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One Piece 1031 Spoilers Hint Sanji Losing His Mind

Since there was no break this week, One Piece 1031 spoilers are finally out and it teases Sanji doubting himself.

Sanji has gained superhuman strength after using the raid suit couple of times and now he is worried that the Germa science is modifying his body and he might soon become a cyborg-like his brothers.

The one thing Sanji has never done throughout the One Piece manga is to never hurt any women, but after One Piece Chapter 1031, Sanji has started doubting himself.

Sanji is missing some memory and is worried that he might have hurt some maidens while he was running from Queen.

The battle between Law, Kid, and Big Mom is still going strong and both these supernovas have awakened their abilities and transcended to another level of power.

One Piece 1031 Spoilers

Big Mom is troubled for once as she has never taken so much damage in very long years. Even the mighty emperor of the Totta land is serious for once and we will be seeing her true power in the upcoming chapters.

The spoilers are finally out and we can’t wait for you to read them.

One Piece 1031 Spoilers

The raw scans are finally out and the rough English translations have been shared on the Internet for fans to read.

Today we bring confirmed spoilers from some trusted sources, so enjoy!

The title of One Piece Chapter 1031 is “The Warrior Of Science” and most of the chapter revolves around Sanji and him trying to escape from Germa technology.

The chapter starts with the devil fruit awakening explained. It seems like the awakening of the devil fruits is called “Gift”.

Law asks Kid about his awakening ability, but Kid refuses to reveal anything. Those two start bickering.

The second panel of the One Piece 1031 manga spoilers shows Big Mom. She is exhausted and thus uses one year of her life expectancy to grow stronger and bigger.

Big Mom also gives some of her soul power to homies and also Napolean.

Then we move on to where Apoo and Drake are discussing an alliance. Drake straight out refuses to join them.

Yamato soon breaks into the room where Apoo and Drake are with the numbers. One of the numbers called “Fuga” goes after Yamato.

The CP0 also gets involved and finally participates in the action. They plan to capture Robin and leave the scene.

Then the rest of the spoiler panels show Sanji. He is in the halls where one of the woman has been attacked.

Sanji starts doubting if he is the one who hurt this woman. Is he becoming more like his brothers after borrowing the powers of the raid suit?

Sanji is worried that because of Germa powers, he is losing sense and is starting to become a senseless warrior of science. He takes out his raid suit and destroys it.

The One Piece 1031 spoilers then show Sanji calling Zoro with one of the Den Den Mushi and asks him to finish him off if he ever goes crazy.

Queen then appears in front of him, but this time instead of running Sanji attacks Queen using an attack called “Hell Memories”.

Zoro is pretty excited to hear that and says “”Now I have something to look forward to!”.

There is no break next week!

What Is Happening To Sanji?

Germa is mostly evil. Sanji is worried that he might become just like his brothers who can’t feel any emotion and were made just to fight wars.

Sanji is an empathetic person and if he loses control over his emotions, then there is no point in him living. This is why he asked Zoro to kill him if he ever went haywire.

Instead of becoming like one of his brothers, Sanji is only experiencing a surge in his powers and his body strengthening to the absolute limits. There will be a back story most probably where it showed that Sanji was made to be just like his brothers but some aspects were altered.

Sanji’s best quality is his emotions and his love for women. He is one of the top three in the crew and there is no way Oda will kill Sanji off.

One Piece 1031 will be officially published on the Shonen Jump website on November 7th, 2021. My Hero Academia Chapter 332 will also be released the same day.

In the spoiler thread on Reddit, some very important questions were answered Sanji and his newly gained powers.

How did raid suit got destroyed?

Just like an empty soda can, when Sanji stepped on the raid suit can, it got destroyed and exploded.

Did Robin get captured?

No, CP0 has not captured Robin yet. Brook is showing running with him.