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Senju Unleashes Her Powers! Release Date

The Tokyo Revengers manga is best known for its war sequences. From the first arc, it has been showcasing some of the best fights in the story. As this one is the last war of the manga, the action will last for quite a long time. In the story so far, fans saw the origin story of Takeomi. The man dictated his past life and asked Senju to avenge the death of Draken. Thus, Tokyo Revengers Chapter 231 will finally commence the battle between Senju and South Terano. Here is all you need to know.

In the upcoming chapter, Senju will land her first attack on South. With the first punch, it will become clear who is the strongest between the two. Moreover, the chapter will also delve into the fight between Mikey and Kakuchou. Mikey’s intentions will finally be uncovered in the next outing. So, what is the leader of the Brahman gang eyeing?

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 231

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 231: Plot Details!

In the upcoming chapter of Tokyo Revengers, the fight between Senju Kawargi and South Tareno will finally commence. Senju has promised Takeomi that she will not let him down. Thus, the action will finally begin. Senju is furious at the South for attacking her teammates. She is not going to hold back her punches during the battle. On the other side, South is also raged up after getting attacked by a girl.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 31 will also touch upon the battle between Mikey and Kakuchou. The latter had challenged Mikey for a fight in the last outing. However, for some reason, Mikey does not want to involve in the madness. Thus, it will be interesting to see if the leader of the Brahman gang is going to join the action or not. If not, he might open up to Kakuchou about why he does not want to fight anymore.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 231

Previous Chapter Recap!

In last week’s chapter of Tokyo Revengers, the between Senju Kawargi and South Tareno was paused. The story took a leap of many years in the past. It showcased the storyline of Akashi Takeomi. The man dictated that he began his journey as the vice-captain of the First-gen Black Dragons. However, his acquaintance Sano Shinichiro was incompetent during all his battles. Thus, he was given the alias of “The Weak King.”

As a result, he decided to form his own team. Takeomi was given the position of vice-captain of the gang. In a matter of months, the team managed to make the First Gen Black Dragons one of the leading gangs in the Tokyo underworld. Cut back to the present, Takeomi apologized to Senju for not killing South during his rise. By the end of the chapter, Senju promised him that she would fulfill his wish.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 231

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 231: Release Date

The fight between Senju and South is going to be the most intense action sequence in the War of the Three Deities. So, who is going to come out victorious from this match? Tokyo Revengers Chapter 231 is scheduled to release this Wednesday on November 18, 2021. Fans will find all the chapters of the manga only on the official website of Kodansha. Stay tuned with The Anime Daily to get more updates.


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