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Renewed Or Canceled? Latest Release Details!

When will Takunomi Season 2 return? A lot of fans have been asking this question ever since they watched the first season of this anime back in 2018. It opened to a mixed response, but it still developed a loyal fan following. Hence, they now want to see the second run of this show. So, when will Kae, Nao, Michiru, and Makoto return for another adventure? Here is everything to know.

Takunomi is a Japanese comedy slice of life anime TV series. It is an adaptation of Haruto Hino’s four-panel manga series of the same name. Production IMS animated the first installment of this show. The anime made its debut on January 12, 2018. It had a great run of twelve episodes before ending on March 30, 2018. Since then, every single fan of this show has been waiting for its return. 

Takunomi Season 2

Takunomi Season 2: Renewal Status

The first season of Takunomi received a positive response from the viewers, but it failed to impress the critics. As a result, it got a mixed reception from the experts. The ratings of the anime were also average, and at the time of writing, it holds a score of 6.43 on MyAnimeList. It is moderately popular too, as it has more than 40K members in its MAL group. The series might’ve received a second season if Production IMS didn’t get bankrupt. It was the final anime produced by this studio.

Unfortunately, the production studio filed for bankruptcy in September 2018 and got closed on October 11 of the same year. Since the anime received an average response, no studio came forward to pick it up for Takunomi Season 2. Also, it has already been more than three and a half years. Therefore, now the chances for this show getting a renewal are very less. 

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Takunomi Season 2

What’s The Show About? 

The storyline of Takunomi revolves around a girl named Michiru. She recently relocated to Tokyo to start her new job and live a big-city lifestyle. She moves into Stella House Haruno, which is a woman-only share house. There she finds three girls named Makoto, Kae, and Nao. All three of them are of varying age and occupation. They welcome Michiru warmly to the share house. Every single night after completing their work, the girl settles down and experience a variety of Japanese alcoholic drinks as drama follows.

Takunomi Season 2

Takunomi Season 2: Release Date

As we mentioned above, the probability of this anime getting a second season is almost zero. Production IMS does not exist anymore, and no other studio is willing to pick up this show because of the average response. But if some kind of miracle happens and the series receives another installment, Takunomi Season 2 might release by the end of 2023.