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Rick and Morty Season 6: Release Date (Animated Sitcom)

Once again, grumpy grandfather Rick and his grandson Morty delight the audience with adventure! This time they will have to face new enemies of Rick, whom he found even before he began to live in the family of his daughter Beth. But now Morty knows too much to help the insane grandfather. What will become of this friendship and which path will Morty decide to go?..

“Rick and Morty ss 6”: release date, announcement

The sequel to the popular modern cartoon “Rick and Morty” has not been officially announced, but it may appear, according to tradition, in 1.5 years. Namely, in December 2022. Even before the release of Season 5, it was reported that it would not be final, which means there is every chance to enjoy watching the show next year!


Long ago, Rick left his daughter Beth, who loved him with all her heart. While her father was away, she built life, fell in love, became a veterinarian, then met her current husband Jerry and had a couple of children. She named the eldest child Summer, and the youngest Morty. Each family member had a difficult character, but they all got along with each other. Before Rick comes along.

Appearing unexpectedly, he began to manipulate his daughter, and she let him into the house, hoping at least now to maintain a normal family connection. But Rick had his own plans for this. He began to actively use Morty in his experiments, which consisted of testing new drugs, introducing him into various worlds and stealing things Rick needed.

Soon enough, Morty got used to the fact that his grandfather asks to spend a lot of time with him. But when Jerry pressed Beth, she limited their pastime. Just at that moment, an evil Morty from another dimension appeared, who was ready to destroy any Rick he met on his way due to old grudges.

Frame from the adult animated sitcom

It turns out that there are many dimensions in which Rick travels with Morty, but they are all different and their relationship does not always work out. In some galaxies, there are prisons for Rick, rooms where Jerry can live forever with other Jerries, a camp of wonders for Beth, and many other inventions created by their insane relative.

During his travels, Summer made new friends, the pet dog became intelligent. The marriage of Jerry and Beth collapsed with further reconciliation, and Morty learned a lot of new and extraordinary, including about his own body. Only for Rick life remained the same as before, because he never reveals his plans and is always in search of his favorite sauce.

In Season 6, the grandfather-grandson couple will also travel the planets in search of the things Rick needs. But since the enemies are advancing, they will have to change their usual tactics. Beth is tired of being under the constant control of her father, trying to anticipate her every step. After all, Morty is her son, and the negative influence of the drinking grandfather affects him. But what can she do about it?..

Main characters and voice actors

  • Rick – a constantly drinking and traveling pensioner who takes his grandson with him and makes him do terrible things; is wanted across almost the entire galaxy – Justin Roiland.
  • Morty – the eternal companion of his grandfather; in love with a classmate; participates in Rick’s experiments, turning into a monster, then into a plant; shy, likes to retire in his room; hates his older sister and considers her a hopeless woman – Justin Roiland.
  • Beth – Rick’s only child; brings up two children and occasionally her husband Jerry; works as a veterinarian, but relatives do not appreciate her efforts, considering such a job too strange; her unemployed spouse annoys her; suffers from an inferiority complex that her father instilled in her – Sarah Chalke.
  • Summer – the oldest child in the family; loves cool guys; often sits with a phone in her hands; she will not be confused in any galaxy, since her leadership qualities allow her to become either a queen or an Amazon – Spencer Grammer.
  • Jerry – Beth’s husband and father of her children; does not want to get a job, while doing nothing around the house; does not see anything serious in Beth’s job, for which his wife could be praised – Chris Parnell.

Interesting Facts

  1. In 2006, Justin Roiland, who voiced Morty and Rick, premiered the 5-minute short film “The Real Animated Adventures of Doc and Mharti” at the “Channel 101” non-profit festival. Then the cartoon got a chance to continue, but before it was released, work on it lasted for ten years.
  2. The most attentive viewers noticed that Rick looks like Dr. Emmett Brown, and his grandson – Marty McFly, the heroes of the “Back to the Future” franchise. It was from them that the characters were copied and even made them similar in character.
  3. Chris Parnell, Jerry’s voice, announced his retirement as voice actor and whose voice his character will now speak in is still unknown. Perhaps Justin Roiland will be able to replace him, because he has a masterful voice and has already voiced many popular heroes.

Rick and Morty Season 6: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
6×01Series 1December 2022
6×02Series 2December 2022
6×03Series 3December 2022
6×04Series 4December 2022
6×05Series 5December 2022
6×06Series 6December 2022
6×07Series 7December 2022
6×08Series 8December 2022
6×09Series 9December 2022
6×10Series 10December 2022

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