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One Piece 1032 Spoilers Reveal The Mystery Behind King’s Origins

The fight between Zoro and King finally rages on and it’s finally the time for Oden’s sword Emma to shine. One Piece 1032 manga spoilers tease the climax of the fight between those two.

Since there was a break last week, the raw scans were delayed and thus there were no fan translations.

Now that the one-week break is over, all the things are back on schedule and the English Chapter spoilers are finally here for everyone to read.

Most of the last chapter covered the fight between Queen and Sanji, but this week’s One Piece manga 1032 spoilers showcase the fight between Zoro and King.

Zoro has been pushed back by King most of the chapter, but it’s finally time for Oden’s beloved sword Emma to make its presence known and take down one of the top executives of the beast pirates.

We also get some sneak peeks about King’s origins and his race. Is he a fishman? A Giant? Where does he belong to?

One Piece 1032 Spoilers

King’s attacks are confusing Zoro to a level that he is not able to find a countermeasure. The same way Zoro defeated Pica in the Dressrosa arc, he must find how King’s ability works before he goes for the kill shot.

One Piece Episode 1000 is also going to air this week and we totally recommend watching it this Sunday.

One Piece 1032 Spoilers: Oden’s Beloved Enma

These spoilers directly come from the One Piece subreddit. Since it is only the early spoilers, there might be some translation mistakes thus make sure to read the official English Chapter on the Viz website.

The title of Chapter 1032 is “Oden’s Beloved Sword”.

The cover of the chapter shows Yamato and two black cats delivering some things to an old woman who lives on top of a hill.

The first panel of the chapter shows Marco and Izou. Marco transforms into a phoenix and flies off with him. Izou is worried after hearing about a fire Youkai and wants to go there to investigate.

They fly over the area where Kid and Law are fighting Big Mom.

Because of the fire Youkai, Kaido’s men are trying to leave the castle but the Samurai have sealed off the exit and are bringing cannons.

In the last chapter, Fuuga is shown chasing Yamato but those two are shown having a friendly conversation in One Piece 1032 manga spoilers. Fuuga seems to have taken a liking to Yamato and it is revealed that he is a half centaur.

The lower body of Fuuga is of a horse.

This might be a help in the fight against the beast pirates.

While Fuuga is running behind Yamato, it is shown that Brook and Robin fall from the sky and land on Fuuga’s head. They bounce back and land without injuries.

The masked agents from CP0 are behind them, but they get injured by the fire Youkai conjured by Kanjuro.

Apoo is chasing Yamato and Drake is chasing after Apoo.

It seems like Apoo has finally given up on making an alliance with either Drake or Yamato. He intends to go alone at this point.

While the CP0 agents are down, Apoo takes pictures of them to sell to Morgans from the newspaper agency. Soon, CP0 members stand back up.

CP0 members recognize Drake and know about his true identity. They attack Apoo and Drake.

The fire Youkai is heading towards the lower floors where all the explosives are being kept and if nothing is done soon, the whole Onigashima island will go up in flames.

The last parts of the One Piece 1032 spoilers show Zoro’s fight against King. We all know that King’s devil fruit is called Ryu Ryu no Mi also known as Pteranodon.

But we see King transform into his Pteranodon dragon form.

Zoro attacks King with his 360 pound phoenix but the attack gets dodges. Zoro asks what’s the fire on his back, does it come from his dragon form?

To which King replies that he is a bit special than the rest and the fire is a secret of his.

Then King returns to his normal state and takes out his sword to fight Zoro.

Zoro is very confused about King’s origins. Is he a Fishman? A Giant? Zoro is unable to trace King’s race and he can’t defeat him without knowing his powers and abilities.

From afar, the sounds of a Shamisen are heard. The Enma sword reacts to the sound of the three-stringed lute as it’s being played by Hiyori.

Orochi also hears the sound and gets drawn towards the place where it is being played. From the early spoilers, we can deduce that there is no break next week.

We recommend checking our article on One Piece Chapter 1032 as we have shared some fan predictions and theories over there for everyone to check.


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