sanji going against Queen.

When the queen attacks Sanji with his sword, it breaks without doing any damage. Sanji is confused as to what just happened? Is he becoming like one of his brothers?

Queen explains how Vinsmoke once explained that he wants to create special soldiers made of exoskeleton who don’t feel any pain or emotions.

Kaido’s subordinates even shoot bullets on Sanji but they just hit his head and bounce off, doing no damage at all.

What is this change in Sanji? Check out our One Piece 1029 Spoilers article to read the full confirmed spoilers.

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