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One Punch Man Chapter 153 Raw Scan, Manga Spoiler Release Date

This series never stops being hilarious. In the latest chapter, we have the hilarious exchange between King and Emperor and it simply made the chapter so much more exciting. We hope to see some amazing combat in One Punch Man Chapter 153.

One Punch Man Season 3 will also be announced soon and fans can’t wait for the anime to return.

We have a big chance on our hands. Remember how we were excited about the appearance of Golden Sperm? Well, as it turns out, Murata sensei decided to change the narrative.

He decided that he will merge 1 short of 54 trillion black sperm to create the seemingly ultimate form of the demon: Platinum Sperm.

The webcomic entrance of Golden sperm and the manga entrance of Platinum sperm are basically the same. So we can, for now, consider them to be just the same entity with a different name.

One Punch Man Chapter 153

We are excited to see what they do in the upcoming chapter. A great fight is about to erupt.

One Punch Man 153 spoilers will have more fights. Since many of the heroes have recovered a bit, we will probably see some nice clashes between them and the villains.

We are especially curious to know how King will get out of his predicament.

One Punch Man Chapter 153 Release Date:

After a couple of months, Murata sensei has once again resumed his release of the manga.

The latest chapter was released last week and we expect the next one, that is, One Punch Man 153, to be released by the end of November 2021, like around the 25th of the month.

Fan translations of the chapter will probably be made available within this month as well. We definitely expect them to be out soon after the raw release. You have to google for them.

Thing is, the official name of One Punch Man Chapter 153 will actually be One Punch Man 151. There has been some error in calculation somewhere but the official release is currently 2 chapters behind the fan translations.

As of now, only 149 chapters are out and we can expect Chapter 153 to be out around December 2021.

Boruto Chapter 64 and Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78 will also be out this week.

OPM 153 Discussion:

The latest chapter has set up quite a few battles for our heroes and things are heating up progressively. The appearance of Platinum sperm has made the battlefield even more exciting.

Up ahead, we are gonna see which hero actually ends up fighting with him. One Punch Man Manga 153 will probably be a chapter focusing on this new Platinum sperm.

How was Homeless Emperor defeated?

A certain amount of chapters ago, we saw Homeless Emperor brutalize Zombieman. He literally reduced the hero to dust. However, given his amazing healing powers, the hero is back.

What made his surprise attack viable was the cover provided by King.

King and his attitude were a huge distraction. The funny sequence where Homeless Emperor was trying to read in between King’s words, was actually a great cover and Zombieman utilized the chance to pin the monster down.

What sealed the defeat is the fact that Emperor is basically a common man with light powers. His attack is immense but his defense is nothing viable.

If he wanted to harm Zombieman, he would harm himself as well. And hence, he lost. We might see him again in One Punch Man Chapter 153 spoilers.

What can King do in this crucial situation?

King could not be more scared. He just got out of a tough situation and now, the whole shenanigan rests on him. He is tasked with eliminating all the monsters in one fell sweep.

Problem is, he is absolutely powerless. Somehow, the situation is too funny.

We are excited to see how King reacts at such a crucial point in the battle. One Punch Man Manga 153 raw scans will show whether he will speak or whether Saitama will appear as usual. Time will tell.

Read One Punch Man 153 Spoilers:

Right now, no spoilers are available. It will be a while before One Punch Man Chapter 153 spoilers come out. We ask you to wait as we try our best to find them for you.

However, we have a few webcomic spoilers! Don’t worry, they will only spoil a little bit and will hype you up instead of ruining the fun.

Warning: One Punch Man Webcomic spoilers ahead!

  • Platinum sperm will fight with Garou.
  • Garou in his monster form is rapidly evolving and his strength is incredible.
  • His fight with Platinum Sperm will just be unperceivable to the rest of the heroes.

The raw scans are finally out and the OPM 153 English Chapter will be released online very soon. While you wait, we recommend checking our article on the Dragon Ball Super Season 2.


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