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One Piece Chapter 1031 Spoilers, Manga Raw Scan: The Awakening

The key players are making their moves and that is serving to create more and more unruly situations. This is truly a giant war. We expect to see even bigger moves on One Piece Chapter 1031.

The latest chapter of One Piece is absolute chaos. So much stuff is happening that the mind might get scattered all over the place.

After a long stretch of incredible, visually unchallenged episodes, One Piece’s episode this week comes out a little short.

It still looks good and is a major improvement from the past, it is slightly lacking when compared to the other episodes that aired within the last couple of months.

That said, we expect great things from episode 997. Sulong is about to return!

This chapter created a lot of love as well as a lot of hate. Let us address that. The awakenings of Kidd and Law are hyping everyone up.

Both of them have achieved enhanced versions of their abilities and have managed to injure Big Mom, the one with the greatest defense. That is incredible. Makes us wonder what Luffy will manage to do.

One Piece Chapter 1031

On the other hand, the constant fake deaths are bothering many fans. Kinemon, Kiku, and Kanjuro, all three suffered from this. Now, to be honest, it makes sense that Kinemon is alive. He has to finish this war and we hope he can meet o-Tsuru. The narrative needs his leadership.

But Kanjuro and Kiku are really unnecessary. Kiku delivered her lingering snow message and gently fell. It only makes sense that she dies an honorable death, pure as she is. But no! Oda has to force her survival on us.

Then there is Kanjuro. He is defeated, gets up, and becomes an annoyance. How long will he survive? His best friend cut him down and that seemed like a beautiful moment to end. But the revival simply ruins that.

One Piece manga 1031 spoilers will probably continue with the Kidd and Law fight. Them battling Big Mom with their awakened abilities is a big deal to witness.

We might also see the other key players make progress in their respective areas.

One Piece 1031 Raw Scans Release Date

No break next week! Next week will be the last chapter before another scheduled break pops in.

Basically, Chapter 1031 alongside 1029 and 1030 will be one bunch. This is Oda sensei’s personal break, for health issues.

The Japanese version of One Piece Chapter 1031 raw scans will be released on November 3, 2021. You will find the chapter on shonenjumpplus website and of course, the new shonen jump issue. The first source rents while the second one is bought.

Most One Piece fans are not well versed in Japanese. That is exactly why we need translations. One Piece translators are quite efficient and we can obtain the English scans of the chapter within November 5, 2021.

The official English scans of One Piece 1031 are set to be released on November 7, 2021. We recommend visiting the mangaplus or viz website, or the shonen jump app to read this legally and absolutely free of charge.

Have you bought One Piece Volume 100? We highly recommend getting a copy of it. In case you are curious, the next volume probably comes in December 2021, i.e, Japanese volume 101 and English volume 98.

My Hero Academia 332 and Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 164 will also be out this week for fans to read on the Shonen Jump website.

One Piece Chapter 1031 Spoilers:

The full detailed spoilers have finally been released.

  • The title of Chapter 1031 is “Warrior of science”.
  • Law and Kid are fighting Big Mom with their awakened abilities.
  • Devil awakening ability is also called “gift”.
  • Big Mom uses one year of her life expectancy to strengthen her size and power.
  • Sanji is running from Queen.
  • He seems to have blacked out for a while.
  • Sanji thinks that he is going insane and losing emotions just like his brothers.

The full detailed spoilers can be read from our One Piece 1031 spoilers article. Remember to visit Recent Highlights for more news and updates.

Read One Piece Manga 1031 Discussion:

Now here is a big one. Three new Numbers have been shown in this chapter – Inbi, Fuga, and Zanki. What’s interesting is that they resemble the 3 samurai that Yamato met at the cave.

Is this just a coincidence? Or is this deliberate info from Oda sensei? Maybe we will see it in One Piece Chapter 1031 spoilers.

However, this is not absolute. Kaido fought Oden long ago and back then, he had the help of numbers. And it was a while after that when Yamato saw the samurai.

This means the numbers existed before. Although, it might also be that Kaido can create these gigantic Numbers and add them to his crew. We will see.

Why are Apoo and Drake making an alliance?

Last we checked, Apoo and Drake were fighting. The former was running around for the antidote while the latter had been the victim of an ambush. But at this point, Apoo has proposed an idea. Neither of these two is to gain anything by fighting.

Yes, Drake was taken in by the alliance and he did help them. But the success of Luffy does not really benefit him much. And the victory speaks doom for him since his identity as a marine is in question. Apoo, who also has an idea about this, proposes a truce.

Apoo says that they will team much and benefit from the situation. At the correct time, they will snoop in while the wounded victor is still recovering. That way, they both survive well. One Piece 1031 raw scans will show if Drake agrees or not.

As for the three numbers, we have no idea what they want here. Their motives are still unclear to us.

What has happened to Kinemon and Kanjuro?

Foxfire Kinemon still lives. It did seem like he was struck down by kaido and got injured against kanjuro. But he has managed to survive both times. This has something to do with the fact that Law cut him up at Punk Hazard and did not attach him properly.

Kinemon is disconnected once more and his funny legs, which are surprisingly flatulent, are running around seeking help. It seems like Kiku can still be saved. It is only when he meets Nami and Usopp that the legs calm down.

Maybe One Piece Manga 1031 spoilers will show us his top half.

One Piece 1031 manga spoilers

 As for Kanjuro, his falling moment was fake too. Orochi and Kanjuro live on. The artist is given one last order. Using his final breath, Kanjuro draws up a fire demon to destroy Onigashima.

Surprisingly, this fire demon oddly resembles the Kanjuro flashback we saw. He is a black body of mass that may assume any identity! One Piece 1031 will probably have a fight between Yamato and the demon.

Because the demon is headed towards the armory and wants to set everything on fire. Yamato is headed the same way and simply disposing of the weapon.

It will be interesting to see Yamato using her ice against the fire demon. Hopefully, she can prevent the weapons from being ignited.

Can Law and Kid defeat Big Mom?

Now, this is a big question. Until now, Law and Kidd were being pushed around by the Yonko. Neither of them could do substantial damage against that beast of a woman.

Now that Big Mom has nearly won, they have no choice but to use their ace.

Both the supernovas have awakened their devil fruits. Law uses KRoom, an ability that lets him create rooms inside others.

Kidd can turn his target into a magnet. Both are strong abilities but they use up too much energy so they are the last resort.

One Piece 1031 spoilers will show whether these two can manage to push back Big Mom. For the first time, Law has managed to make Mama bleed. Will he follow up with more deadly attacks or will Mama counter them? We have to read to find out.

Come back again in a few hours to read the spoilers after the raw scans get translated. So stay tuned and also check our Tower Of God Season 2 article.


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