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One Piece Manga 1029 Spoilers Released: Shows Sanji Vs Queen!

We have just gotten our hands on the recently release One Piece 1029 manga spoilers. Normally, one would expect Oda sensei to continue on with the Zoro and Sanji fight. But amidst all the chaos, we sort of overlooked a very crucial battle.

Onigashima is host to two Yonko right now, Kaido and Big Mom. Luffy said that he has come to declare war and will defeat all the enemies, which means his battle is with both Kaido and Mama.

That means, both Yonko must fall in order to make this raid successful.

We believe that once this subplot of Big Mom and Hawkins is handled, nothing other than Luffy and his two best men defeating Kaido and his Calamities will be shown in terms of pure combat and fans are extremely excited about this.

Sanji has gotten everyone excited due to this new power-up he is getting.

Mind you, this power-up can end up harming his character development!

One Piece Manga 1029 Spoilers

Meanwhile, Zoro has his fight and he too has to overcome a towering opponent in front of him. And the catch here is that Zoro has an interesting bloodline which might be explained soon.

So without further ado, let us take a lot at the fresh One Piece chapter 1029 spoilers retrieved from Arlong Park forums:

One Piece 1029 Manga Spoilers:

The early spoilers are finally out and show us the rest of the fight between Sanji and Queen. The battle between Kid and Big Mom also gets covered.

  • The chapter title is Tower.
  • The cover panel shows Jwellery bony competing with a group of otters to show who can eat the most soba noodles.
  • One Piece 1029 spoilers start with Queen telling Sanji about Judge’s wish to create humans of a different kind.
  • They will be highly strong and durable due to exoskeletons and they will be devoid of feeling, thereby having a heart of ice!
  • Kaido’s subordinates shoot at Sanji and they hit the target but it makes no impact.
  • Sanji says “Ouch it hurt” after getting hurt by the bullets but it causes no serious damage.
  • The changes in his body start to make Sanji irritated.
  • He decides to leave the battlefield.
  • Queen chases Sanji with his laser beam and wants to see more of the raid suits power.
  • Elsewhere, Captain Kidd is suffering from a major headache during his fight with Big Mom.
  • He has nearly lost to Big Mom. Alongside Law, he is barely holding on to life.
  • Killer is fighting Hawkins.
  • The latter is repeatedly headbutting himself which in turn, is causing the pain in Kidd’s head.
  • Killer talks to Hawkins and has 2 questions.
  • First, he wants to know what will happen to the damage which has nowhere to go.
  • Second, excluding Kidd’s life, how many lives does Hawkins contain.
  • Hawkins is confused by the first question and says that all damage does to Kidd.
  • So Killer chops off his left hand because Kidd has no left arm to begin with.
  • As for the second question, Hawkins says that Kidd’s life is the last one he has. He pulls a card, which is the Tower.
  • This card means the collapse of the old, and its hidden meaning is some new path.
  • Killers manages to defeat Hawkins and asks him to go ahead?
  • No break next week!

One Piece Manga 1029 Spoiler Discussion:

From the looks of it, the majority of the chapter focuses on the battle between Hawkins and Killer. Once this is resolved completely, we can safely move on to Kidd and Law fighting Big Mom.

Their chances of winning are still low, despite Kidd being free again.

Luffy will give everything he has to defeat Kaido. By the end, he probably won’t have enough strength to battle Big Mom as well. So there must be some alternative ending here.

If Big Mom is not defeated, she will simply act like Kaido and take over the area.

Although that might mean she has to face Rob Lucci and the Cipher Pol.

Although truth be told, Lucci is probably not strong enough to hold a candle to Big Mom herself. We are excited to see which direction One Piece 1029 leads to.

One Piece 1029 will be releasing the raws on October 20, 2021. We will find the English fan translations within October 22, 2021.

As for the official English scans, they will come on October 24, 2021, via the Viz website, Mangaplus website, and Shonen Jump app.

Black Clover Chapter 310 and Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 163 will also be out the same day for all the fans to read on the Viz official website.