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Ranking of Kings Season 2: Release Date (TV Show)

The anime “Ranking of Kings” is based on the manga of the same name by author and illustrator Sōsuke Tōka. Readers first met boy Bojji in February 2019, and a few months later, the manga adaptation was officially announced. Readers are jubilant, and the directors and their team promise an interesting story, different from the original. How many seasons have they prepared for us?

Genre – comedy, fantasy.
Season 1 premiered on October 15, 2021.
Original anime title: Ousama Ranking.

“Ranking of Kings ss 2”: release date, announcement

After watching the very first episode of the anime “Ranking of Kings”, any viewer falls in love with a little and harmless prince. Drawing is above all praise, the development of the story of the protagonist looks with pleasure, and taking into account the light humor, watching the series becomes pleasant and relaxed. However, this pace and presentation of the material, according to reviews, did not suit everyone. Hence, the anime ratings are not very high.

No release date for season 2 of the anime has been announced. But analysts are confident that we should wait for new episodes, because there is plenty of source material. The likely time for the season 2 premiere is Spring 2022. We continue to follow the news.


What should a real King be like? With a huge army of knights, with a large number of citizens, with prosperous cities in possession… In this case, the King must personally have strength and a powerful character, because the people must follow their leader. But, unfortunately, people do not live forever, and a Prince comes to replace any King. What if the Prince is small, kindhearted and… deaf and dumb?

Frame from the anime

This is exactly what Prince Bojji, the heir to the current King, is. The people love the ruler, which cannot be said about his eldest son. By the will of fate, the boy was born very small and weak, while completely deaf. But Bojji is not going to give up. Having found a friend, the shadow Kage, his journey towards the goal of becoming a powerful king is just beginning…

Main characters

  • Bojji — deaf and dumb from birth and has a small stature; despite all the external flaws, his lifelong dream is to become the best king in the world; poorly reads the lips of people, while perfectly understanding the speech of his friend Kage; monitors the emotions of others and is very worried when they laugh at him.
  • Kage — the shadow, Bojji’s best and only friend; at the first meeting, he took the clothes from the prince, because theft is his main occupation in life; belongs to the clan of shadows, which was almost completely destroyed.
  • Daida — 2nd prince after Bojji, his younger brother; has incredible concentration, which helps him in battle to be strong like a father; taunts his brother, because he considers himself worthy of the throne.
  • Queen Hilling — mother of Prince Daida; hysterical, arrogant woman, hates Bojji for his height, stupidity, behavior and deafness, that is, for everything; in her opinion, her beloved son should take the place of the future king; for any, even the slightest violation, she is ready to execute a person.

Interesting Facts

  1. Despite the fact that the main character is a boy, he is voiced by Japanese actress Minami Hinata. In principle, there is nothing terrible in this, because the main character, Prince Bojji, does not speak at all. Minami Hinata has 2 voice acting jobs for anime characters. The previous project of the actress is the anime series “Luminaria”, where she voiced the main character Luminaria.
  2. Kage is voiced by popular Japanese voice actor Ayumu Murase. He has over 120 jobs in various anime projects and games. Among the most striking anime: “Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun” as Iruma Suzuki; “Devilman Crybaby” as Ryou Asuka; “Kemono Jihen” as Akira and etc.
  3. The series is directed by Yosuke Hatta, who has contributed to anime such as “One Punch Man“, “Alderamin on the Sky”, “Top Secret: The Revelation”.

Ranking of Kings Season 2: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2×01Series 12022
2×02Series 22022
2×03Series 32022
2×04Series 42022
2×05Series 52022
2×06Series 62022
2×07Series 72022
2×08Series 82022
2×09Series 92022
2×10Series 102022

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